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1986, The Battle Continues Lyrics

In the start all that seemed feasible was to question the house that state built, its policies, and its governing force, joined by others in unison rejecting state oppression and the way they abuse our earth and its inhabitants. A movement developed, anti-political and with no leaders, systems or rules, using natural, humane feelings to effect change instead of safe party manifestos. They label us anarchists. They brushed aside our pleas for peace and continued manufacturing their sick insane empire. We increased the pressure on them, demonstrated and screamed at its foundations.

We only want what is rightfully ours, but they won't give it up. We asked for change and peace, they declared war: Sank Greenpeace, smashed events and demos, recaimed Stonehenge, our scrap of freedom, started killing the community, imprisoned all who questioned, and announced the police state. The time had come to stop screaming at their foundations and start kicking them: from protest to resistance. "One way or another we will drive our vital message home, that is we won't let you destroy our world, we have the strength, will organize, and........."
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