Let’s have the facts, not another distorted version of the truth
Let’s start pushing for what we stand here for and show them we ain't through
Through thick and thin hit back again, we ain't out for the count
Waves of attack will drive them back; it’s time to rise up overground
But some cunt’s stuck the boot in hard and found our Achilles heel
Stating stupid fucking bollocks with not a clue how people feel
Fuck right off and build your pathetic little empires, as we strive on
And so what if we don’t change a thing?
We will have a fucking good try. Mobilise, fight, against all odds

Broken dreams and promises mount as the poll axe thrusts her knife
Poverty hits an all time low as the western world shows its respect for life

And so the power mongers and politicians negotiate arms reductions, self righteous street politicals stamp around selling their self important political dribble. The football mobs riot, the pubs and clubs are packed, the workforce is their only unison. Much more can be accomplished, but fuck off lefty drips and shove your banners of socialist equality where you shit. You're just the same scum as the rest of them, and they ain't worth the breath. Leading the way you talk and talk and protest, but nothing changes

Forward into battle - "The Final Conflict" you choose!
Prepare, get it together, sure we’re fighting, but our neck’s still in their noose
Come in out the cold, ghetto rock changes nothing, it’s been going on for years
Fuck dropping out, because we’re dropping in - but hold on what’s this? Rock against the rich
Rocking against this and yes, we are rocking against that
All we ever seem to do is rock, so I’ll tell you where it’s at!
The only rock that excites me is the one that leads the hand
That crashes through state windows and shows them exactly where they stand
That batters against the riot shield, a fine expression of how we feel.

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