Song Name   Comments
All In A Day1
All The Love In The World10
All the Love in the World [From America's Sweethearts]0
Along with the Girls1
Along With the Girls [Instrumental]0
Angel [DTS [DVD]0
Angel [Album Version]0
Angel [DVD]0
At Your Side6
At Your Side [Acoustic]0
Baby Be Brave1
Black Is The Colour1
Borrowed Heaven2
Borrowed Heaven [DVD]0
Breathless [Album Version]0
Breathless [DVD]0
Brid Og Ni Mhaille4
Bring On The Night0
Buachaill ón Éirne3
Bulletproof Love0
Canto Alla Vita0
Carraroe Jig1
Carroroe Jig [Instrumental]0
Confidence For Quiet0
Dimming Of The Day1
Don't Say You Love Me6
Dreams [*]0
Dreams [DVD]0
Dreams [Tee's Club]0
Dreams [Tee's New Radio]0
Dreams [Tee's Radio]0
Dreams [TNT Pop Extended]0
Erin Shore1
Erin Shore [Instrumental]0
Erin Shore [Traditional Intro][Instrumental]0
Even If3
Everybody Hurts1
Everybody Hurts [Unplugged Version]0
Forgiven Not Forgotten6
Forgiven Not Forgotten [DTS [DVD]0
Forgiven Not Forgotten [Acoustic]0
Forgiven, Not Forgotten0
Give It All Up3
Give Me A Reason12
Goodbye [Acoustic]0
Goodbye [DVD]0
Haste to the Wedding2
Haste to the Wedding [DVD]0
Haste to the Wedding [Instrumental]0
Haste to the Wedding [Live]0
Haste to the Wedding [Live][*]0
Head in the Air1
Heart Like A Wheel1
Heaven Knows0
Hideaway [Acoustic]0
Hopelessly Addicted5
Hopelessy Addicted0
Humdrum [DVD]0
Hurt Before6
I Do What I Like0
I Never Loved You Anyway10
I Never Loved You Anyway [Acoustic]0
I Never Loved You Anyway [DVD]0
Judy [*]0
Judy [Non LP Bonus Track]0
Leave Me Alone1
Lifting Me1
Lifting Me [*]0
Lifting Me [#][*]0
Little Wing3
Little Wing [Album Version]0
Long Night3
Long Night [Acoustic]0
Long Night [Album Version]0
Long Night [Alternative Promo Clip][Multimedia Track]0
Long Night [DVD]0
Looking In the Eyes Of Love2
Looking in the Eyes of Love [#]0
Looking in the Eyes of Love [#][*]0
Lough Erin Shore0
Love Gives Love Takes0
Love Gives, Love Takes1
Love In The Milky Way0
Love in the Milky Way [#]0
Love in the Milky Way [#][*]0
Love To Love You3
Make you mine2
Make You Mine [#]0
Minstrel Boy0
Minstrel Boy [Instrumental]0
Moorlough Shore0
My Lagan Love0
No Frontiers3
No Frontiers [DVD]0
No Frontiers [Sharon and Caroline Duet]0
No Good For Me7
No More Cry4
No More Cry [Acoustic]0
Old Hag0
Old Hag [Instrumental]0
Old Town4
Old Town [DVD]0
On My Father's Wings0
One Night2
Only Love Can Break Your Heart0
Only When I Sleep14
Only When I Sleep [DVD]0
Only When I Sleep [Unplugged Version]0
Paddy McCarthy0
Paddy McCarthy [Instrumental]0
Peggy Gordon3
Queen Of Hollywood3
Queen of Hollywood [DVD]0
Radio [Acoustic]0
Radio [DVD]0
Radio [Unplugged Version]0
Rainy Day0
Rainy Day* [Non-LP Bonus Track]0
Rebel Heart0
Rebel Heart [Instrumental]0
Right Time0
Ruby Tuesday2
Runaway [Album Version]0
Runaway [DVD]0
Runaway [Live]0
Runaway [Original Forgiven Not Forgotten Version]0
Runaway [Remix]0
Runaway [Tin Tin Out Remix Edit][Edit]0
Runaway [Tin Tin Out Remix]0
Runaway [Unplugged Version]0
Secret Life1
Silver Strand0
So Young9
So Young [DVD]0
Somebody For Someone3
Somebody for Someone [Acoustic]0
Spancill Hill1
Summer Sunshine18
Summer Sunshine [DVD]0
Summer Wine0
The Right Time0
The Right Time [Acoustic]0
The Winner Takes It All0
Time Enough For Tears1
Toss the Feathers1
Toss the Feathers [Instrumental]0
Una Noche Mas (ft. Alejandra Sanz)3
What Can I Do9
What Can I Do [DVD]0
What Can I Do [Tin Tin Out Remix]0
What Can I Do [Unplugged Version]0
What Can I Do?0
What Can I Do? [Tin Tin Out Remix]0
What Can I Domix]mix]0
When He's Not Around4
When the Stars Go Blue0
When the Stars Go Blue (Ryan Adams cover)19
White Light0
Would You Be Happier5
Would You Be Happier?0
Would You Be Happier? [#]0