"obezyanka nol" as written by and V Adarichev A Pokutni....
Nikomu nikto ne vinovat
Kazhdoi luzhe po svoyei lune
Tol'ko bol'she net koordinat
Na kotoryh ty naidyoshsya mne
(No one can blame anyone
The moon is reflected in each puddle
There are no more coordinates
That I can use to find you)

Ya uzhe ne tam a ty ne zdes'
Razminulish' glupo oblaka
Obez'yanka, ty poka chto yest'
Obez'yanka, ya zhiva poka
(I'm still not there and you're not here
The clouds foolishly miss each other
A monkey, you are for now
Monkey, and I'm alive for now)

Moya veselaya
Moya smeshnaya bol'
Ya obez'yanka-nol'
Ty obez'yanka-nol'
(You're my cheerful pain,
You're my funny pain
I'm monkey number zero
You're monkey number zero)

Chestnyh psihov mozhno ne lechit'
Ne otpustit ni tebe ni mne
S etoi grusti nam ne soskochit'
Obez'yanki budut zhit' v tyur'me
(Honest pyschos don't need healing
Neither of us will be set free
We can't give up this anguish
Monkeys will live in prison)

Obez'yanki budut zhit v tyur'me
Vsem lyubov', a obez'yankam grust'
Obez'yanka ty prisnishsya mne
Obez'yanka ya tebe prisnyus'
(Monkeys will live in prison
Love for everyone and anguish for monkeys
You're the monkey in my dreams
Monkey, I'll be in your dreams)

Moya veselaya
Moya smeshnaya bol'
Ya obez'yanka nol'
Ty obez'yanka-nol'
(You're my cheerful pain,
You're my funny pain
I'm monkey number zero
You're monkey number zero)

Moya veselaya
Moya smeshnaya bol'
Ya obez'yanka nol'
Ty obez'yanka-nol'
(You're my cheerful pain,
You're my funny pain
I'm monkey number zero

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"Obezyanka Nol" as written by Valery Polienko Andrey Pokutni


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    General CommentThe song is basically about them when Ivan was still their manager. They were caged, like dancing monkeys. People stared, and talked, and laughed. They weren't free. They were told what to do, what to say, all they had was their best friend to share the torture with. To me 'monkey zero' means more along the lines of 'some worthless thing to amuse you, to make you laugh'.
    draculon June 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI always thought that this song was about gays/lesbians and how they face difficulties with society. They are comparing homosexuals to monkeys because that is how some people see them.

    That would explain lines like "honest psychos don't need healing" (gays shouldn't be taught to be straight) And "Monkeys will live in prison" (its an exaggeration of the lack of rights and acceptance gays have). "Love for everyone and anguish for monkeys" would also fit this theory. Monkeys/gays are not allowed to love. (again, its an exaggeration).

    Does that make sense? That is always how I took it.
    Bobathinon July 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI have "Moya veselaya Moya smeshnaya bol'" in russian tattooed on my back because I feel what the song means.
    fridakahloon December 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI love this song. It's fantastic. It's amazing.
    draculon January 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAnd it's about monkeys... what the hell? Monkey Zero??? Good thing the beat is fun... and the words are easy enough that I can sing along without really knowing the words.
    lizzieluvs2playon May 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI've been looking everywhere for the translation of this song, and now I've found it I think it's replaced "Friend or Foe" as my favorite t.A.T.u. song. and good one, dracul--good interpretation. (pretty much the same thing I thought--but I didn't know about Ivan... -__-)
    yaoigrrlon November 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI've listened to this osng non-stop, I've even started making a spanish version to it.

    Anyway, in the chorus it says "my cheerful, my ridiculous pain, I'm monkey zero, and you are too" basically. As if she (the girl singing) finds amusement in the very thing that hurts her.

    I have a friend like this, an "amusing pain". I'm a fool to stay his friend, and he is also a fool because he acts that way.
    XoceDeoson January 17, 2007   Link
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    General Comment^^ (wow, I wrote that?) disregard this. I can be such an emo kid :)
    I think overall, this song is referring to the manager. tATu's song reflecting on the way they've been WAY overmarketed and have been unable to express their real views properly. As teen stars, their lives have been disrupted and detached by this etc. and that's what it's about
    caffe1neon September 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI very strongly dislike tatu, but found this song intruiging. It's a shame that they don't write more songs like this. I connected with this one a lot. With me, it assosciates very closely with the 'grey void' feeling, where it is just impossible to enjoy anyone or anything in the emotional struggles of life. The previous and most fitting one is the one regarding their previos manager, but that's not one I choose to believe because there are other elements in the lyrics that express differently.

    To me, the opening verse means detachment. The phrase "the moon is reflected in each puddle" is imagery, not anything literal, and fits the "grey void" theory better. I certainly feel this a lot - I feel very badly detached, there are just so few people in the world who are genuine friends who match my feelings, understandings and attitudes.
    "Clouds foolishly miss each other" to me implies missed oppurtunity, as well as perhaps confusion and detachment. "Alive for now" implies a possible suicide or giving up in some way.
    I read some other interpretation somewhere else a while ago that suggested that "monkey zero" refers to the honest, good people of the world who get constantly crushed by reality, doing their best for themselves and everyone else but consistently lucking out. "Cheerful, ridiculous" pain is exactly the way I feel worst, when I'm supposed to be really happy, finding something funny or good, but just can't. That's when I feel most hurt, it's ironic. If anyone's felt that way, you'll understand exactly what I mean.

    I find myself equating the monkey idea with the "honest psycho". Many people are much too narrow minded or insensitive to understand. They're the ones that need to learn and improve, not us. So many of us are terrific people that are just misunderstood.
    My life feels like perpetual imprisonment. The perpetual memories of pain will never subside. I have difficulty finding a girlfriend, because so very many people are so unimaginably fake and predictable. So when I really found someone I liked, who was very likeminded, we were both dismissed as even worse nut-jobs.
    This interpretation fits very well with the "Null and Void" English equivalent, too.

    If only tATu would stop with the (fake) lesbian
    smooching, and write some real, musically mature songs, and perform them accordingly. Then they might be an OK band.
    caffe1neon August 24, 2007   Link

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