The poll tax hangs above our heads, as Thatcher wields the axe
The budget, well that pleased us, our shares increased and less tax
The nurses, fight for better pay ILEA closing down
Alton hits out with his bill, the yuppies invade town
The AIDS creation raised its head, their latest weapon to date
USA battles it out in the Gulf to show only they shall reign
The IRA bomb a military base some injured, someone dead
Superpowers discuss Atomic bombs, reductions seem in sight
Thousands join the new clause and march for Lesbian and Gay rights
The TUC, they delegate, another disaster strikes
P & O put their foot down, airport chaos screws the break
Sunshine radiation homes in; down pours more acid rain

See it ain't no pretty picture as we see our world destroyed
Multi-corporation graphs rise up to keep us all employed

The Government say they're succeeding with their democratic state
They say that we all stand as equals
That they genuinely trying, but the bastards are lying
Spewing out their bullshit, simply talking out their arse
The opposition prove yet again that they're just a jumped up farce
Full of socialist Marxist bollocks that just don't make any sense
Barking totally up the wrong tree on the wrong side of the fence

The only change you will see from them is the silver handed back
As you buy their militant paper full of promise and attack
A more apt title would be "servant" for their lapdogs just the same
As the racist shitrag bulldog, politricks the game

Support this, support that you don't know where support is at
It ain't dishing out little leaflets, wearing badges, looking right
They march here, march there, showing all how much they care
Lining someone else's pockets as the bucket comes around again

If you don't vote, then don't complain - oh fuck off!

Don't you realise what you're saying?
You're supporting every move they make
Holding the parliamentary system up, they rise, the powerful elite
There is no independence in party politics
They police the street, they dictate the beat
Her Majesty's institutions make sure the aware retreat
Oh yes, it's a sad sickening picture of human nature going wrong
Plummeting down the depths of degradation, the end, the result of your votes. We stand
Alone... Stop

Start- by organising, putting small pieces together
Soon the bits will fit in place the start of our new picture
Push forward for what you believe in and on achievement dig in hard
Don't let them try and break you, without you they fall apart
Civil rights and natural force will conquer, all and it's right on course
They can only offer chaos when the least we have got is love
We're talking one long tough struggle with many set backs along the path
To freedoms now ahead of us our world will exist at last

Remember, against all odds

We offer you democracy and progress. If you have the capital, we can offer you interest
There is no poverty, this is our reality. We will protect you but only if you invest
The AIDS crisis comes to those who sin,
You question the Gulf situation but the right shall win
Subversive groups are minorities. Will they ever learn and see?
That we're superpowers, we will always sin
Support has grown for the mutant sexual acts. Allow us please to give you some hard facts
We shall not stand for deviancy; it's not the way God meant us to be
Normal people we must push them back

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