t.A.T.u. is a Russian duo formed in Moscow, Russia in 1999 by Ivan Shapovalov. The group consists of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova. Early on, Katina and Volkova put forth an image of a lesbian couple, but their 2003 ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
Белочка (Belochka)3
Белый Плащик7
Веселые Улыбки0
Время Луны1
Вся Моя Любовь3
Двэcти двaдцaтъ (220)2
Защищаться Очками (Zashtishtat'sya Ochkami)1
Космос (Kosmos)2
Люди Инвалиды7
Люди Инвалиды (T.A.T.U.'s Quick Summary of the Album)1
Люди инвалиды (Demo Version)0
МАЛЬЧИК-ГЕЙ (Malchik-Gei)2
Марсианские Глаза0
Нас Не Догонят2
Не Жалей (Ne Zhalei)2
Ничья (Nichya)2
Новая модель (Novaya Model')3
Обезьянка Ноль3
Что не хватает (Chto ne Hvataet)6
Я Твоя Не Первая2
30 минут2
30 Minutes35
30 Minutes [Extension 119 Club Vocal]0
30 Minutes [Multimedia Track]0
A Simple Motion0
All About Us25
All About Us [Dave Audé Acid Funk Dub]0
All About Us [Instrumental]0
All About Us [Uncensored Video]0
All My Love2
All The Things She Said143
All the Things She Said [DJ Monk After Skool Special]0
All the Things She Said [DJ Monk's After Skool Special]0
All the Things She Said [DJ Monk's Afterschool Special]0
All the Things She Said [Extension 119 Club Dub]0
All the Things She Said [Extension 119 Club Vocal]0
All the Things She Said [Instrumental]0
All the Things She Said [Mark's Intellectual Vocal]0
All the Things She Said [Multimedia Track]0
All the Things She Said [Music Video]0
Clowns (Can You See Me Now?)25
Cosmos (Outer Space)8
Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have)4
Dangerous And Moving12
Don't Regret5
Doschitai Do Sta (Count Up To 100)8
Fly on the Wall11
Friend or foe9
Friend or Foe [Multimedia Track]0
Gomenasai [Multimedia Track]0
Happy Smiles0
How Soon Is Now0
How Soon Is Now [Album Version]0
How Soon Is Now?32
How Soon Is Now? [Multimedia Track]0
I Know1
Little People2
Loves Me Not24
Malchik Gay47
Malchik Gey (translated live version!)1
Marsianskiye Glaza2
Nas Ne Dagoniat1
Nas Ne Dagoniat [Album Version]0
Ne Ver', Ne Bojsya7
Ne Zhaley1
Nichya (No One's)3
Not Gonna Get Us22
Not Gonna Get Us [Multimedia Track]0
Not Gonna Get Us [Thick Dick Vocal]0
Null And Void3
obezyanka nol9
Perfect Enemy11
Prostye Dvizheniya8
Prostye Dvizheniya (english version)4
Pruzhunki (Ping-Pong Mix)0
Running Blind5
Show Me Love27
They're Not Gonna Get Us11
Time of the Moon1
Ty Soglasna5
Vsya Moya Lubov2
We Shout8
White Robe2
White Robe (English Version)15
Ya Ne Glotau3
Ya Shosla S Uma9
Ya SoShla S Uma (English lyrics)0
Ya Tvoi Vrag2
Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaja3
You and I8
Zachem Ya10
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