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Regina Spektor – Old Jacket (Stariy Pidjak) (Bulat Okudzhava cover) Lyrics 6 years ago
Я много лет пиджак ношу.
Давно потерся и не нов он.
И я зову к себе портного.
И перешить пиджак прошу.
Я говорю ему шутя:
«Перекроите всё иначе.
Сулит мне новые удачи
Искусство кройки и шитья.»
Я пошутил. А он пиджак
Серьезно так перешивает,
А сам-то всё переживает:
Вдруг что не так. Такой чудак.
Одна забота наяву
В его усердье молчаливом:
Чтобы я выглядел счастливым
В том пиджаке. Пока живу.
Он представляет это так:
Едва лишь я пиджак примерю
Опять в твою любовь поверю...
Как бы не так. Такой чудак.
Опять в твою любовь поверю...
Как бы не так. Такой чудак.

Regina Spektor – Не Покидай Меня (Don't Leave Me [Ne Me Quitte Pas] - Russian Version) Lyrics 6 years ago
In Russian:

На Бауэри в Нью-Йорке ночью все теряют все подряд
И спотыкаясь, спрашивают у прохожих прикурить
И если есть, то ты мой друг
А если нет, то ты мой враг
И если ты святой иль бог, то поболтаем до утра

Ne me quitte pas mon cher, ne me quitte pas

На Лексингтоне носят туфли новые на старых, на ногах
Закрыл глаза, открыл глаза - вдруг, незнакома улица
И вспомнил молодость: натянутые вены, как канат
Если не спешишь, зайди на заварочку и на кипяток

Ne me quitte pas mon cher, ne me quitte pas

В Бронксе снежный день, и дети с гор на саночках летят
И мёрзнет нос и мёрзнут лапы, но Нью-Йорк блестит опять
И да, мы знаем, все растает
Знаем, время пролетит
Но лучше покатайся с нами, другом будь. И простудись

Ne me quitte pas mon cher, ne me quitte pas

Я люблю в Париже дождь
Я люблю



Na Baueri v N'yu-Yorke noch'yu vse teryayut vse podryad
I spotykayas', sprashivayut u prokhozhikh prikurit'
I yesli yest', to ty moy drug
A yesli net, to ty moy vrag
I yesli ty svyatoy il' bog, to poboltayem do utra

Ne me quitte pas mon cher, ne me quitte pas

Na Leksingtone nosyat tufli novyye na starykh, na nogakh
Zakryl glaza, otkryl glaza - vdrug, neznakoma ulitsa
I vspomnil molodost': natyanutyye veny, kak kanat
Yesli ne speshish', zaydi na zavarochku i na kipyatok

Ne me quitte pas mon cher, ne me quitte pas

V Bronkse snezhnyy den', i deti s gor na sanochkakh letyat
I morznet nos i morznut lapy, no N'yu-York blestit opyat'
I da, my znayem, vse rastayet
Znayem, vremya proletit
No luchshe pokataysya s nami, drugom bud'. I prostudis'

Ne me quitte pas mon cher, ne me quitte pas

YA lyublyu v Parizhe dozhd'
YA lyublyu

Phantogram – Black Out Days Lyrics 6 years ago
@[MIghtyChorizo:6788]: At the end, I believe she is saying: "I hear voices all the time, and they're not mine. I'm hearing voices and they're haunting my mind."

Rilo Kiley – I Remember You Lyrics 7 years ago
who do the male vocals belong to in this song? i don't think i've ever heard him before EVER in any rilo kiley song!

Say Anything – Surgically Removing the Tracking Device (feat. Adam Lazzara & Fred Mascherino) Lyrics 7 years ago
"i'll get high and i'll drive" reminds me of anthony green's side-project, "high and driving". <3

The Good Life – Days of the Week Lyrics 8 years ago
here, i uploaded it off my computer and onto my mediafire account for you guys:

Beans on Toast – M.D.M.Amazing Lyrics 8 years ago
MDMA is amazing! :D

Cursive – This House Alive Lyrics 8 years ago
"make these voices go away"... this song hits a bit too close to home..

Tilly and the Wall – Heavy Mood Lyrics 8 years ago
i was mortified the other day when i heard this song in a TV commercial for t-mobile...

The New Frontiers – Passing On Lyrics 8 years ago
"life is what it makes of you, so don't be afraid to walk alone" is such an amazing lyric. <3

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's – Cheap Motel Room Lyrics 8 years ago
i can send you this song, along with a bunch of other b-sides, if you want. private message me your email address.

Tim Kasher – A Lullaby, Sort Of Lyrics 8 years ago
@Mellow_Harsher: I notice that you're often the one correcting my song lyrics, but you're not actually correcting (or changing) any words or part of any song at all, just capitalizing the words... Are you that anal retentive and just have nothing better to be doing? The 'edit lyrics' button is for when you're actually EDITING (i.e. changing lyrics), not just for capitalizing what the previous person didn't.. >_<

Kid Dakota – new york system (1998 demo) Lyrics 8 years ago
i'm really sorry but i don't think you'll be able to find them anywhere, as darren sent them to me himself.

Cat Power – 3, 6, 9 Lyrics 9 years ago
at first listen, without really paying attention, this album seems very out of characteristically upbeat and some people say has less substance (or that she "finally sold out to mainstream pop music)", but when you really pay attention to the lyrics, it's funny--because it's not really upbeat at all. take these lyrics, for example. it's still chan, guys. so it's still amazing. the end.

La Dispute – Five Lyrics 9 years ago
la dispute + charles bukowski = a fucking beautiful combination.

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's – As Beautiful As Ever Lyrics 9 years ago
he might be saying "three sheets to the wind" which is a term for getting really drunk.

Matt the Electrician – Change the Subject Lyrics 9 years ago
it's: *PLOWshares

Barr – Half of Two Times Two (Newer Version) Lyrics 9 years ago
it's: *and you just want a test result that you're okay and that's all, and not an hour and a half stall at planned parenthood waiting, and it's not even an AIDS test..?*

and TeN is right, he's saying: *things called the blow up of who-knows-what*

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's – As Beautiful As Ever Lyrics 9 years ago
this song actually isn't by margot. it's a song by *panic attacks!* which is a new project out of indianapolis consisting of richard edwards and andy fry from *margot & the nuclear so and so's*, kenny childers from *gentleman caller*, and their friend freda love.

Frou Frou – Breathe In Lyrics 9 years ago
but that's probably because i was spun out. haha

Frou Frou – Breathe In Lyrics 9 years ago
lol, the first time i heard this years ago i thought she said "i'm so spun out" :P

Okkervil River – Singer Songwriter Lyrics 9 years ago
why do you keep saying 'he'? is it because you are assuming that will wrote this song about himself? if so, you're missing the obvious. he's singing about the family of a girl he knows, and about her and what growing up in wealth has done to her. if nothing else, the line about 'chanel that you've wrapped around yourself' should make it obvious.. i mean, have you ever met a guy who wore chanel?

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's – Ludlow Junk Hustle Lyrics 9 years ago
lol. that makes a lot more sense.

sometimes it's difficult to decipher because he pronounces some things a little differently.

The Front Bottoms – Father Lyrics 9 years ago
it doesn't seem very vague or ambiguous to me..?
maybe if i clarify this part for you, you'll see what i mean.

by saying " were high school, and i was just more like real life. and you were okay as a girlfriend, but i was just more like real life.." he means that she was immature and like a teenage girl, or viewed+/treated their relationship+/him the way a teenage/high school girl would. that's why he says "you were okay as a girlfriend" because girlfriends are set to lower standards than wives: you don't have to love them, they don't have to be perfect or the right one for you, sometimes they even just fill a void and nothing else. he's just saying that she exhibited one or more of those attributes and that is why she would never be anything more than a girlfriend. by describing himself as "more like real life" he's saying that he has a more mature/developed/experienced/logical view+/perception on the relationship+/situation. he has the ability to be realistic, objective, and rational--while she is just another representation of an overly sentimental, idyllic, fairytale love story-obsessed romanticist like many naïve starry-eyed teen girls.

Joan of Arc – George, Oh Well (Stand and Clap) Lyrics 9 years ago
who is george w. bush?? you've got to be fucking kidding me. i am hoping you are not american.. but even if you're not, everyone in the world knows who he is.. the dumbest, most incompetent president to ever get elected (TWICE) in the history of the united states. he served january 20th, 2001-january 20th, 2009 after bill clinton and was replaced by barack obama on january 20th, 2009.

Joan of Arc – George, Oh Well (Stand and Clap) Lyrics 9 years ago
um. obviously. you can tell by the sound of sheer idiocy in his voice.

Joan of Arc – Please Don't Mistake My Arrogance for Shyness Lyrics 9 years ago
okay, thanks, although it's been over 6 years since i put these lyrics up. lol
i was going just by ear on all of the JOA lyrics i posted (which can be baffling sometimes), because most of the time i'll have the CD before it's released.

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's – Christ Lyrics 9 years ago
based on my repeated listening, you're exactly right.

Say Anything – Surgically Removing the Tracking Device (feat. Adam Lazzara & Fred Mascherino) Lyrics 9 years ago
um. it's breaking out in scarlet SORES.

Say Anything – So Good Lyrics 10 years ago
**a few very minor correction's based on SkitzoTeeJay's interpretation of the lyrics. the ones i'm posting are from their official website**:

"I have the sketchy past, yet I have shed my wings.
Cold turkey now, hanging by a heartstring.
Dangle over her above the pulsing bar.
She tries to catch my eye. Her gaze is deafening.
What do you call a lass, conservatively dressed,
With a glimmer in her eye that screams I’m next?
I am the GREEZY* chump with whom she’ll fall in love.
If I’m her fall from grace then she’s my christening.

You look so good tonight.
Break down those walls tonight
And when we’re good and close I think I’ll steal your time.
They can shoot on sight but it’s alright.
You look so good tonight.

I don’t care which prophet you adore OR* who you voted for.
It won’t discourage LOVESICK* former man-whore.
Your skin against my own, I’ll be your Olly Stone.
You’ll be my Audrey Hep. You can have what is left
And we’ll combine to be some kind of Japanese MECHA*-creation
With two fused persuasions.
We’ll destroy the earth and herald its rebirth
AS* somewhere WHERE* someone like you would hit on me.

This could produce a meltdown but I think we’re doing fine.
We can tear and break the maps apart,
Shatter all their lines.
When the universe that is not comes to kill our love and trust
I only want YOUR* soul to know it feels so good with us.

I’ve gotta have you now."

Say Anything – The Stephen Hawking Lyrics 10 years ago
here are the official lyrics from off of their website. there are just a few minor corrections in them:

"I watch you hit the stage like a willing bomb strapped to crippled children.
It’s hard to watch you whore out your damaged pride.
I spit on what you’re building.
We rally in the bowels of a sweaty club. Prepare for insurrections
And all the dead souls that you would control ARE* bound for resurrections.
Your father was a lover and he left you there in need of their attention.
You fill his blank page with the brightest shame,
The death of all invention.
IF* you’re the new Christ of what will suffice, I'M* Satan to your savior.
So sing it out loud if you don’t believe in lies and good behavior:
“If you’re the sun, I’m a black hole.
There must be something in the way you burn that makes me lose control.”

I’m happy to report that, THOUGH LIFE IS SHORT*, I'M* living it to ashes.
I* might have had a few but I grip the wheel and now I’m speeding past this
SO* if you should approach with your blue and white AND* attempt to pull me over,
I have a few words for the weak of heart, the solemn and the sober.

Basking in the glow of a dying star. Bowing down blind TO* the scum you are.
Take a little second just to hear me out. Marching off a cliff like you’re free of doubt.
You’re Jesus growing fat off of Roman gold,
Moses making up the commandments told,
ALLAH* strapped tight to a stolen nuke
OR* Elvis in a pool of his royal puke.
You’ll never be alive because you sold your soul.
I don’t even want to take you home tonight.

You’ll bleed to feed the demon in me
If you don’t change your evil ways and end this peacefully.
I beg you before you’re digested, shred your LIDS* and see.
You won’t curry favor with that flavor, curried tastefully.
I’ll swallow you and grind you up and you will cease to be.
I can’t let this go with you."

Say Anything – Anarchy, My Dear Lyrics 10 years ago
these corrections are minuscule, but because i am mildly-OCD and bored, here are the 100% correct lyrics from off of their website.

"Anarchy, your wish is my command.
I’ll free the atom from its cell and place it in your hand.
Reach beneath my coat of winter fat
And tear my beating heart out.
WE'RE* the beauty and the brat.
Oh, love.

Like a FALLEN* star, I fell for you.
Do anything you want me to
And most of all, I’d die for you.
It’s true.
You touch the world and all is set askew.

Anarchy, my dear,
The brazen and the queer,
We bow before you, Anarchy, my dear.
Anarchy, my dame,
I quiver at your name.
I bow before you, baby, born in flames.

I dream of days that we might share
Where God’s no useless effigy of something barely there.
Let all these kings become our clowns
And I will serenade the choice we made to burn the mother down.
Oh, love.

Like a synonym defined by you.
Feel hope ‘cuz I’m reminded to by you.
The fools SURMISED* they blinded you.
It’s true.
Your love unlearned the broken life I KNEW*.

You coat me in blasphemy WHERE* once I was so blind.
MORE* beauty THAN THEIR* spacious skies with boundaries undefined.
You whisper truths in my eardrum as we lay here entwined.
I’ve searched for love for oh so long but one day I will find you."

Say Anything – Of Steel Lyrics 10 years ago
i've put asterisks where SchizoTeeJay was wrong. the following lyrics are straight from

"I fell and slipped in a pool of spit
That my parents spat out on the day they split.
Fell clumsily through twigs and trees
Into a pile of dudes who were as screwed as me.
Well, guess what? You showed up
With A CAPE AND A DRESS* to dress my cuts.
Nice to MEETCHA*, I’m cliché!
I have this baggage but can you save me?

Can you save me?
‘Cuz I don’t want to end up like they are.
I don’t want to get stuck like they are.
I don’t want to give it up like they are.
Can you save me?

Disfigured FIENDS* with sadistic schemes
Have got it out for the woman of my dreams.
I’m a helpless mess. Damsel in distress
Caught staring at the symbol on her chest.
You chose me out of THESE*
Sea of klutzes-CUM*-triple-amputees.
Unworthy of all your time
While I dance here AMONGST* the landmines

‘Cuz I wanted you.
Do you want me too?
‘Cuz I notice you.
Do you notice anything I do?

Can you save me tonight?"

Say Anything – Peace Out Lyrics 10 years ago
SkitzoTeeJay was nearly correct, but here are the 100% accurate lyrics from Say Anything's website (
i put asterisks by the words and parts Skitzo was wrong about.

"Sometimes I feel a baby nipping softly at my heel.
A reminder of how fat and scared you LOVED* to make me feel.
THE* curse of such a fetching fraud without a soul to speak
Inspired thirty songs I could have written in my sleep.
You snort a line of syphilis and run the marathon.
Your mentally deficient friends just ask you what you’re on.
I may be shy and not reply to your scathing review
But I’d rather subsist on venom. LET HIM STAY* with you.

I’ll be fine.
I’ll sever this for all time.
I’ll laugh it off when this ends.
You can just go get high with all of your dumb friends.

I was the kind to ask what wrongdoing had injured Dahmer’s pride
Or to excuse the junkie thief with diamonds in his eyes
But now I taste a righteous fury sparkling with hate
WHILE* you diddle this earth up and then KVETCH*, “Mommy, it’s too late!”
I’ll bite your head off, spit it out and let it plunge away.
You and all your kind won’t stamp your future on today.
The beat thumps loud. You sweat it out and grind on them for drugs.
You hug that pole like a firefighter falling in love.

Never another song.
Never another thought.
Not for you.

You were my crutch but now I’ve escaped your clutch.
So how is that worm’s eye view?
I have grown two broad wings and now I’m above you."

Say Anything – Sheep Lyrics 10 years ago
**according to their website, these are the correct lyrics**:

"Dressed in rags and drenched in sweat,
Spinning something that world will soon forget.
Handkerchief and girlfriend jeans,
You’re not privy to the splendid things I’ve seen.
Kill that DJ. Clear the floor.
Have a seizure in the leisure of the bored.
Damn their mob mentality.
If you’re sick of it then sing it with me:

It’s my life and I’ll live it without you.
It’s my song it was never about you at all.

Social climber. Suck up. Slave.
You had a moment and you dragged it out for days.
Here’s the conflict that you crave:
I’m the phoenix in the death of a fleeting phase.

You were everything I wanted.
You were everything I need at all.
I’ve gotta let you go.
Is it everything you wanted?
Is it everything you need at all?
I’ve gotta let you go.
Now you seem to find your place amongst the sheep.
Now you seem to find your place away from me."

Jarrod Gorbel – Snow Cruncher Lyrics 10 years ago
"why are you always depressed? does everything make you this stressed? why are you always drowning? it's the same sea that surrounds us."

i feel like this could've been written to me. hah

Jarrod Gorbel – I'll Do Better Lyrics 10 years ago

Wolftron – Sugar Skulls Lyrics 10 years ago
i always thought it was "i hate the smell of smoke, but i've learned to hide in it."

Art in Manila – I Thought I Was Free Lyrics 10 years ago
-let the MILKWEEDS pull at me and sometimes i would BLEED.
-an old song can still make you think of HOW, HOW it used to be.

Art in Manila – I Thought I Was Free Lyrics 10 years ago
"you should turn and go back home. do you really want to take on this heart of stone?"

i love that.

Wild Sweet Orange – Either/Or Lyrics 10 years ago
the sound and music and preston's voice are great, but WSO would be a lot better if they would tone-down the god-related lyrical content. not everyone is religious.. i wonder if christian bands ever realize that they are losing potential listeners/fans this way

Wintersleep – Caliber Lyrics 10 years ago
i think it's: "eyes aim towards the future, mind aim towards the sun"

The Good Life – Haunted Homecoming Lyrics 10 years ago
'you're the peanuts at their city' makes no sense at all. so i'm pretty sure it's: 'you're the peanuts at BEER CITY'--as in the beer city bar in omaha.

The Good Life – Haunted Homecoming Lyrics 10 years ago
no, the original poster was correct. it's JIM BEAM, as in the whiskey..

Jenny Owen Youngs – Woodcut Lyrics 10 years ago
to me it sounds more like LEFT in your wake, not 'laughed in your wake'.
makes more sense, too.

Phantogram – Don't Move Lyrics 10 years ago
it is. (:

Phantogram – You Are The Ocean Lyrics 10 years ago
josh carter: "'you are the ocean' was a song that we wrote during the winter--well, we wrote the entire album during the winter of 2007, 2008. it's a song about addictions and certain vices and crutches, i guess. in a nutshell, is what that song is about."

D.R.U.G.S. – Graveyard Dancing Lyrics 10 years ago
here are some minor corrections:

*this PIGMENT is starting to fade.
WE won't be living for long,
so just fly with me; die with me, BABE.
THEY ALL swim while i drown.

*your slips AND slurs and play on words
all fall from your mouth.

*my PLAGUE'S begun.

Kind of Like Spitting – Out Of Harms Way, Finally Lyrics 10 years ago
someone actually thought ben was saying "she hated her 'balcony'"..? lol.

Cat Power – Names Lyrics 10 years ago
nah. with how literal the lyrics are, i'd say it's all true and autobiographical.

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