Indistinguishable from one another
No possible intention to even bother
It doesn't matter what is said or how we say it
Coincidentally, we all sound exactly the same
We all want to swindle kids out of their money
If you're still doing this 'cause you believe in it

You are so fucking lame!

When the world's overrun
With too many bands
Who is it time for

Mark Chapman

When they all seem absurd
He will thin out the herd
Ladies and gentleman

Mark Chapman

There is no heart
There is no fear
We all just cry
The same old tear

Don't look to me
I do not lead
I'm just in front
And they're all following

Some other motherfucker
Without the balls or cojones
To take a hold of the reins
And use them

Why is something so obvious so elusive?
There is nothing on the menu that will turn abusive
I am part of the problem
Not the solution

I'm just a prisoner
In the same prison as you
We wait for other shoes to fall into positions
Already obsolete
No one will miss us at all

When the world's overrun
With too many bands
Who is it time for

Mark Chapman

When they all seem absurd
He will thin out the herd
Ladies and gentleman

Mark Chapman

There is no awe
There is no fear
We all just cry
The same old tear

I can not tell
Is it just me
Or do we all
Look just like

Adolph fucking Hitler
With this swoopy emo-boy dreamy haircut
Dangling in our faces
Making us all indescribably indistinguishable from each other
Or maybe I'm just another megalomaniac

Reginald, release the hounds

Lyrics submitted by Sleepisbadmkay

"Mark David Chapman" as written by James Euringer


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    General CommentJimmy's mum is saying I knew no one was gonna comprehend your music
    But you didn't listen to me

    I told you not to sign with a record company so big
    They dont care about you

    I don't believe in MTV
    Where is all the money you owe me?

    My friend translated the lyrics for me, haha :]
    I really love this song! :]
    peachylungson February 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentYou are all missing the underling meaning. What most of you don't seem to realize is that alot of MSI's work has two meanings, normally a ridiculous one which most people see (such as mark chapman killing john lennon)and a deeper meaning that i haven't seen most of you catching. Don't think im try to put you down. I took me a while to catch on as well. But the other meaning is that every artist is conforming to the same standard including them selfs. and we as fans of music are allowing it to take place right in front of us, even though thats what most of us are against. They're pointing out that even though they hate it they're just like everyone else and that we are morons for not realizing it even though there is a clear need for us to change it.
    Dewbie93on August 20, 2009   Link
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    General CommentYou guys are getting fucking insane.

    MSI isn't trying to say that they want a murderer to take out the bad bands, he's saying that they're slowly butchering the music industry.

    The newer bands (namely emo ones, as in the "Adolph Fucking Hitler" part) all more or less repeat the same message of superficial pain, focusing more on their own shitty problems than real-world problems. Thus, "we all cry the same old tear". The tears we shed don't mean anything, and yet we give the bands that throw out these retarded songs the most money.

    Back to the Mark David Chapman reference, we all know he killed John Lennon. Now, people associate John Lennon with the Beatles, one of the best and most influential bands that revolutionized rock n' roll. These new bands ARE Mark David Chapman. They're taking good music that has roots in such good bands, and completely ruining it with their shitty messages. This is reinforced by the fact that Jimmy compares emo bands' signature haircut to Hitler, and we all know what he did.

    In short, the band isn't pushing to have these bands executed (not in a literal sense, anyway), but rather saying that they're executing themselves and taking decades of good music down with them.

    FloggingTheDogon August 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOk, the Mark Chapman reference is a calling for somebody to do something really drastic (like kill). But remember this is tongue and check so its sarcasm.

    Second, Jimmy doesn't want the weak emo bands to die; (they will die when nobody buys thier shit anyway)

    This brings it down to who does jimmy want dead (sarcastically, and only iconically).

    Jimmy wants whoever started the emo craze to die so everybody would stop looking up to this one band and try to be like this one band. (the root of imitation bands needs something to imitate of off.)

    Of course he never names one single band for this, but think of this song as a continuation of "I hate jimmy page."

    Does Jimmy really hate Jimmy page, No

    But Jimmy hated how a generation of guitarist all sounded the same because they all looked up to the same guy, Jimmy Page.

    Overall point of the song is: Its ok to have inspirations, but if all you're gonna do is just imitate and never really create your own sound, you are part of the problem and not the solution. The music world would be stangnet, with new fans liking slightly different versions of the same shit.

    To put the seriousness of this message, not even Jimmy says he is the solution:
    "Don't look to me
    I do not lead
    I'm just in front
    And their all following

    Some other mother fucker
    Without the balls or cojones
    To take a hold of the reins
    And use them"

    This message could be said of a lot of things besides music. In every form of entertainment, if all you're gonna do is imitate what you like, then you're part of the problem. Its not hard to imitate what MSI has done before, and that is why MSI has to evolve their own sound. Yes we will never get the 'tight' era back, but its for our own good.
    StaticFalconaron October 30, 2008   Link
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    General Comment@GlamourWithStammer - "But why does he include Hitler in this song?" - Gee, maybe Jimmy saw that photo-shopped 4chan image of Hitler in emo clothes and swooped comb over like the rest of the internetz and he thought it'd be funny to include in the song? There's also the joke that Hitler was "the original emo kid," because he put a cyanide pill in his mouth and 'BECAME AN HERO' with his bitch, Eva Braun, in a bunker after losing the war.

    @petbreak - HEY BATMAN, WHY SO SERIOUS? Okay, so emo kids didn't go around murdering Jews. But they do have that whole "scene" shit where they all copy off each other and look exactly the same, and sing about the same old shit. Maybe it was cool when Deathcab for Cutie was doing it, but like anything, after the labels picked it up and commercialized it, it became generic. The "emotion" part of it stopped being genuine once EVERYBODY was doing it and every radio station and video channel was playing it.

    "Coincidentally, we all sound exactly the same
    We all want to swindle kids out of their money."

    The labels don't give a shit about giving the people anything new or unique, they just want to put out whatever is going to sell and then mass market it in Hot Topic to impressionable 12 year olds. Thus, you get your MCR's, your AFI's, your Fallout Boys, your Red Jumpsuit Aparati, and a gazillion others that are just a repeat of Backstreet Boys and N'sync but with pale makeup, color striped hair and dark clothes.

    "If your still doing this cuz you believe in it, you are so fucking lame!"

    This is the mainstream corporate label whore saying to the new guy:
    'if you're really making music with a message and substance, you're dated.'

    "I am part of the problem, not the solution.
    I'm just a prisoner, in the same prison as you.
    We wait for other shoes to fall into position
    Already obsolete, no one will miss us at all."

    He knows that he's no more well off than those
    he criticizes. Just by being in the music industry,
    he's another cog in the machine and once they're
    over, the labels will pick some new norm to
    force feed everyone and they'll be forgotten.

    "...Making us all indescribably indistinguishable from
    Each other, Or maybe I'm just another megalomaniac."

    Jimmy analyzes his own biases and "music purist" attitude and sees
    that even if he could kill off bands that don't fit with his idea
    of perfection, then it would only lead to another period of mass
    conformity and creative stagnation which would then need another
    musical holocaust to wipe away the new mainstream.
    kitsune_bakaon February 23, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationThe meaning of this song to me is pretty much a combination of things that have been said here already. This song is basically about how all bands sound alike to each other, and that bands that actually make an effort to be different and care about the music are drowned ou by the hordes of clones flooding the music industry. He then focuses that specifically on emo / boy bands with little talent or originality that sell mainly from being "hawt".

    The purpose of inclusing Mark David Chapman in this song has little to nothing to do with Lennon, it has to do with what Chapman did and why. Chapman killed Lennon because he thought he was a phony that everyone was following. Jimmy isn't asking for people to kill the bands, he is simply stating that if Lennon was around today he would want to kill all of these generic bands because they are all phonies.

    As for "I'm part of the problem, not the solution", to me, even though this is probably unintentional, he is saying that he is also guilty of selling out, which is sort of true, whether he realizes it or not. After all, two-thirds of the album "If" sounds just like the generic bullshit this song is making fun of.

    Finally, the song also is saying that when MSI is gone, other bands will simply take their place.
    TusChanon August 16, 2010   Link
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    General Commentokay so this song plainy is about mark chapman
    he killed john lennon
    when the asked him why he did it he exclained
    "everything you need to know is explained in Catcher In The Rye"
    pretty much (for those who haven't read it)
    he hated conformity and felt like he was doing society a favor by killing on of the people that they looked up to most (releasing society from the grips of conformity)
    ginnginn11on February 11, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthmm... i see the message "kill the bands that sound the same"

    btw.. i submitted this first like... a month ago.. why didn't i get posted??
    InsatiableDickon February 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentHmmm, any one else think that the newer songs from MSI are tilting in the direction of the 'mother theme'?
    I laughed when i first heard the chorus, if u wanna download this song, its on their MySpace page at the moment…
    StealthDragoonon February 14, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthey InsatiableDick,
    same thing here;
    i submitted the same lyrics and it didn't get posted!
    xxHipLike BADASSon February 15, 2007   Link

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