I would die to be your lover lost at sea
And I'd fly to hear your arid sirening
And I'd scream "My love!" through bloody hurricanes

Would you say so if you thought of me?
And would it crush you if you saw me bleed?
And would you dance the same if you knew that I could see?
Do you feel the same for me?

With guns ablaze I'll bring you what you need
And with fires of rain and wake our blinking city up
I'll scream "My love!" as arrows fill the skies.

Would you say so if you thought of me?
And would it crush you if you saw me bleed?
And would you dance the same if you knew that I could see?
Do you feel the same for me?

Hey now, oh no you've got a clean shot
All the ways you could pierce my heart.
Hey now, oh no you've run me right through
With all these words that I've sung to you.

Would you say so if you thought of me?
And would it crush you if you saw me bleed?
And would you dance the same if you knew that I could see?
Do you feel the same for me?

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    My OpinionI would first like to say that The Myriad has been considered a christian rock, indie rock and alternative rock genre band.

    It is fine that believing them to be only a christian band would cause you to see this song as being a religious song simply about god or jesus, also for those that don't see it as religious, this song may also seem to be a clear song about some kind of psychotic love.

    I prefer to say that this song is simply about unrequited love. That theme can cover being in a one-sided relationship, wanting to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't want you, or symbolizing the love that god or jesus have for man which many don't return.

    the line
    "Hey now, oh no you've got a clean shot"
    refers to how vulnerable they are to the person they're in love with.

    In my opinion, that is simply what the song is about. To whom it regards is for our listening ears to interpret.
    desipioon January 29, 2009   Link
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    General Commentsad sad people. almost every song nowadays has a double meaning nowadays to please both sides of the spectrum - the ones who don't want it to be about Christianity - and the ones who do. THE SONG PLEASES BOTH OF YOU - The Myriad achieved that goal - congratulate them, theyre a great bunch. Considered Christian? Go on their myspace and read about their drummer dying from cancer - they talk about their Savior Jesus Christ. I don't think they "consider" themselves Christian, they are.

    Now for the song meanings (watch the music video on youtube). I'm just gonna look at the Christian point of view, go ahead and condemn me for this, you might figure out the meaning of the song by doing this.

    Lyrically i believe this song is talking about how God calls out for us and tries to reach us no matter where we are or what we're going through in our lives, but when someone falls away from God alot of "Christians" go and condemn those people as if they were never in that position themselves. Notice in the music video the little creatures talking about the "monster" in their woods are little monsters themselves - also living in the woods where no one will see them. They think just because someone looks or acts a little different than they do they're monstrocious and need to be rid of.

    We're all little monsters and we all mess up - that's the whole mystery of this world. NO ONE IS PERFECT - if we were perfect or achieved anything on our own we wouldn't need Jesus. Some people think they're so holy that all they do is look at others in disgust. We're all fallen, and we all need God, and he watches ALL of us - and not just SOMETIMES when we're living the best part of our lives - but even when we're doing disgusting things in secret. He sees all our deeds, not just how we're living RIGHT NOW, but ALL the time. He calls to us no matter which part of life we're going through.

    Would you say so if you thought of Him? (or reject Him?) Would it crush you if saw Him on the cross? (or do you not need Jesus right now?) Would you "dance" the same if you knew he was watching? (ALL THE TIME) Do you love Him the same in return? (That's all He wants from us) After-all, everyone knows it takes two to tango
    DjMosyon December 27, 2010   Link
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    General Comment2nd line is "And I'd fly to hear your air raid sirening"
    thox_rendaron May 23, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthe lyrics are sooooo adorable i love it

    he's really crazy for a girl and hopes it is mutual.
    lisasonodaon May 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentYayness, I think you're right. I even thought of that when playing this song on Rock Band. It sounds like the thoughts of a classic stalker-type person like in Criminal Minds or something.
    dragoon117on August 07, 2008   Link
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    Song MeaningGuiltygear~ I'm sorry Christianity seems to offend you, however when interpreting other people's work you really should try to see things from their perspective and not your own. Obviously, you are not aware of Christian terminology which refers to Jesus as the "Lover of our souls" because he died for our souls so that those who believe in him can live eternally in heaven. The line, "I would die to be your lover lost at sea" supports that. In addition, Christ is also referred to as the one who calms the raging sea (or makes peace in our lives) so it's not Christ lost at sea, but him as our lover (the one who loves us, not in a modern lover-sexual sense) as we are lost (basically he loves the lost which is the whole message of the gospel). So, this song does make more sense as being about God/Jesus speaking to man. The Jars of Clay song, Closer, is similar in that sense.
    fyerfli77on January 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI believe this song can be interpreted from both perspectives

    To fyerfli I don't believe that GuiltyGear meant any harm by what he said (nor did he seem offended) he was just looking at this song from his point of view

    I actually believe this song to be a double entendre I just started listening to these guys after a friend turned me on to them, and have found many of their lyrics to be very deep and artistic.

    My main point being though that this song can be looked at from both sides, and as a born again christian myself, I look at it from the Jesus/God point of view. However the only person that really knows the true meaning of the song is the artist, so instead of fighting over the meaning we should just enjoy it for what it is, a true materpiece. :)
    jwill01on March 09, 2009   Link
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    General Commentand the dancing part doesn't literally mean dancing...it means the way we live our lives and how if we learn to understand Jesus,that we need to think of Him in our everyday lives...and that if we realized that he was watching and understood that, most of us would act differently.
    RelientMuteManifestoon July 01, 2009   Link
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    Song Meaning@silversara36 and PairOFish
    This band IS Christian, the band has said it before. But that DOESN'T mean they can't write relationship style songs (Emery does it, Anberlin does it, Switchfoot does it, Thousand Foot Krutch does it). I'm pretty sure this is a sad song about admiring a girl but not knowing if she admires you back. In the bridge basically it's saying she doesn't.
    Josaon April 19, 2011   Link
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    General Comment@Josa

    It is true that Christian artists sing about other things and relationships but a lot of times songs they have made to be talking about God gets misinterpreted for a boy-girl relationship. And I find that quite devastating, because they miss the deeper, much more profound, meaning behind it. If you want to make a conclusion about what the song is actually talking about, then the best thing to do is look way deeper into it than you normally would with any other song. And also look for interviews with the artists that contain an explanation of the meaning of their songs. Listenin.org is a great resource for that. You may be surprised to find out what the songs they sing are actually about. Because just assuming the song is about the some boy and girl fling, can be real insulting to the artists who deviate from the norm to actually work on making things much more profound and meaningful! And to those who don't care for the same old shallow crap that is forced on us everywhere we go.

    Take this instance that the lead singer of Anberlin recounted about his song (The Symphony of) Blasé:

    "With our last album, I'd get emails from fans about the song "Symphony of Blasé" and people would say,
    'I just broke up with my girlfriend and that song helped me through it.'

    And I'd be like,
    'It wasn't a break up song at all.
    It was about alcoholism.'
    I mean, these songs aren't about the basic pop,
    'Ooh girl. I love you.'
    They're much deeper than that."

    This particular song wasn't speaking about God or Jesus but it's a perfect example of how readily people are to assume that any song they hear is about some romantic relationship. Ugh!
    Staryskyon April 29, 2013   Link

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