I found my fickle friend
Out in the alley way
He said, You don't look so good
I said, Hey doc, that's great
You started practicing?
I never got the note
So let's shake and trade
And be on our way

So here we are again
Inside your neon shrine
Sharing a chopping block
Under embarrassed light
I tried to hide myself
I tuck myself away
And you both grab hold
Saying "No you don't"

The morning's hot and harsh
My notebook fills itself
The words come thick with sweat
But it feels like someone else
Is writing all of this
Someone I just can't believe
So I mop my brow
Set my pen back down
It's still me, still me

I'm grabbing at a feeling now
That I could never name
Some sign post to remind me
How I wanted things this way

She says you're pretty
But you hate yourself
I could hear it clear as day
I said, I sing like this
It sounds worse than it is
I'm okay, okay
I'm okay, okay
So just stay, just stay
Just stay, just stay
Just stay, just stay
Just stay, just stay
Just stay, just stay
Just stay, just stay
Just stay, just stay
Just stay, just stay
Just stay, just stay
Just stay, just stay

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Just Stay Lyrics as written by Kevin Patrick Devine

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    General CommentI'm pretty sure 'sin' is actually 'sing'..:

    And I say, "I sing like this,
    it sounds worse than it is.
    I'm okay, okay."

    Other than that, it seems accurate to me.
    devinelynewon June 13, 2006   Link
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    General Commentgoddamn. everyone thinks jesse lacey is involved in every fucking song now because he was back vocals in ONE.
    charcoalsketchon August 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe album version is:

    "I found my fickle friend
    out in the alley way
    He said, You don't look so good.
    I said, Hey doc, that's great.
    You started practicing?
    I never got the note.
    So let's shake and trade
    and be on our way.
    Let's go, go, go.

    So here we are again,
    inside your neon shrine,
    sharing a chopping block
    beneath embarassed light
    that tries to hide from us
    it tucks itself away.
    So we both grab hold
    and say no you don't.
    Just stay, just stay.

    The morning's hot and harsh,
    my notebook fills itself.
    The words come thick with sweat,
    it feels like someone else
    is writing all of this,
    someone I just can't believe.
    when I mop my brow,
    set my pen back down,
    it's still me, still me.

    And I'm grabbing at a feeling now
    that I can't ever name.
    Some sign post to remind me
    how I wanted things this way.

    And she says, 'it's pretty
    but you hate yourself,
    I can hear it clear as day.'
    And I say, 'when i sing like this,
    it sounds worse than it is.
    I'm okay, okay.
    I'm okay, okay.
    Just stay, just stay.'

    the first verse is a drug deal
    second verse they're doing the drugs
    the third is the next next day he feels beside himself and not himself as he writes of the past night(s)
    4th verse he plays the song for a girl and she thinks hes depressed but really he wants his life that way
    splitintwoon August 11, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwhile Kevine Devine has admitted to being a drug user/alcoholic, i feel like his reference to such things in his music has become more metaphorical, since in my own experience, when you've tried a drug and not felt like it was a good decision, you learn a lot about life and yourself from it.

    Specifically in this song i feel like drug use is a metaphor about Kevin's song writing. it can be easily discerned that Kevin writes about subject matter that is real, and more often than not, it has dark connotations. the drug reference and the part that says "I write like this" would point, in my opinion, to the conclusion that writing songs with dark meanings and connotations is something he always wanted to do, which is common in the "indie" scene, or music in general really. and a "girl" listener points out to him that all of his songs make it sound like he is unhappy with himself and life, as most of his lyrics are about his own internal struggles. The phrase, "I write like this, it sounds worse than it is," would say, to me, that he really writes those things because those are the things he chooses to express, while he continues to be otherwise happy in his everyday life.

    thus the song is about putting on the image of sadness and depression whilst he is really content and just trying to work out life's kinks.
    momimoon May 04, 2011   Link
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    General Commentjesse lacey ?
    amandaaaaon August 02, 2006   Link
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    General Commentkevin devine.
    foreversendon August 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commenthe doesnt want his life that way, he's just trying to convince her (and himself) that he's ok, when the obvious message is he ain't. but he's scared she's gonna leave him.
    forgot2followon September 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentActually, charchoalsketch, Jesse Lacey was in two of KD's song's on his previous album. Jesse did background vocals in both Cotton Crush and Afterparty, but that's aside the point. I think it's kind of about going through the motions of life, and life getting routine, but he's okay with that.
    aeternum valeon September 12, 2006   Link
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    General Commentmy comment "jesse lacey ?" was in reference to the person who submitted these lyrics.
    amandaaaaon October 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAnother lovely song about cocaine by Kevin Devine.

    When everything feels right while living that lifestyle, but eventually you need to be able to live as you, not as the person you are while influenced by the drug.

    "still me still me" is his way of saying that beyond the drug it is still him, and he needs to remind himself of that. And in the end hs is "okay, okay."

    I could go so incredably far in analizing this song, but i'll stop there.

    Kevin Devine = love
    singsurfloveon October 13, 2006   Link

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