Kevin Devine

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Kevin Devine spent several years fronting the emo-indie rock outfit the Miracle of 86 before releasing his first solo album, Circle Gets the Square, in early 2002. Sounding something like ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Flatline Blur6
A Story, A Sneak1
Alabama Acres6
All of Everything, Erased16
Another Bag of Bones14
Awake in the Dirt2
Before You're Here0
Between the Concrete and Clouds1
Big, Bad Man3
Billion Bees17
Blacksheep Boy8
Both Ways0
Brooklyn Boy12
Brother's Blood12
Bruise in a Brushwash0
Buried By the Buzz12
Confessional at 6 P.M.15
Cotton Crush50
Cotton Crush (2012 re-recording)0
Couldn't Be Happier0
Country Sky Glow3
Fever Moon9
Fever Moon (Demo)1
Fever Moon V20
Fingerprints and Photographs5
Fiscal Cliff0
For Eugene1
Freddie Gray Blues0
From Here0
Funerals and Carnivals0
Go Haunt Someone Else5
Guard Your Gates0
Guys with Record Collections4
Hand of God0
Hand of God (Demo)5
Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover)0
Heaven Bound and Glory Be8
Holland, 1945 (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)0
I Can't Believe You0
I Could Be With Anyone16
I Don't Care About Your Band0
I Used To Be Someone1
I Was Alive Back Then0
If We Meet Today3
It's Only Your Life (Demo)12
Joey (Concrete Blonde cover)4
Just Stay27
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1
Keep Me in Your Pocket0
Keep Ringing Your Bell17
Less Yesterday, More Today1
Letting A Good One Go2
Like Cursing Kids5
Little Bulldozer0
Longer That I'm Out Here11
Lord, I Know We Don't Talk16
Love Me, I'm a Liberal4
Lullaby for a Snow-Faced Girl2
Magic Magnet0
Matter of Time0
Me & My Friends12
Mesa, Arizona1
Murphy's Song13
No History0
No One Else's Problem13
No One Says You Have To0
No Time Flat23
No Why0
Nobel Prize1
Noose Dressed Like a Necklace14
Not Over You Yet8
Now: Navigate!0
Part of the Whole0
People Are So Fickle10
Private First Class1
Probably (Travelling the EU version)0
Protest Singer12
She Can See Me0
She Stayed As Steam1
She Stayed As Steam (Demo)3
Sick Of Words0
Sleepwalking Through My Life0
Somewhere Unoccupied1
Splitting Up Christmas8
Tap Dance8
The Ballad of St. Fred0
The Biggest Lie (Elliott Smith cover)0
The Burning City Smoking9
The Burst of Blood in My Chest0
The City Has Left You Alone1
The First Hit0
The Longer I Lay Here (Pedro the Lion cover)0
The Only One0
The Shift Change Splits the Streets4
The Weather's Wonderful1
The Worm in Every Apple0
This Box Is Empty10
Time To Burn2
Tomorrow's Just Too Late (newer version)11
Tomorrows Just Too Late (live)1
Untitled (Time To Burn)3
Wait Out The Wreck1
What's Keeping Us Young2
Whatever (Some Folk Song in C) (Elliott Smith cover)0
Whistling Dixie6
Wise and Burn4
Wolf's Mouth5
Working in Quiet4
Write Your Story Now3
You Are My Sunshine (Jimmie Davis cover)5
You Are The Daybreak11
You Brushed Her Breath Aside0
You Knock Me Out0
You Won't, You Won't7
You'll Only End Up Joining Them15
You're My Incentive3
You're Trailing Yourself7
Your Husband6
Yr Damned Ol' Dad6
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