"I Hate Jimmy Page" as written by and James Euringer....
I'm just another little faggot with a problem
fuckin' around over someone elses hard on
i got the balls with the foul smelling dj
suckas can reach out and touch me and eat me
i lick clit i like it
lookin' for love in all the wrong places
black ala mode with the mummified faces
am i animal, vegetable, mineral, or ugh
I'm a bad ass, tell me I'm a bad ass
i don't need you and i don't need a break
if i wasn't here, id be out gettin' laid
please, please please play the whole damn song
a two minute song is just one minute and fifty nine seconds
too goddamn long
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
i hate jimmy page
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
kick us faggots off the stage
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
bite the future and fuck the past
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
cause my whole shit will never last
i hold the microphone with my butt now
who like that song five year old pantyshot
yeah yeah dat could be a real big record
cause its got the bump with the molestation
I'm lower than most animals
and fear what might be weird
and all those voices in my head
have every right to be there
i ain't a girl just cause i rock the boat
i ain't a boy just cause i rock your world
bad boy, don't you fuck my dolly
ill kiss my ass with a muthafuckin' smile on my face
and i get real stupid and you and you and you can't stop me
ill show ya how official midgets jack me off
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
i hate jimmy page
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
kick us faggots off the stage
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
bite the future and fuck the past
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
cause my whole shit will never last
one day I'm a do the fuckin' ohhhhh
I'm a screw the fuckin' ohhhh
no cheese below is gonna show you who you is
and there's no need to ask it
put this out his back
and he won't break the shit
i said that he's nothing
i said that he's nothing
i make the laws
i be the lawmaker
when you looks me upside down
don't forget to fuck yourself
you're so wrong with yo' jive you don't know me
why the hell you come to gimmie this
your so wrong with your jive now
there are some things in life i don't like
and thus is what i just did
so i took a big hit of who the fuck give a shit
yo not i, i am destined to die
and ADD to me means you don't have to ask me why
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
i hate jimmy page kick us faggots off the stage
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
fuck the future and bite the past
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
cause my whole shit will never last
ill show you how official midgets fuck me off, oh baby ill show you how official midgets jack me off, oh baby with the..
ill show you how official midgets jack me off
ill show you how official midgets jack me off

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"I Hate Jimmy Page" as written by James Euringer


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    General CommentWell folks.
    some of you people are
    missing the entire point of this song.
    This song was not ment to, in any way, directly make fun of Jimmy Page.
    it was simply ment to take the seriousness off of the whole
    "rock" scene.
    the fact that people believe that Jimmy Page is a "rock god" or "legend"
    is completely fictional, its just a matter of opinion.
    Its wasn't ment to piss off Jimmy Page, he probably doesnt even know this song
    It was ment to piss off all of the hard-ass tough guys of the world
    who think just because they like Led Zepplin they are "bad ass" and just keep waiting for the next mainstream
    rock song to come on the radio.
    Look at the name:"Mindless Self Indulgence"
    it is a big joke basically saying: "Why is Jimmy Page still so big? Why wont these people like me?"
    its a joke.
    the irony in the fact that they think thier own music sucks,
    but at the same time it still manages to piss you fine led zepplin loving people off,
    who probably just look emo now days anyway.
    "I'll show you how official midgets jack me off."

    Thanx, homophobes.
    IhateJimmyPage1989on April 07, 2009   Link
  • +3
    General Comment"Shoutweb: What's the story behind "I Hate Jimmy Page"?

    Jimmy: The basic jist is that I'm getting really sick of people just goin' on and on about classic musicians, and Clapton is god, and Led Zeppelin, and nobody ever wrote a better song, and that's the best record, and blah blah blah, and then not doing anything new. It's like they all just sit around and pray to these guys. It's like great, I'm sure we all wouldn't be doing what we're doing if Led Zeppelin hadn't written this song, and if the Beatles hadn't done that. Let's move on. I mean even with the Sex Pistols shit, it's like alright the Sex Pistols did their thing. Why would you want to do Sex Pistols Part 2? Ya know what I mean, it's like what's the point? Do something different, entertain me, plug in a frickin' toaster. Who cares if you can hit an e-minor 7th chord. Make me wanna see you for a reason."

    I just thought that I should throw this out there in case nobody had yet. And, honestly, I kind of agree with Jimmy on this. I mean, sure those bands were awesome or whatever, and yes, things (especially music) would be different if it hadn't been for certain bands, but you shouldn't get hung up on something like that, you know? People have different opinions, first of all, and they should be entitled to them. Also, if you're so busy saying that a specific band is the best, and you're constantly downing every other band, then you probably aren't even really paying attention to anything aside from the one that you already know you like, you have a preconceived idea in your head that you're going to hate anything else, so you do. As for the thing about "Sex Pistols Part 2", I understand that as well. What fun is music if it all sounds exactly alike, you know? Okay, so they were good or great at what they did. Leave it at that. It doesn't need to be re-done again and again. That's overkill.

    But, that's just my opinion on the matter...
    kunoichi159on September 07, 2011   Link
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    General CommentAll "old" music is held in such high regard these days, as long as you're stoned, have a relatively raspy voice and can play a half-decent solo with 2-minute intervals of struggling drum beats, its called genius. Wow. Yes, I am referring to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. I listened to The Wall, got bored within two songs and popped another CD into my player. Sorry I'm not good enough for your elite, "talented" taste.
    HasuRooon June 16, 2002   Link
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    General Commentm'kay, so Iv been sitting here for an hour or so reading threw this SHIT

    and Iv realized
    some ppl are palin stupid
    if your going to comment
    know the history of the band
    know there opions
    have a formal education

    this whole song is exactly about what there fucking up there yelling about this song about

    ohh jimmy page is sooo great hes god I love him you suck

    thats exactly what the songs saying

    grr this got me so mad
    nd it realy shouldnt. whenI first heard MSI this was the song I heard and right off, I new there joking and I didnt even have to know ther history. its so oviouse. theres another song on frankinstien girls that talks about how if you sont like them it doesnt realy matter cuz there hear any ways. and in the cover it says plainly that you realy shouldnt listing to them in a seriouse state. its all a joke and yes some may have a almost seriouse sence about them buht they are still joking. i have more to say buht I for got =/ if u have any comments e mail me [in profile doi]
    baayouon June 06, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI really doubt that MSI has a vendetta against Jimmy Page, and it amuses me that people get so worked up about it.

    Like the quote that someone posted earlier from an interview, it's about being fed up with all these people who say, oh, yeah the old stuff is so good, no one writes anything good anymore. And some of those people are really pretentious, though I'm sure not all of them. Music does not have to be old to be good, and I would not say music as a whole was better or worse than music today. Though you do see that somtimes within specific careers. Just not genres. Music changes. Get over it.
    avanineglecton May 24, 2008   Link
  • +1
    General Commenthah.. i just have to remember to not take these guys seriously... good for a laugh atleast
    getupgirl121on December 12, 2001   Link
  • +1
    General CommentPink Floyd fuckin' kicks ass.
    pink_angel016on June 01, 2002   Link
  • +1
    General Commentpink_angel016, i appreciate your sticking up for Jimmy Paige, however any real Mindless Self Indulgence fan would know that Little Jimmy doesnt really hate Jimmy Paige. Every interview he has, people always ask about that song. and Jimmy always say he doesn't really hate him. Let me dig up an actual quote here..

    "Well, I don't hate him as a person. I mean, I've never met him. But I hate the way people emulate his music. It's like, c'mon, fucking move on. I don't know if I would hate Jimmy Page if I met him. Not like he'd care since he's probably never heard of me."
    kawaii_kornon June 03, 2002   Link
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    General Commentby pink_angel016:
    "This shit won't last more than 5 years"

    Actually, they've been working together since sometime in '98, so they're nearing the five-year mark already.

    You shouldn't take MSI seriously, anyway.
    bucketshirton June 07, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI listen to both Led Zeppelin and Mindless Self Indulgence.
    Who cares.
    JohnTravoltaon June 27, 2008   Link

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