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Placebo – For What It's Worth Lyrics 24 days ago
'I always aimed to please But I nearly died' was a big revelation for the protagonist and hence a turning point in his life.

This is the first step into realizing he needs to change his approach to achieve what he wants.

But the song is not about taking better actions through that revelation because the protagonist is still reflecting on what led to this revelation.

At first, he wants to distract himself ('Come on lay with me 'cause I'm on fire') and he tries it one more time the old way ('I'd tear the sun in three to light up your eyes') showing once again how much he's prepared to do for his love, but ultimately he reflects on the things he's already done for her ('Broke up the family').

He understands that she's his 'disease' and he understands the position he's in now 'No one cares when you're down in the gutter'. So it's clear he's not ready to change yet. All this talk about 'For what it's worth' is like him saying 'What does it matter what I'm doing. I've fallen so low anyway. Can also make the best of it.'

This refers to ignoring the call to change and just having sex with her again by following his sexual desires ('Fill the cavity. Your God-shaped hole tonight').

The resolution of the song is that he's hit rock bottom. He's in the gutter and he's lost her too - the one person he gave up everything for. And that's a cautionary tale: If you lose yourself in order to be with someone and reject and push away everyone and everything else, then one day you'll end up completely alone and with nothing.

But when you look back at the first verse, the protagonist said: 'I always aimed to please but I nearly died'. This refers back to the ending of the song. The protagonist had been in the gutter but he made it through. He nearly died there. And now he can act as a mentor for other people who might be caught in the same situation.

Placebo – Battle For The Sun Lyrics 25 days ago
'I will battle for the sun' is a great line.

It tells us that the protagonist knows what's right and good in this world and he will try everything to reach it.

But like in every story, there's a villain too.

An antagonist who tries to hold the protagonist back from reaching what he's set out to do.

That antagonist is fighting the protagonist, mentally or physically. Probably more mental torture because how the antagonist tried to win over the protagonist for his evil deeds was the turning point for the protagonist.

'Cause I have stared down the barrel of a gun' shows in what deep shit the protagonist found himself in just because of doing the things he knew were wrong.

'I will brush off all the dirt' as well as 'I am the bones you could not break' shows how resistant the protagonist is. He's not going to be led astray again.

He has experienced what's wrong in this world and he chooses the light, not the darkness. He has seen behind the facade of the antagonist, seeing him as someone who's a fake because they were not true to their words.

The words: 'Dream brother. My killer. My lover' reveals the deep relationship those two persons had with each other. They were very close, but one is on a downhill path into darkness, and the protagonist won't follow. That's what makes them foes.

Placebo – Space Monkey Lyrics 1 month ago
This song is the first song that I was almost giving up on trying to understand what it means. But then I gave it one more shot, and here's what I've come up with now.

I think the global message of the song is: Fight for a stupid cause like a space monkey to avoid feeling numb will only lead to damnation (losing your moral compass).

'Space monkey in the place to be' - I think the reference to Fight Club is essential for understanding this song. So 'Space Monkies' are the foot soldiers all wearing the same uniform. Tyler Durdan refers to them "Like a monkey ready to be shot into space!". Monkies are used for test runs because for Tyler they are stupid and easily replaceable, like all the men who follow him on Project Mayhem.

In the song it says 'Riding in a rocket to a planet of sound'.
This might refer to breaking away from their numb existence and finally, feel something again (hence all the fights in Fight Club until it grew to a bigger movement because Fight Club gained more and more power throughout the country).

'Shooting the moon' is a change in the saying: 'Shooting for the moon'.
They want to accomplish something, but instead of reaching a higher and noble goal, they burn the very place that starts revolving around them. And because they are all wearing uniforms, they are ' playing dominoes in drag'. Every action has a consequence and they still see it as a game to implement chaos into the world.

'With a chemical peel and a picture of Mary' shows the contradiction that exists in the protagonist - like in Fight Club with Tyler Durdan and the narrator played by Edward Norton. The protagonist is wearing another skin while still holding on to believing he's doing the right thing. But he feels there's something off. There is some cognitive dissonance: 'Out on a limb in the carnival of me' because he doesn't know anymore who he truly is. And saying: 'Raising the temperature one hundred degrees' might refer to the threat of damnation that he's coming closer too. Like in Fight Club, damnation was at stake for the narrator if he can't defeat the villain inside of him (Tyler Durdan).

In the chorus, he talks about being 'sown together' with a hypnotizing woman. Marla (Fight Club) was the character that proofed that the narrator was capable of having an intimate relationship, but who has a lot of growing up to do to be ready for this kind of relationship that could be more than just sex. And he needs her: 'And don't, and don't, and don't Let me down' because she's the one good thing in his life even though she has lots of problems of her own.

The song has a different ending than Fight Club. While in Fight Club the narrator ended up with a hole in his cheek (he shot Tyler Durdan to get rid of him), in the song the woman ends up with 'a hole in her head'. After that line, we listen again to the line 'Raising the temperature one hundred degrees' which refers to being damned / in hell now.

Placebo – Peeping Tom Lyrics 1 month ago
The protagonist is mentally sick.

He only feels superior if he watches someone in secret which gives him a feeling of power over that person.

It's all he has left 'I'm weightless, I'm bare. I'm faithless', but what makes the song really interesting is the confession 'I'm scared'.

He has come to the realization that he has nothing left that's worth living for: 'On my own for far too long Problems with the booze Nothing left to lose'.

He had gambled, lost many things, and he knows it's wrong what he's doing, but he can't stop being a peeping Tom because he's scared of what might happen to him once he loses that last bit that lifts him up a little from the ground.

Placebo – Narcoleptic Lyrics 1 month ago
Narcoleptic is a very strong song because it builds up momentum.

It shows how the protagonist tries to make his partner see that their relationship has failed.

And we progress through different stages with him.

In the first verse, there's the first argument between the lovers 'my first offenses' which throws the partner off balance and who tries to justify 'talk in paragraphs' while the protagonist has already made up his mind "I write my sentence'.

In the second verse, the partner is still fighting against the shocking truth the protagonist tells them 'defenses'.

While they hold on to what once was 'frame the photograph', the protagonist is ready to leave 'I sit on fences'.

The turning point moment is the confession 'Change of season, love can die'.

They had a wonderful time together but it was just a dream and now they have to wake up and accept reality. They can't stay in that dream any longer or they will never get out of a life in which they are not meant for each other. The 'tumor' refers to the illness that has befallen their relationship, and as the saying goes: Better a miserable end than endless misery.

Placebo – Haemoglobin Lyrics 1 month ago
In this song, Humans can be savior and murderers at the same time.

All the talk about hemoglobin is referring to what can give and take a life.

And that decision is in your own hands.

I guess the song is about someone who tried to commit suicide.

But someone finds him and the doctors save him, even though he didn't wanna be saved.

In the last verse, the song shows the revelation that the protagonist comes to: 'the whole world wants my disappearance' refers to why should he stay alive if society doesn't accept him for all his troubles.

And those 'theories of conspiracy' might refer to the contradiction that the doctors saved him and that he might have another purpose in this life. And he recognizes that. And even if the entire world is against him, he will fight now. He won't give up anymore and take the easy way out. He will fight for his life. And he'll make sure that he connects with others like hemoglobin does to have a healthy life.

Placebo – Commercial For Levi Lyrics 1 month ago
The friend's worldview is blind-belief (Worldview - Disillusionment).

That means he needs to self-actualize to understand that he can't go on like this - no more drugs and whoring around, or he'll ruin his life. His friend, the protagonist, tries to warn him because he had been there once, and he can understand the magic of this life, but also knows its dangers.

Placebo – Slave To The Wage Lyrics 1 month ago
Even though the answer to the problem of the song is helpful (Wave worries goodbye) the song is a cautionary tale because it emphasizes what will happen if you don't take responsibility for your own happiness: You are just a rat in a race to die = you will work your ass off and time will fly until you die.

Placebo – Blue American Lyrics 1 month ago
The protagonist lashes out in his rebellious attempt to state ' I don't care'.

He's fed up with the world he's living in because he recognizes that so many important things have just gone wrong.

And he's a part of it. He's thinking differently and for that, he should hire a psychiatrist to become another case study that will be published in another self-help book and put on a shelf.

But that's not the solution to the problem.

And the protagonist knows it.

That's why he rather sacrifices himself ('I don't care for myself') to criticize what's wrong than to be numb to all the wrongs that happen in his country.

He's writing that novel for his country ('You') to make it seem that he does not agree with how things are dealt with. No matter if Uncle Tom or Mom are having different opinions.

There is no turning point in this song. No crisis. From the beginning of the song, the protagonist is criticizing. Nothing changes that, everything that happens only supports his way of thinking.

Placebo – Black-Eyed Lyrics 1 month ago
"I'm forever black-eyed - A product of a broken home".

There's no revelation for the protagonist.

He sees himself as the victim of his upbringing and won't change who he is because he has accepted who he thinks he has to be.

His worldview is naivete masked as sophistication because he thinks he knows about the world when in truth he does not.

Otherwise, he would be able to understand that only he has the power to become who he truly is. It's his choice. No one else's.

This song could be the answer of the person to the previous song 'passive-aggressive'. The person is just too pessimistic to see what the other person tried to make them see.

Placebo – Passive Aggressive Lyrics 1 month ago
I don't think that the song provides a helpful solution to the problem: 'How to tell a person that their negativity is something only they can change.' because all the protagonist does is talking.

He's not taking action. It's great that he confronts that person with the problem they are facing, but he's doing nothing to support them or find a helpful solution.

Placebo – Spite and Malice Lyrics 1 month ago
Let's go with the common perception of this song that Queens are homosexuals, Jacks are straight and Aces are bisexual.

It's clear that Jacks do not belong to the world of aces and queens because it's a 'no go zone' for them and 'they can touch themselves instead'.

It is also referred to as that boys beat themselves up over girls. 'You look well suited like you came to win' shows that Jacks think of themselves as something better, but in the end, you see there's a cohesion between queens and aces: 'Ace take your chances. Queen wish you luck.'

And later it's 'Queen take your chances'. This song is clearly a song about a sexual revolution. A fight for acceptance. By referring to 'everything will blow tonight' it could mean that there'll be an explosion or there will be a huge sex party with blow jobs - no matter if a friend (queens and aces) or foe (jack). Either way, change is coming.

Placebo – Special K Lyrics 1 month ago
The song ends with repeating the word 'Gravity' which could refer to a drug that's wearing off or pulling them down to hell, or someone is putting their feet back on the ground to be down to earth again.

It could either be something negative or positive depending on the interpretation of the song: Is it about love or drugs?

I consider it to be a cautionary tale because when you feel like your slipping away (sand metaphor) that's probably something bad.

And even if you fall in love, you still gotta be careful. And the protagonist is saying: I never ever wanna crash' but he feels the gravity and is threatened by it.

So he fears to come back down from 'falling in love' or being high from the drugs. It could also refer to how attracted to her he feels, which means he can't escape his feelings for her: he's hopelessly in love, but because he 'hits the ground' I'd say he's in love with someone who doesn't share his feelings. (Or it's just about drugs. Who knows)

Placebo – Days Before You Came Lyrics 1 month ago
Isn't it strange to think about a man who finds love and tells her about his depressing life without her and all the drugs he took, and instead of making better choices now, he wants her to follow him a downhill path.

He's very selfish because he can't stop taking drugs. He rather destroys her only to have someone in his life. Not caring about her at all.

Placebo – Taste In Men Lyrics 1 month ago
I have already analyzed over 140 love songs (see my Westlife Analysis on my website and I've found out that a weak protagonist who can't fight for what he wants is no one a listener can look to for guidance. Especially in matters of love. This song is a very weak love song and as a first single that is there to represent the album, I don't think it was such a good choice to use this song. After all, in comparison to the last two albums, there's no story told in this song. We just have a pathetic protagonist who's waiting.

Placebo – Ashtray Heart Lyrics 1 month ago
'You are the burden to our ways' refers to the protagonist's partner who ruined what they had by falling in love with him/her: 'You took a jump into forever. A leap of faith I could not take'.

He didn't want her to because he was just using her for satisfying his sexual needs. And for a time they had something nice 'We have found treasure?', but ultimately he understands in the end that she was in love with him long before he noticed and he recognizes what he did to her: 'I tore the muscle from your chest. And used it to stub out cigarettes'.

He still feels somehow attached to her calling her his ashtray heart in English and in Spanish.

And I think he's somehow sorry but trying to comfort her by calling her his ashtray heart over and over again.

And I don't know if the last line 'Now watch the bedsheets turn blood red' refers to someone having committed suicide because they couldn't live with the truth that the love they had for the protagonist wasn't shared.

Placebo – Kitty Litter Lyrics 1 month ago
'I need a change of skin' is basically saying that he wants someone else to satisfy his sexual desires.

He's in a relationship ('Love of mine'), but the further he gets himself caught into watching this other girl dancing, the weaker the love gets that he holds for his partner until it finally doesn't matter to him anymore: 'This fortress in our heart comes crashing down' because 'The way you're moving, hips from side to side makes you all that I desire'.

The song is really obvious: 'Bathsheba of my choosing, I'm so unsatisfied And you've got what I require' meaning he's sexually unsatisfied and she'S the woman he needs because she got the hips.

Placebo – In The Cold Light Of Morning Lyrics 1 month ago
I don't think this song provides a helpful answer to the question it raises: How to deal with falling back on things you don't want yourself to do anymore?

Basically it's saying: 'Tomorrow's only a kettle whistle, whistle away' meaning you can still change tomorrow.

But that's just trying to avoid the situation at hand.

The protagonist dislikes who he has become: all the drugs and the whoring and the pretending to be someone he's not ('a cock in a dildo's disguise') when in truth he's a loser who can't even lead a normal life (waking up in the morning yawning as everybody else does).

So all he does is trying to forget the last night and hoping that 'tomorrow' will be better.

So that means he's basically not mature enough to see the consequences of his/her actions and they need a better understanding of the world.

They lack a mentor and some guidance to make better decisions, and I guess as soon as the protagonist will experience misfortune, they will fall.

Placebo – One of a Kind Lyrics 1 month ago
I think the song is about the problem: How to deal with having come so far on your own but still having people around you who want to tell you what to do.

The protagonist has reached the top of where he always wanted to be, but 'these skies are breaking' are referring to how far he can fall.

He was once in a place where he felt more comfortable, but now he's up there on top of the world where there's only the 'void' around him.

And he has reached some level of success, but the people around him are only thinking about profit (cold) and if he does not comply or flies too high, either the people around him will burn him or he will burn out.

I'm thinking of the Ikarus story, but in this song, the protagonist has reached a better level of understanding before getting burned. So he's able to act as a mentor figure to others telling them what he has achieved.

And he will keep doing what he does best, even if that means being alone.

He won't trade goals 'I don't need yours I'll keep it with mine,' because he knows he has to stay true to himself. 'I wanna try but I get annoyed' means he wants to go on but there are many people around who wanna tell him what is best for him that it gets really hard to continue doing their own thing. Because they are one of a kind and only they can achieve their goal.

Placebo – Broken Promise Lyrics 1 month ago
It's important to know that this song is meant to be a dialogue between two persons.

The first verse belongs to character 1 who has broken a very important promise (possibly adultery).

After that character 2 takes over and we experience how much pain they feel.

This promise must have been something very dear to them (like wedding vows).

And character 2 can't accept the apology of character 1, because words don't mean anything anymore. A promise was a promise. A promise was broken and words lose their meaning.

The lines 'We'll rise above this, we'll cry about this' are a very bad apology indeed.

They seem like someone justifies their actions by saying: At least we can grow stronger out of this complication.

And that's insane.

But it's also crazy that character 2 wants to retaliate.

Pretending to love someone (Hate masquerading as love) is the worst form of love there is. It's the negation of the negation.

And the threat: 'I'll wait my turn to terrorize you. Watch you burn.' is heavy.

Of course, the tables have turned, but very dramatically.

Character 2 loses it and in the chorus, we get a feeling of how character 2 wants character 1 to burn in hell. It's so aggressive.

Placebo – Pierrot The Clown Lyrics 1 month ago
I don't think that the person is talking to her/his abuser directly.

It seems like the person is talking to herself but is addressing the abuser as if they would be in the room with them.

There's no story told because there's no revelation or action taken that puts the protagonist in a crisis.

She/He doesn't have a decision to make because they have come to accept the way it is. They are okay with being beaten and abused and even though they feel the pain they will still act as if they enjoy it: 'I'll be wallowing in sorrow, wearing a frown, Like Pierrot the clown.' - Just to please their abuser.

They need to please him because he/she loves them so much that they want them to come back to them.

And that's crazy.

The protagonist lacks a mentor/guide who helps them see the truth of what they are doing. But this love obsession is doomed to fail.

Placebo – Blind Lyrics 1 month ago
I think the song is from the perspective of a fan who's in love with their star.

'If I could tear you from the ceiling' refers to a poster or a higher place that the other person is standing on.

They know they don't have anything materialistic to offer that might attract them, so they want to show them how much they love them by making their life meaningful through loving them.

'And find a place we both could hide' might refer to having that 'star' only for themselves. They want to possess that person so that no one else can take him/her from them.

After all, they know the ' best have tried', and there's competition.

So they want to have that one moment in time that lasts forever when the person they're in love with can't escape them anymore and they become the only thing in their star's life: 'Your eyes forever glued to mine'.

Ironically, the listener knows that the protagonist is already blind.

They are too naive to accept that they can't be the savior of their star no matter how much they highlight: 'I know you're broken'.

They won't be able to fix them.

At least not in the way they want to.

Maybe it would help to take their loved one out of their routine with all the superficial materialistic things and to give them a new sense of meaning.

It's kind of noble IF the protagonist would do it only out of love for the other person without personal gain.

But the hint of the obsessive tendencies with 'Your eyes forever glued to mine' is just too strong.

Placebo – Song To Say Goodbye Lyrics 1 month ago
This song could either be about a protagonist talking to himself or to a dear friend.

The accusations that are made in the first lines probably aim at getting the attention of someone who's so lost in their delirium because it's very hard to get to them.

So you insult them to use their emotions as a gateway for what you have to say hoping some things will make their way into your friend's consciousness.

So after getting their attention, the protagonist relates with them which shows his empathy 'I'm well aware of how it aches'.

He tells his friend that he knows what they are going through but is left out 'And you still won't let me in'.

'Now I'm breaking down your door' refers to him having to use insults to break into their consciousness because he wants to help them get out of the misery they're stuck in.

And to keep their attention, the protagonist insults them some more: 'You lying, trying waste of space' showing for the first time how the protagonist himself is feeling about the situation of his friend 'Though I don't like you anymore'.

Then the protagonist reminds him of the luck and happiness they once had until something tragic happened 'Before our innocence was lost' that they both had to get through.

The second verse starting with 'You were Mother Nature's son' highlights the person they once were as addressed in the chorus.

And once again the protagonist confesses what he's doing: 'Now I'm trying to wake you up' (same with breaking down his door).

But what changes is that he tries to get his friends empathy now too: 'Cause if I don't we'll both end up With just your songs to say goodbye'.

So he tells his friend basically the ending and that his actions do not only affect him but everyone around him.

It's a song about how friends could and should save each other's life when you see that your friend's life is threatened by the things he does (be it drug abuse, alcohol or depression.)

Placebo – Because I Want You Lyrics 1 month ago
This song is about a protagonist who comes to the understanding that he can't go on the way he does.

He's depressed and he drinks ('When I hit the bottle 'cause I'm afraid to be alone'), but this behavior threatens the only good thing he has: his love.

He understands that those two things make their relationship suffer and what once was good has turned into a place where they can't feel happy anymore ('This house is no longer a home').

He begs his love not to give up on the dream they once had because his love for her is still true. But at the same time, he knows it can't go on like this and he's dragging her down with him.

That's why he's telling her that he wants her to give up (tear us in two). She has to make the decision because he can't. He doesn't want her to suffer anymore.

But at the same time as he tells her this, he takes it back and confesses that he still loves her 'Because I want you'. So the protagonist is stuck right in his crisis moment: Shall he let her go and let her find her happiness but be alone OR shall he make her stay with him to not be alone, but be responsible for making her suffer.

Placebo – Post Blue Lyrics 1 month ago
The protagonist in this song is very mature.

He has understood that there are no external influences to blame for who they truly are.

So he's saying 'it's in the water' because water is one of the five elements. It's something very natural.

And when you feel bad for something that makes you You, you have to learn to accept yourself. Can't change who you are.

The song refers to the movie 'It’s in the Water' where a man blames his homosexuality on the water.

And that's ridiculous.

Being gay is part of him.

And in the song, the protagonist sees how depressed his loved one is by fighting to see the truth that he is gay, too.

All the pills he takes and the booze he drinks ('bag of golden brown') only support the assumption that he's homosexual. And all it leads up to is him and the protagonist.

The protagonist has already come clean with who he is, but his partner is still fighting, hence 'Bite the hand that feeds and tap the vein that bleeds' (emotionally) referring to the protagonist himself who is the one who suffers the more his partner resists the truth.

'Down on my bended knees' could refer to a blowjob and that the protagonist would do everything for the one he loves and he would even 'break the back of love' for him probably by that blow job position when he tries to show him how much he loves him.

Placebo – Follow the Cops Back Home Lyrics 1 month ago
I love that song. The lyrics are so powerful that they have the power to take you right to that bar where those two men are sitting.

Just listening to the first lines brought the images of Vietnam to mind. Or basically, of every war ever fought, that was justified on apartheid.

In the first verse, those two men meet in a bar and one tells the other about his time in the army. There was this 'call to arms' that was all lies. And now he's drinking trying to get over the stories that left him mentally (or even physically) bruised.

And he keeps talking - just another round until he's finished.

This man is depressed.

When you look at stories about worldview, this man is the perfect example for the subgenre: Worldview Disillusionment: "When a sympathetic protagonist, with developed will, positive motives, and wholehearted idealistic beliefs, experiences a loss or trial that forces them to realize the darker truth, they lose their faith entirely" (© Story Grid).

And he did.

Everything he believed in has turned out to be false. He's probably wasted a good part of his life ('Its such a silly thing to do') being ill with the 'psychedelic yuppie flu' - the illness leaders in his country might still have to order things that do not make sense.

And all he's left with are the memories of what he did and he lives in the past without being able to look into the future and see something positive again ('And now we're stuck on rewind'). The only thing he can think of is lashing out against authority figures, like the police and invade their homes as he once invaded another country.

The reference to 'Let's spend the night in Jimmy Choo's,' could refer to all the Vietnamese shops that you encounter everywhere in the world and who basically offer lots of different things. By saying 'I'll give you nothing else to do' he refers back to the time when he was in the army and how senseless it was. After all the world's still as it is.

And now he can only get through the day by taking meds, maybe PTSD.

And with everything he has experienced, he was supposed to reach a better understanding of the world 'Sophisticated points of view', but that's what made him disillusioned.

And now he's lost looking for something to do in this stupid world where he doesn't fit in because he knows the darker truth: 'War lacks meaning when leaders are corrupt and dishonor soldiers’ sacrifices on the battlefield.'

Placebo – Drag Lyrics 1 month ago
This song is an admiration song that could be addressed to a friend, but what makes me think is the title of the song. It's not called 'Drag Behind' but simply 'Drag'.

So it could be that the protagonist has invented an alter ego for himself. He's a drag queen, and since he felt inferior his entire life because he was never the best at anything, he gave the one woman he portrays when he dresses in drag, all the personality traits, and abilities he wishes he had himself. 'Drag behind' means that he is the one behind all the makeup. Behind the drag persona, he is still himself.

'You're the monkey I've got on my back That tells me to shine' could refer to the inner voice that tells him that he can still shine by being a drag queen. Maybe that' the one thing he exceeds in.

Placebo – Infra-Red Lyrics 1 month ago
'Shuffle of the planet' does not necessarily mean 'die'. It's more a metaphor that symbolizes the end of something. Probably being used by that one person the song is addressed to.

'There is no running that can hide you' doesn't literally mean the protagonist got a sniper rifle with infra-red sight. It could also be that the person doesn't need to bother themselves with some lame excuse anymore because the protagonist has reached a better worldview and can tell now when the person is telling lies. And the protagonist will set things clear in front of everyone (birthday, beggar's banquet). He has not forgotten all the things the person had put him through and it's time to come clean.

Even though the protagonist moved from 'ignorant to knowing', he still hasn't reached wisdom. If he was wise enough he would know not to make threats but seek another form that would expose the falsehood of the person that wronged/betrayed him. The threat of 'there's gonna be an accident' is a sign for the heat of the moment, in which it is known, that people sometimes do things without thinking of the consequences.

So I guess this song is a cautionary tale for both parties: the ones who betray (Don't do it because you will suffer the consequences) and the ones who are betrayed (Find a better way to warn others than harming another person).

Placebo – Meds Lyrics 1 month ago
This song could either be a flashback: the protagonist is saying sorry to someone important to him by explaining what led to the actions that he already committed, but he can see clearer now and tries to highlight the fight he put up.

Or it's about the protagonist being on edge again and trying to remind himself of an incident where he was off his meds which he uses as a cautionary tale to make himself take his meds and do not doubt the reasons why they are necessary.

In the first verse, the protagonist tries to remind himself what happens if he doesn't take his meds.

The second verse is all about the specific things that happen if he's not on his meds.

The chorus is built of the voices of the persons around him that can tell rather quickly when he's on edge.

In the third verse, he reminds himself of the reason why he needs to take his meds. He pledged it to someone who must be important to him.

The fourth verse is him doubting his pledge because love can play tricks on your mind and maybe he was tricked by love? So he's looking for a reason to break his vow. But immediately the voices in the chorus remind him to take his meds. And in the last repeating lines we find out what put the protagonist on edge: 'And the sex, and the drugs, and the complications'. So we know he lost himself in two forms of obsession: sex and drugs that led to their own form of complications. It's what happens when he loses it by not taking his meds.

So the last lines are connecting the beginning of the song with the ending. All we've heard in-between is what the protagonist tries to remind himself of. Even warn himself that he can't let this happen again. He must not forget. Or it starts all over again.

Placebo – Burger Queen Lyrics 1 month ago
The protagonist in this song is the man the narrator is telling the listener about.

A man who has lost his meaning of life, who is rejected and who was torn out of the one place he might have ever felt comfortable (womb). He's lost since then and has turned to drugs. He lives in Luxemburg as a gay man, drug addict, and emo.

And there's no solution offered to the problem the song faces. He should leave this place.

But it's a cautionary tale that tells the listener about this one man who has given up and is slightly bemused by his tragic situation.

I don't think this protagonist will ever come around. He's fallen too deep.

Placebo – Scared Of Girls Lyrics 1 month ago
The protagonist is an introvert who feels like he has to act like an extrovert to get the attention of girls. He feels like a liar just because he's a man and the conventions that are put upon him. Does he have to sleep with girls only to be able to show off with how many he had? Is that what makes him a man?

Morality (Testing - Surrender) is about: "When a protagonist of highly developed will and sophistication experiences an opportunity and ignores their inner moral code, they may be rewarded externally but will suffer internally." (Story Grid)

And this protagonist does suffer, and he seems too weak to change his decision.

Placebo – Summer's Gone Lyrics 1 month ago
The title 'Summer's Gone' probably refers to the common term of 'Good times are over. Now the hardships of life begin.'

And in life, we have to find out who we wanna be.

And it seems the protagonist is addressing someone who is so ambitious to make something of themselves, that they only concentrate on becoming that person that they forget everyone around them and even lose touch with who they are.

When they are 'as dry as a bone' that means they have tried so much that there's nothing left of them. The person they once were is, metaphorically speaking, dead.

They can't sing to their lover because stones don't have blood. They are only with the dead now and have lost touch with everyone in their life.

So the ending is ironic in saying '... you're never alone' because that's how they are going to end up.

So this song is another warning to not risk who you are to become someone you're not. 'Say goodbye' is another way of saying: Stop doing that. Interestingly, the turning point and the resolution are the same lines.

Placebo – My Sweet Prince Lyrics 1 month ago
That song is a cautionary tale about a love that couldn't evolve beyond desire.

If love would have been stronger it should beat drug addiction if both parties want to commit. That would have been a positive message, but instead, the lover can't stop using it because he can't deal with his emotions.

He needs his 'prince' on his 'white horse' "cocaine" to deal with life.

And when he says 'never thought all this could backfire' it might refer to never have thought that a relationship like they had (sex and drugs) would end one day, because the drugs would be the problem.

The protagonist was naive to think he could just go on abusing, and now he's disillusioned about the outcome.

Placebo – Every You Every Me Lyrics 1 month ago
''There's nothing here but what here's mine Something borrowed, something blue' could refer to wedding accessories but he has still not found the one where he'll get these things. Instead, he feels sucker-punched by love that he's bruised (blue) and was being used before his partners moved on to find their one true love (borrowed).

This song underlines the controlling theme of love stories that are solely about desire: Love fails when lovers don't evolve beyond desire.

Sucker love is referring to lust and desire - feeling wanted by someone but only in a sexual way that is mistaken for love, but it's just affection.

Placebo – The Crawl Lyrics 1 month ago
The sneeze is referring to growing allergic to someone you've become too attached to. The following line 'Amazing Grace in here' could refer to the song 'Amazing Grace' that refers to the sound of the sneeze: 'How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.'

So she had saved him from his downhill path but it seems she doesn't have the strength anymore to keep up with him. He seems to be a drug addict ('It takes the pain away') which is why the relationship ended.

He might have had mood changes (feel allergic and attached to her at the same time) and wants her to stay because she was once giving him this amazing grace feeling and he would even pay to feel it once again.

In the last verse, he's provoking her by suggesting she'd just go to the next best stranger and she's obviously mad or he wouldn't say 'Don't forget to breathe.'. The way he hurts her is him making her pay for leaving. I think with saying to lay him down so that the lie can unfurl, he says that he's talking bullshit because he's in delirium because of the drugs and she shouldn't take him seriously. Still, the breakup is imminent.

Placebo – Allergic (To Thoughts Of Mother Earth) Lyrics 1 month ago
The obligatory scene mentioned for the Morality Genre (The protagonist’s refusal of the call complicates the story and the call comes a second time but in a different form.) means that this song is the second call religious people get to remember their moral code that there's more to finding absolution than just being self-concerned with being a good person and being good to others.

There's also the planet to take care of, and if you don't care about the planet, you don't care about humanity. If you don't care about humanity, you're selfish.

So there's no way you get to heaven if you don't do something good for the next generations. And that means caring for mother nature. "You take the beating" (2nd time mentioned in the song) is addressed to people who care more about heaven than earth, because they are to blame. The 1st time it's said I think it refers more to children who (as the next generation) have to live with the consequences.

Placebo – Without You I'm Nothing Lyrics 1 month ago
The word 'Fall' sums up the resolution of the song: The protagonist was not able to tell the truth about himself, and the consequences of betraying one's moral compass for selfish reason is receiving due consequences - even if that means he'll lose his love.
But he made his choice and couldn't come clean with her. That's a sign of a weak protagonist who can't see the consequences of his decisions. He has to learn it the hard way.

Worse, he lied to her from the beginning and the more someone lies and behaves like someone he's not the deeper he'll fall.

And by fearing he'll lose everything if he loses her, we get a sense of how deep he'll fall. So he can only plead that she'll catch him.

I doubt it.

Placebo – Ask For Answers Lyrics 1 month ago
The lyrics always allow interpretation.

This time it was a tragic love story for me with the protagonist being hopelessly in love that is not shared. And this one night he feels so depressed he has to think over his situation to make a better choice.

And even though it hurts him, the other person seems to have not played with him. When they talk about 'no second chances' it might refer to having only the strength to face his dilemma this night, because the next day when he'd see his friend again, he might not be able to get through it again.
So better come to a conclusion this night.

Placebo – You Don't Care About Us Lyrics 1 month ago
The protagonist is in a relationship with someone who gets depressed by every little thing that goes wrong and doubts a lot. The protagonist realizes they can't build any good memories with each other because they will always get a scar. He thinks it's the age difference or his rage about her depressive mental state. But he finds out she doesn't care about what they have, so he can break up with her and save his tortured heart.

Placebo – Brick Shithouse Lyrics 1 month ago
A 'Brick shithouse' could refer to a home the lovers had built together but it has become a rotten place by her cheating on him. He's cursing. He wants her to go on cheating on him to make that other man suffer as much as he had to endure ('lay him down. lie on' or 'don't you wish you'd never met her?').

Maybe she could still be thinking she's successfully hiding her affair because she is not making a sound when she sleeps with that other man, which means she still tries to cover up.

Now I have no idea if the protagonist is a ghost or a freak watching his woman having sex. And I don't wanna think about that ;-)

Placebo – Pure Morning Lyrics 1 month ago
A friend who is in need is a true friend might refer to the trust friends have among each other. She trusts him and to get rid of their problems, they decide to get high. One thing leads to another and the pure morning (no more smoke of them smoking weed) they realize what they've done. They're nervous ('skins crawling'), but it turns out she's not having her period and she's pregnant.

The protagonist decides to stay with her because he takes on the responsibility he has now for his family. This song serves as a cautionary tale (don't have unprotected sex) as well as a prescriptive tale (take responsibility for your mistakes).

Placebo – Swallow Lyrics 1 month ago
For all the good the album 'Placebo' did in encouraging its audience to stay true to themselves, it ends with a person who is abusing drugs and who is so high, that they want to commit suicide but can't find the razor blade. So they swallow more and more pills.

Or maybe they just wanted to hurt themselves to replace the emotional pain with physical pain, but since they can't find the razor they swallow pills to make the pain dull. But they can't keep track of how many pills they've swallowed so that might lead to suicide. (If it's connected to Marylin Monroe's death I can't say.).

If an album ends on this depressing note, then I think all the encouraging before was useless because no matter what you do (stay true to yourself or not) it might lead to depression. The last song on an album is the last song the audience hears and letting it end on such a dark note is very devastating.

Placebo – Lady Of The Flowers Lyrics 1 month ago
Our Lady of the Flowers (Notre-Dame-des-Fleurs) is the debut novel of French writer Jean Genet.

The song is, similar to the story, about a woman who is stuck in the way of life someone else has forced on her. She wants to break out but she attracts those type of men who will only take advantage of her. She's too weak to make a change and she doesn't have a mentor on her side who could help her. Even the narrator is apologizing the whole time.

He recognizes her dilemma but he's caught in her gaze, too, so he is the next one who lays down with her.

Placebo – Bruise Pristine Lyrics 1 month ago
The entire record deals with being true to oneself or not and the consequences of that decision. In this song, the question is portrayed onto another character.

That person wants to use the available means of beauty operations to change who they are. But the protagonist is sophisticated enough to know that an operation will only lead to the friend becoming one of many when he/she loses who she once was in the process.

What's the reason (cause) for his friend to agree to a beauty operation is a lie to the protagonist because he/she sees his/her friend already as beautiful. So all the beauty operation would do is bruise who they are only to be pristine which could lead to superficial happiness. But the price is too high and his/her friend would lose. So the protagonist offers his/her friend the choice to choose between their friendship/love and beauty.

Note: Even Faust (Goethe) had to learn in part 2 that happiness and beauty can never permanently be combined.

Placebo – I Know Lyrics 1 month ago
'I know' shows in the song title the revelatory turning point the protagonist had experienced after a breakup. He understands now that she never wanted him for who he was but for what he represented. And it's hard to come to terms with that revelation. That's why he's repeating the words 'I know'. It's like 'I know', I should have known.

Placebo – Nancy Boy Lyrics 1 month ago
I do not see a story told in this song. There is no turning point, no twist and therefore no crisis or moment of choice. The protagonist knows what he wants and he's concious about the reversal of gender roles. But he doesn't wanna be divided by gender when the muse (the voice telling you who you are) is enforcing everyone to be their true self. So the protagonist is true to himself, and gender divide and gender roles are out of date.

Placebo – Hang On To Your IQ Lyrics 1 month ago
The refrain of the song is serving as a constant reminder to the protagonist to not lose himself in sex and drugs. He has to hold on his knowledge and to the person he is or he will lose touch with who he is. This song is a cautionary tale.

Placebo – 36 Degrees Lyrics 1 month ago
The protagonist realized that being with that person was not what he expected. He was blinded by all that glitters while he was the flame that shed the light on everyone. But he doesn't wanna be front and center anymore, even if that means he'll be lonely again and has to suffer for making this decision. But still, he accepts who he is and being an introvert, but still he's just a human being.

Placebo – 36 Degrees Lyrics 1 month ago
The protagonist realized that being with that person was not what he expected. He was blinded by all that glitters while he was the flame that shed the light on everyone. But he doesn't wanna be front and center anymore, even if that means he'll be lonely again and has to suffer for making this decision. But still, he accepts who he is and being an introvert, but still he's just a human being.

Placebo – Teenage Angst Lyrics 1 month ago
This song provokes the imagery of drug abuse. The headlights could be a flashlight of a doctor who looks into the person's eyes. His pupils are dilated and so the doctor knows he was using drugs (see through disguise). Break the fever and goodbye is hinting at a possible drug overdose or getting clean. 'One fluid gesture' could be an offer to buy drugs again. And the protagonist uses them since he's feeling paralyzed again. And no matter what others tell him, he sticks to his needle and uses drugs, because life doesn't make sense if you have to die anyway. So that could be one takeaway of the song.

It could also be that the lights in the beginning refer to seeing the world more clearly once you grow up. And it'S not the fairytale land you imagined, so you feel overwhelmed and frightened. Seeing through the disguise refers to admitting to having been naive. The 'drive-in' is the gateway to the imperfect world of grown-ups. Goodbye to the teenage self. With the gesture, he can always remember his childhood, but he won't be able to access it anymore. Not now since he has come to a larger understanding of the world and can't go back to the things how they used to be. Sticking to the needle could refer to a vinyl player and listening to music. So this song is all about realizing you gotta die one day and can't change anything about it. And the protagonist accepts it, or he would do something else with his time than referring to it as 'wasting time'.

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