There wasn’t much I use to need a smile would blow a summer’s breeze through … My heart, now my mistakes are haunting me, like winter came and put a freeze on … My heart, I lost the power to understand what it takes to be a man with … my heart, I saw you wanted this to end you tried your best to be a friend to … My heart, but I’m leaving this wary town, please no grieving my love, understand…

Whenever I was feeling wrong I used to go and write a song from … My heart, but now I fear I’ve lost my spark no more glowing in the dark for … My heart, so I’m leaving this wary town, please no grieving my love, understand…

Understand… understand… understand… understand… understand

(can’t you see I’m sick of fighting?) understand… (can’t you tell I’ve lost my way?) understand… (look at me there’s no denying) understand… (I won’t last another day)

So I’m leaving this wary town, please no grieving my love, understand…

That I’m leaving this wary town, please no grieving my love, understand…

All my dreaming tore in pieces (x4) … now.

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A Million Little Pieces song meanings
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    My Interpretation

    In the first verse, the protagonist is stating what happened to him although he leaves some mystery for the listener because we don't know what was the turning point that left him in this big dilemma he's in now. He used to feel love and his partner made him smile, but something happened that made him lose all faith in love. He's disillusioned now and he's lost his faith entirely.

    He's stuck in an all is lost moment and nothing seems to be meaningful anymore ('But now I feel I've lost my spark'). He just wants to let it all end ('So I'm leaving this worry town') because that incident that happened to him is draining the life out of him '(I won't last another day)'. This song could either be about depression and understood like a suicide note or the protagonist is saving himself by getting out of a place that's not good for him.

    But the song ends with the protagonist saying 'All my dreaming torn in pieces' which refers back to having no hope whatsoever left. It's a very tragic and devastating song because you would have wanted him to regain some strength, some hope, a spark.

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