Mindless Self Indulgence

The New York City-based punk/industrial/hip-hop group Mindless Self Indulgence consists of singer/songwriter Little Jimmy Urine, guitarist Steve, Righ?, bassist Vanessa, and drummer Kitty. The group's over-the-top sound ... Read more
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(It's 3 AM) Issues (Dinesh Boaz Of What What Where Remix)0
(It's 3 AM) Issues (Million $ Mano Remix)0
(It's 3 AM) Issues (Rhys Fulber Remix)0
(It's 3 AM) Issues (Scandy Remix)0
(It's 3 AM) Issues (Tub Ring's Disco Edison Remix)0
1989 (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
2 Hookers0
2 Hookers & An Eightball1
2 Hookers & An Eightball (live)0
2 Hookers & An Eightball (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
2 Hookers (a.k.a. "2 Hookers & an Eightball")0
2 Hookers (a.k.a. "2 Hookers & An Eightball") (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
2 Hookers (live)0
2 Hookers (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
2 Hookers And An 8 Ball34
2 Hookers and an 8 Ball (live)1
2 Hookers and an 8 Ball (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
2 Hookers and an 8-Ball0
2 Hookers and an Eightball2
2 Hookers and an Eightball (live)0
2 Hookers and an Eightball (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
3 S0
7-11 (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Adios Amigos9
Ala Mode0
Alienating Our Audience6
Apple Country27
Ass Backwards0
Backmask (backwards Text Included)30
Backmask (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Bed Of Roses42
Big Poppa10
Bitches (777-Bitches)0
Bitches (µ-Ziq Mix)0
Bitches (demo)0
Bitches (DJ Cam Mix)0
Bitches (Kid Rock's Cock Rock Remix)0
Bitches (Michael Patterson's Subbass Club Mix)0
Bitches (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Bitches (Rhys Fulber Mix)0
Bitches (State of Bengal Mix)0
Bitches [777-Bitches]0
Bite Your Rhymes31
Bomb This Track17
Bomb This Track (demo)0
Born To Be Beheaded5
Bring The Acapella1
Bring The Cocaine1
Bring the Pain51
Bring the Pain (demo)0
Bring the Pain (mega bass remix)0
Bring The Pain (Method Man cover)0
Bring the Pain (Nasty as Hell Version)0
Bring the Pain [Acapella] [Version]0
Bring the Pain [New Wave] [#][*][Version]0
Bring the Pain [New Wave] [Version]0
Bring The Pain [Version]0
Bring The Pineapple0
Brooklyn Hype7
Brooklyn Hype (Part 1)1
Capital P9
Capitol P (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Clarissa (GMD Acid Mix)0
Clarissa (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Cocaine and Toupees26
Diabolical (live)0
Dickface [#][*][Demo Version]0
Dickface [Demo Version]0
Dickface [Demo] [Demo Version]0
Dicks (a.k.a. "Dicks Are for My Friends") (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Dicks (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Dicks Are For My Friends41
Dicks Are for My Friends (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Do unto others12
Do Unto Others (Part 1)0
Do Unto Others (part 2)0
eBay This Shit1
Ecnegludni Fles Sseldnim14
Evening Wear12
Facing the Plastic (Serj Tankian, remixed by Mindless Self Indulgence, feat. Jimmy Urine)0
Faggot (demo)0
Faggot (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Faggot (Pt. Grimm remix)1
Frying Pan5
Fuck Machine0
Get It Up28
Golden I16
Golden I (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Grab The Mic10
Greatest Love of All0
Greatest Love of All (demo)0
Greatest Love of All (Whitney Houston cover)0
Hail Satan0
Hail Satan!0
Hail Satan! (live at CBGB)0
Hail Satan! (tornado Live)12
Harry Truman13
Hey Tomorrow Fuck You, And Your Friend Yesterday0
Holy Shit14
I Can Make A Gimlet(freestyle On Crack/pt Grim14
I Hate Everyone0
I Hate Jimmy Page182
I Hate Jimmy Page (Onyx Lyricz)2
I Hate Jimmy Page (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
I Wanna Be Black0
I'm Your Problem Now23
If I Only Didn't Want to Fuck the Ones Who Didn't Want to Fuck Me0
It Gets Worse0
Jack You Up1
Joke (full lyrics)0
Keepin' Up With The Kids9
Kick (remix)0
Kick The Bucket11
Kick the Bucket (remix)0
Kill The Rock46
Kill the Rock (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Kill You All In A Hip Hop Rage0
La Di Da Di0
La Di Da Di (Doug E. Fresh feat. Slick Rick cover)0
La-Di Da-Di8
La-Di-Da-Di (Doug E. Fresh feat. Slick Rick cover)2
Last Gay Song9
Last Gay Song (live)0
Last Time I Tried To Rock Your World7
Lights Out13
Like Shit9
Like Shit (live)0
London Bridge11
Make Me Cum15
Make Me Cum (MySpace demo)0
Make Me Cum (original demo)0
Mark David Chapman55
Mark David Chapman (demo)0
Mark David Chapman w spanish2
Mark David Chapman [Multimedia Track]0
MDC (demo)0
Mic Commander8
Mindless Self Indulgence4
Molly (live)0
Molly (Madgroove's Circusjungle Miix)0
Molly (Original 'Tight' Version)0
Molly (Pull's Khz Miix)0
Molly (Side 3's Industrial Dub Mix)0
Molly [Multimedia Track]0
My World5
My World (demo)0
Never Wanted to Dance38
Never Wanted To Dance (Combichrist "Electro Hurtz" Mix)0
Never Wanted To Dance (Spider Dub Remix)0
Never Wanted To Dance (The Birthday Massacre "Acapella" Mix) 0
Never Wanted To Dance (The Birthday Massacre "Pansy" Mix)0
Never Wanted To Dance (Ulrich Wild "Voluptuous Metal" Mix)0
Never Wanted To Dance (Ulrich Wild Loud Mix)0
On It15
On It ("Grinder Mix" by Hollowboy)0
On It ("The Tweaker Mix" by Chris Vrenna)0
On It (Assemblage 23 Mix)0
On It (KMFDM Remix)0
On It (original radio mix)0
On It (Remix by Antron 2600 of 8-Bit Suicide)0
On It [Dance Single]0
Panty Shot1
Panty Shot (live)0
Pay For It11
Pay For It (album version)0
Pay For It (demo)0
Pay for It (Dubstep on Your Dirty Little Face Mix)0
Pay for It (The Son of a Clown Remix - remixed by M. Shawn Crahan)0
Pay for It (The Wumpscut Mix)0
Pay for It [RMX by Ulver]0
Pimpz and Basketballz8
Planet Of The Apes19
Planet of the Apes (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Pre-Teen Violence8
Prom (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Prove Me Wrong5
Pussy All Night16
Ready For Love14
Revenge (Alienating Our Audience)0
Revenge (live)0
Revenge (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Revenge (studio version)2
Rip Off4
Rip Off (live)0
Royally Fucked11
Royally Fucked (demo)0
Seven Eleven0
Seven-Eleven (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Sex for Homework0
Shut Me Up92
Shut Me Up (Original Crappy Demo)5
Shut Me Up (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Shut Me Up (Tommy Sunshine TSMV Still Filthy Remix0
Shut Me Up (Ulrich Wild Groandome Metal Remix)0
Shut Me Up (VNV Nation 1200XL Remix)0
Shut Me Up [Final Video]0
Shut Me Up [Original Crappy Demo]0
Shut Me Up [Original Video][*]0
Shut Me Up [Storyboards]0
Stalkers (Slit My Wrists)0
Step Up, Ghetto Blaster0
Step Up, Ghettoblaster7
Straight To Video48
Straight To Video (Acapella version)0
Straight To Video (Assemblage 23 Remix)0
Straight To Video (Bro Peezy's Video Struggle)0
Straight To Video (Clusteryiff Mix)0
Straight To Video (Front 242 Art and Strategy Remix)0
Straight To Video (Haujob's Mindless Myer Massacre Remix)0
Straight To Video (Infrastructure with Punketta Doilie Remix)0
Straight To Video (Instrumental version)0
Straight To Video (KHZ Death Mix)0
Straight To Video (KMFDM's Burnout Revenge Remix)0
Straight To Video (Noise Unit Don't Get Emotional Remix)0
Straight To Video (Nonplus Remix)0
Straight To Video (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Straight To Video (P.A.L. DUB Remix)0
Straight To Video (Remix According to Combichrist)0
Straight To Video (Suicide City More and Faster Remix)0
Straight To Video (The Birthday Massacre Dramaclub Remix)0
Straight To Video (Tommy Sunshine TSMV Extended Electro Remix)0
Straight To Video (Velvet Acid Christ Loud Trip Remix)0
Straight to Video [Instrumental]0
Straight to Video [Original Video][*]0
Straight to Video [S2V Acapella]0
Stupid MF70
Stupid MF (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Stupid, Sadistic, and Suicidal (demo)0
Thank God34
Thank God (live)0
Thank God (Radio Edit)0
The Logical Song0
The Zoo Song/JX-47 (Hidden Track from Tight)14
This Isn't Good3
This Isnt Good [#][*]0
Tight [8-Bit] [#][*][Version]0
Tight [8-Bit] [Version]0
Tight [Version]0
Tom Sawyer20
Tom Sawyer (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Tom Sawyer (Rush cover)2
Tornado (demo)0
Tornado (original filthy demo)0
Tornado [Cassingle Version] [#][*][Version]0
Tornado [Cassingle Version] [Version]0
Tornado [DVD][Live][*]0
Tornado [Live at CBGB] [Live]0
Tornado [Live]0
Tornado [Version]0
Two Hookers2
Two Hookers (live)0
Two Hookers (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Two Hookers (studio version)0
Unbelievable Animal9
Unbelievable Animal (live)0
Uncle (album version)1
Uncle (demo)0
Uncle (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
Unsociable (Extended)0
Wannabe (live) (Spice Girls cover)0
What Do They Know?30
What Do They Know? (Ken Muhammed- The Human Orchestra "The Final Word" Mix)0
What Do They Know? (Mindless Self Indulgence vs. Julien K and Chester Bennington)0
What Do They Know? (Our Pain, Your Gain)0
What Do They Know? (ProCon "Backstabber's Delight" Mix)1
What Do They Know? (VNV Nation "Maelstrom" Mix)0
Written in Cold Blood2
Written In Cold Blood (Mark Saunders Mix)0
You'll Rebel To Anything (As Long As it's Not Challenging)69
You'll Rebel to Anything (As Long as It's Not Challenging) [*][Multimed0
You'll Rebel To Anything {As Long As It's Not Challenging)0
You're No Fun Anymore Mark Trezona1
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