"Kick Rocks" as written by and Daniel Andriano Derek Grant....
You take these sticks and stones
and apply what you have learned
but you ain't got no water
so you let that motherfucker burn

Yea it smoked up and it burned out
Like a graduation bonfire two miles from your house
and you had nowhere to go, so you came right back here
I couldn't find what you wanted, so you slapped me in the face and spilled my beer

and when the mess dried up you came up singing,

Let us drink from the hourglass
We can make time stop
Watch from the window upstairs
While they all kick rocks

and I miss smoking in the fall
and pissin' on that gas station wall
What's a law? What's a fire? What's a river?
We jumped over them all

but I guess my legs got tired and my teeth got long

So take a sip from the hourglass
We can make time stop
Watch from the window upstairs
While they all kick rocks

I tried to write you a passage
but you're holdin' out for the flick
Wait outside by the exit
When they don't let you in

So we can drink from the hourglass
We can make time stop
Watch from the window upstairs
While they all kick rocks

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    General CommentI think this is a break up song, he's talking about all the good times they had, and then the chorus comes in and talks about stopping time cause he never wants it to end. even though the world would still revolve around them.
    edferdon February 18, 2010   Link
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    General Commentagree with edferd...deep meaning for alkl3...
    nice synth sounds
    alkl3 more mature...
    my favorite one in this album....
    dan is great,,,derek good job in backing vox..
    alkl3 forever,,,,

    sinnerrepenton February 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is probably one of the best songs on the album. The lyrics rule and I agree derek adds a lot with his vocal assistance here
    luckyzack55on February 25, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthe bridge is "i tried to write you a classic but you're holding out for the flick. wait by the exit out back when they don't let you in"

    i don't think it's a song about a break up as much as a past relationship:

    i think the sticks and stones part is about someone who has been made fun of or someone who has a lot of problems. the part about the fire can be taken two different ways, either it symbolizes the person's rage over what has been done to them and they have no way to contain it anymore so they just unleash it on everyone. in the other hand it could also be like the sticks and stones and it's just another thing that has happened to the person and they can't stop what's being done to them so they just endure and let it happen. after whatever it is that happened is done the person goes back to the singer's house because they have nowhere else to go. i'm guessing the part that says "i couldn't find what you wanted" is talking about how the person needed comfort or support and he didn't provide it for them. the person get angry but later they come crawling back because they realize the singer is their only friend while everyone else picks on them.

    the chorus is about wanting to make time stop because of something that is going to happen in the future. if the person the song is about has a lot of problems it's probably about wanting to stop time so they can just be together and not have to deal with the problems ahead. or just wanting to make time stop because they know that it's not going to work out but they want to enjoy the moment as long as they can.

    the 3rd verse kind of sounds like they're on the run or just living a fast paced life and overcoming any problems that try to get in their way. and how he misses that sometimes but he kind of grew out of it and got tired of it.

    the bridge is basically talking about why things ended between them, either because they wanted different things or what he had to offer wasn't good enough. but maybe the 2nd half of the bridge is about how he would still like to keep in touch with the person? it sounds like he's telling the person if they were to go to a show to try to see him, if they can't get in then to wait by the exit where the band will leave because he'd still like to see them.

    it's hard to say what each line means or what the song is actually about because it is very metaphorical like a lot of their songs are. it probably has a lot of personal meaning that people on the outside could never guess exactly what it's all about. i mean if you look at goodbye forever it doesn't really seem to be about what it's really about, the major throw off being the line "at least we're still friends, atleast we're still alive" when it's about a friend's suicide.

    this song reminds me a lot of burned is the house. it could be about the same person.

    crowmisfitson March 01, 2010   Link

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