So Listen crowd of people and listen wisely, it’s I, daddy Kerry, telling everybody
So what we gonna do about this mad lady?
Everybody knows she's gonna mash up the country

We must be patient in our struggle for freedom
The state shall make it’s own mistake, don’t feed them ammunition
Time is not running out, time be with us on our side
Maintain the resistance; see the end of apartheid

We’re living in a Government style. No time for no fuss and fight, everybody must unite.
We must abolish apartheid

Brothers and sisters fear no more! Rise up and face this evil oppression
Sigh and cry no more, for one day, that fine day
The huge cloud that overshadows all. Shall lift, rise high, all say - forward

Don’t shake the hands of the firing squad. There are no tokens here
Remember those burning eyes, them hungry bellies. No cure can exist in promises
Medicine cures all, but when cancer spreads, there can be no cure

Meanwhile brothers crawl on the deathpile to die. The result of western world economics
Meanwhile the bullet rips the flesh of the young mother. The flies feast on the eyes of the young child

Meanwhile - hey cool guy McDonalds man, eating the flesh of the fellow man
Wise up, sucking up to the good life. The Coca-Cola formula continues to run red
Rising high on the graph of oppression

Public outcry exists worldwide. Headstones still commemorate the many who have died
Coffins laid to earth. Resistance dead. Rowntree Mackintosh machine guns rise instead

Crucify jah children; suffer once again they shall
In honour, they retaliate. Stones against tanks, inevitably the innocent die

The bodies laying deep are your responsibility
How can sister from outside nation march in disgust at apartheid, whilst using dictator bankbook?
Finance fuels all and in retrospect, it offers nothing more than misery

Political leaders stand off, offering the false hand of opinion poll support
Political factions offer nothing more than violence
Ignorance breeds arrogance, arrogance creates violence. And that is their solution
The abysmal result of dictatorship. Their excuses for slavery
The chain around our necks. The guns in the street

Don’t consider violence as an alternative until you’ve picked up bits of your relatives in the street
Until you’ve felt the whip crack tear the skin. The gas burns the eyes
The baton on the skull. The torture in prison

Use sanctions and the grey cloud will disperse
The constitution known as apartheid and it’s ilk will be destroyed
And our world shall exist

Brothers and sisters
Such things cannot be bought and sold
Such things cannot be arranged by Governments
Such things cannot evolve overnight. These things take time

These things take time

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