"Sorry" as written by Ciara Princess Harris, Jasper Tremaine Cameron and Elvis L. Jr. Williams....
I'm sorry I can't bleed for you
The way you want me to
To throw myself against the rocks
The way I used to do

I'm sorry that I can't prolong
The pain I've been put through
I'm sorry, yes I'm sorry
So sorry
But not as sorry as you

You wear your misery like a crown
You're only happy when you're down
And the saddest part is you don't even know why
What are you lacking deep inside?
Depression as a point of pride
If you're not careful the world is going to pass you by

I'm sorry I can't always drown
In rivers of despair
A man forever broken by
A need for your repair

I'm sorry if the things I said
Were somehow misconstrued
I'm sorry, yes I'm sorry
So sorry
But not as sorry as you


I'm sorry that my happiness
Isn't to your taste
A pessimistic optimist
Who's bound to be replaced

I'm sorry I can't grovel in
Emotions I outgrew
I'm sorry, yes I'm sorry
So sorry
But not as sorry as you


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    General CommentGr8 song...and pretty obious what he is talking about.....He talks about that kind of pepole who are always down...even if there is nothing wrong they will always find something to coplain and be deppresd about....its like they cant live without selfpittying,and expecting pepole around them to pitty them....Their glass is always half-empty not half-full....I know several girls...lots of them are goths.....song always reminds me of them....Everyone has our problems and has to bear their cross...but if u embrase it,it will carry you ,if u nag ,cross will olny get heavyer and you will become burden to people around you....and theyl levae you....
    Ok im done my preaching:) 1 more time ,great song...
    TrentNINon May 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentLike Trent was walking about, this song is about people that take pride in being depressed. As if being depressed makes them higher and better than the rest of the world. It sounds like since many of his newer songs aren't as depressed as they once were some people were complaining to him about it.

    I like his new album, great music, great lyrics, and very creative as always.
    XeroxTraumon July 21, 2007   Link

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