Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge became one of the most popular recording artists of the '90s due to her mixture of confessional lyrics, pop-based folk-rock, and raspy, Janis Joplin/Rod Stewart-esque vocals. But the road to stardom was not ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
4th Street Feeling0
A Disaster0
A Little Bit of Me0
A Little Hard Hearted0
A Sacred Heart0
A Simple Love0
Ain't It Heavy2
Ain't That Bad0
All American Girl3
All the Way Home0
All The Way To Heaven0
All There Is0
All We Can Really Do0
An Unexpected Rain0
An Unusual Kiss8
Angels Would Fall3
Be Real0
Blue Christmas0
Brave And Crazy1
Bring Me Some Water4
Burning Love0
Change The World0
Cherry Avenue1
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)0
Christmas in America1
Chrome Plated Heart3
Come On Out Tonight0
Come To My Window19
Dance Without Sleeping3
Do It Again0
Don't You Need6
Down to One2
Drag Me Away0
Enough Of Me4
Enough Rain0
Faded by Design0
Falling Up0
Fearless Love2
Gently We Row0
God Is in the People0
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas0
Heal Me0
Heaven On Earth0
Here Comes the Pain0
Heroes and Friends0
How Would I Know2
I Can Wait0
I Could Have Been You2
I Know You0
I Need To Wake Up7
I Really Like You0
I Run For Life6
I Take You With Me0
I Want to Be in Love1
I Want To Come Over6
I Want You2
I Will Always Love You0
I Will Never Be the Same4
I Won't Be Alone Tonight0
I'm The Only One23
I've Loved You Before0
If I Wanted To4
If You Want To0
Imagine That0
Into The Dark0
It Will Be Me0
It's Christmas Time0
It's For You2
It's Only Me0
Just Stand Up!0
Kansas City0
Keep It Precious0
Kiss Me0
Last Hello0
Leader of the Pack0
Let Me Go2
Light a Light0
Like a Preacher0
Like The Way I Do9
Love Child0
Love Will Live0
Lover Please0
Mama I'm Strange1
Map of the Stars0
Meet Me In The Back0
Meet Me In The Dark0
Merry Christmas Baby0
Message To Myself1
Miss California2
Must Be Crazy For Me0
My Back Door0
My Lover2
No Souvenirs3
Nowhere To Go5
O Night Divine0
Only Love0
Open Your Mind0
Piece of My Heart0
Place Your Hand0
Please Forgive Me0
Precious Pain4
Ring the Bells0
Rock And Roll Me0
Royal Station 4/160
Secret Agent1
Shout Now0
Shriner's Park2
Silent Legacy6
Similar Features2
Skin Deep0
Stranger Road0
Stronger Than Me0
Take My Number0
Talking To My Angel2
The Angels0
The Beating Of Your Heart0
The Boy Feels Strange5
The Different0
The Kingdom of Heaven1
The Late September Dogs1
The Letting Go5
The Medicine Show0
The Prison0
The Shadow Of A Black Crow0
The Universe Listened0
The Wanting Of You0
The Weakness in Me0
This Human Chain0
This Is Not Goodbye0
This Moment1
This War Is Over1
To Be Loved0
Touch And Go0
Truth Of The Heart0
Tuesday Morning1
Walking on Water0
Watching You1
We Are the Ones0
What Happens Tomorrow0
When You Find the One1
Wild and Lonely0
Will You Still Love Me0
Woman Like You0
Yes I Am0
You Can Sleep While I Drive4
You Used To Love To Dance0
You Will0
Your Little Secret2