Song Name   Comments
1986, The Battle Continues0
A Declaration Of Independence0
A Message To Who1
A Piss In The Ocean0
A Question Of Priorities0
Against All Odds0
As Others See Us0
Assured Mutual Destruction0
Barricades And Broken Dreams0
Berkshire Cunt0
Blind Attack0
Blood Morons0
Bullshit Broadcast0
Climbing The Stairs1
Custom Rock0
Day Before0
Do You Get The Picture2
Force Or Service1
From Protest To Resistance3
Great What?0
I Heard A Rumor2
I've Had Enough0
Increase The Pressure3
Is Never To Die0
Law & Order0
Law And Order0
Let The Battle Commence0
Meat Means Murder1
Meat Still Means Murder0
Mental Mania0
Mighty & Superior1
Mighty and Superior0
Mighty and Superior [DVD][Live]0
Mighty and Superior [Single Version]0
Neither Is This1
No Island Of Dreams1
No More Excuses0
One Nation Under The Bomb1
Positive Junk0
Punk Inn'it1
Radio Trash0
Serenade Is Dead0
Slaughter Of Innocence0
Someday Soon0
System Maintains0
The A Team0
The Arrest0
The Cord Is Cut0
The Day Before0
The Final Conflict0
The Greatest Show On Earth0
The Guilt & The Glory1
The Guilt And The Glory0
The Institute Of Dreams0
The Positive Junk0
The Right To Reply0
The Serenade Is Dead1
The System Maintains0
The Ungovernable Farce0
The Ungovernable Force0
The War Of Words0
These Colours Don't Run0
These Things Take Time0
They Said That0
They Said That...0
This Is Not Enough0
This Is Not Enough...0
This is the A.L.F.1
To Be Continued0
To Be Continued...0
To Live on in Hearts [Instrumental]0
To Whom It May Concern0
Tough Shit Mickey2
Ungovernable Farce0
Ungovernable Force0
Vietnam Serenade0
War of Words0
Whichever Way You Want It0