Alkaline Trio

Formed by ex-Jerkwater and Traitors drummer Matt Skiba (vocals/guitar), former 88 Fingers Louie percussionist Glenn Porter, and Rob Doran (bass/vocals), Alkaline Trio was brought together in 1997 by heartbreak, angst, and ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
All On Black74
All the Way0
Angel Alcohol4
Another Innocent Girl94
As You Were44
Back to Hell35
Back to Hell (Demo)0
Bad Time0
Balanced on a Shelf0
Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs0
Bloodied Up38
Blue Carolina61
Blue In The Face93
Broken Wing0
Burn (Alleged Remix)2
Burn (Matt's Home Demo)2
Burned Is the House6
Bye Bye Love23
Calling All Skeletons29
Children in Heat4
Cooking Wine38
Cut Here0
Dead And Broken18
Dead End Road27
Dead On The Floor11
Demon and Division0
Dine, Dine My Darling6
Do You Wanna Know?13
Don't Say You Won't20
Donner Party35
Eating Me Alive3
Enjoy Your Day74
Every Thug Needs A Lady46
Everywhere I Ever Want To Go0
Fall Victim22
Fatally Yours25
Fine Without You19
Fire Down Below20
First Date8
For Your Lungs Only26
Fruit Please2
Fuck You Aurora124
God Deciding2
Good Fucking Bye33
Goodbye Fire Island0
Goodbye Forever69
Hating Every Minute27
Heart Attacks1
Heaven (Psychedelic Furs cover)10
Hell Yes145
Help Me31
Hot for Preacher0
I Can't Believe0
I Found Away19
I Found Away (Early Demo)0
I Held Her in My Arms0
I Lied My Face Off45
I Remember a Rooftop2
I Wanna Be a Warhol6
I Was A Prayer22
I, Pessimist1
I.F.H.A. (One Love)0
I'm Dying Tomorrow40
I'm Only Here to Disappoint0
If We Never Go Inside24
If You Had A Bad Time31
In My Stomach7
In Vein22
Into The Night23
Is This Thing Cursed?1
Jaked On Green Beers100
Keep 'Em Coming26
Kick Rocks4
Kiss You to Death0
Lead Poisoning2
Let's Call It an Evening0
Little Help?0
Live Young, Die Fast12
Live Young, Die Fast (Acoustic)0
Lost and Rendered10
Love Love, Kiss Kiss31
Lucky Smoke Rings13
Lucretia My Reflection2
Madam Me20
Maybe I'll Catch Fire47
Mercy Me52
Message From Kathlene35
Midnight Blue0
Minds Like Minefields0
Movin' Right Along0
Mr. Chainsaw61
My Friend Peter75
My Little Needle81
My Standard Break From Life34
Nose Over Tail50
Off My Mind3
Off The Map5
Old School Reasons28
Olde English 8003
One Hundred Stories33
One Last Dance0
Only Love3
Over and Out15
Over At The Frankenstein Place12
Pale Blue Ribbon1
Piss And Vinegar6
Pocket Knife0
Prevent This Tragedy27
Prevent This Tragedy (Demo)5
Private Eye231
Queen Of Pain88
Radio Violence0
Rooftops (Hot Water Music cover)17
Ruin It12
Russian Roulette10
Sadie (Acoustic)8
San Francisco37
Settle For Satin24
She Lied to the FBI0
She Took Him To The Lake28
Snake Oil Tanker15
Song For Julie11
Sorry About That61
Southern Rock29
Stained in Satin3
Standard Break14
Steamer Trunk30
Stupid Kid182
Sun Burns0
Sweet Vampires0
Take Lots With Alcohol41
The American Scream6
The Exploding Boy32
The Hemophilliac0
The Metro (Berlin cover)24
The Poison25
The Poison (Demo)0
The Radio Airwaves Gave Me a Lobotomy0
The T.V. Song0
The Temptation of St. Anthony0
The Torture Doctor0
This Addiction14
This Could Be Love62
This Is Getting Over You33
Those Lungs3
Throw Me to the Lions0
Time To Waste94
Trouble Breathing85
Trucks And Trains52
Tuck Me In27
Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue0
Until Death Do Us Part2
Wait for the Blackout (The Damned cover)0
Wake Up Exhausted4
Wash Away15
We Can Never Break Up28
We've Had Enough41
Weak Week20
While You're Waiting70
Worn So Thin1
You're Dead36
You've Got So Far To Go51
Young Lovers0
Your Neck24
Your Neck (Demo)2