"People Are So Fickle" as written by and Kevin Patrick Devine....
Oh baby baby please
I feel an urgent need to apologize
I did a terrible thing in a terrible dream
And now I can't look you in the eye

It started when we were out on the date
When we turned to say
"I gotta tell you something odd
I know I said we'd get married
But I'm already married"
And that's when you laughed so hard
So I turned and swung
I woke in a shock
My nails digging blood from the base of my palms

It's just that people are so fickle
They fall in love at different angles
And really I could lose you
Just as quickly as I've gotten you
And that's the kinda thought
That makes me nervous
I'm worried if you'll really think I'm worth it
When the rush wears off
And you're left with this busted person
But if you tell me you will
I will do what I can to believe it

So baby all these things that I've seen
Last night while asleep
This morning they're messing with me
And now I'm anxious as hell
And looking for help
To the pleasant and painless
Some story to tell
With a through line of calm
That could stop me from being myself

Cause all I think is how I want to be your fever
Just to know I make you heated
Cause I'm worried you might see me more like a blanket
Who's there for comfort and for cover
From the glare of former lovers
All the passion that kissed you and bit you
Til you were devoured
And I'd like to get better
Cause thinking like this is torture

And if I can't stop it
You'll be sick of bearing crosses
And you'll jump to cut your losses
You'll go get quarantined somewhere far from me
Where it's much less dangerous
Maybe if I wake up and quit dreaming
I could shake the shit I'm fearing
And I could feel like I'm just freaking out
For no good reason
I'll tell you what
It's a line I can cross once I get there
I'm not ever leaving

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"People Are So Fickle" as written by Kevin Patrick Devine


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    General Commentthe best song you will ever hear.
    foreversendon November 23, 2004   Link
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    General Commentoh, god, i adore this song. every time i listen to it, there's something else that jumps out at me. it's genius.
    Alli-oh!on August 23, 2005   Link
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    General CommentAn abolsutely fantastic song.
    rufusbabyon October 02, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis song makes me want to danceee. all day. and hold hands and stuff.
    easyluckyfreeeeon February 18, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHe just puts words to things that everyone feels. And he does it flawlessly.

    I love the female backing vocals in this song, as well. And this is another song where, when played live, I can't help but dance.
    rocksolidgurlon September 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentat his show last week here at Emmanuel college he explained it as "this songs about a dream i had, i was at a date with this girl and then she told me she had a husband, so i looked over and the guy had popped out and punched me." (it was something along those lines. i know its probably deeper but thats what he said haha.
    Winterstale333on March 21, 2007   Link
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    General Commentso few comments on his most amazing song!!

    I think this song has so many levels. He knows that are truly in love and good together but he can't stop being anxious and fearful about many things...even being in love is never perfect b/c you are terrified of losing it. "People are so fickle, they fall in love at different angles"-- he is afraid of losing her b/c it's hard to say why someone is in love with you, you know they ARE, but you can't see yourself how they do. What if she is someone who falls in love easily, or she is attracted to one certain part of who he is? He doesn't know what "angle" she fell in love with him from, so he is afraid he won't be able to keep her around when the "rush" (the honeymoon-ish stage of first meeting someone, etc) wears off and she's left with this "busted person"---who he is on the inside, flaws and all. He is also in disbelief--"I'm worried if you really think I'm worth it!" she is so great and he has those feelings we all have like, "seriously?? you're in love with ME? how?" Also he is afraid of her past...the older we get, the more ex's everyone is gonna have and he is afraid she still misses them or puts them on a pedstal and is using him to not feel alone. Everyone wants to feel like the only one...!

    also....one of my exs used to call me super early in the morning ALL the time freaked out, half asleep & like about to cry (kinda weird) b/c he was always dreaming i was cheating on him. which never would have happened in a million years, but it always reminds of this song and shows that dreams really affect us more than we know...they get under our skin!
    justlikeheaven05on May 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSmothered love?
    Mitch-Oscopeon March 18, 2009   Link
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    General Commentpeople who have been in this situation before know exactly wats going on here. he fell in love with someone who was involved in a relationship already. he thinks that he is just a security blanket for her and shes just using him to "keep warm". but when she realizess being with him isnt worth it anymore he will be left. he wants her to tell him that she will be with him and he wants her to tell him that hes worth it. and maybe, just maybe that will make him believe it. then he realizes that freaking out about it wont change the situation at all so he just wants to let it be and see how it all plays out.
    billfergus0non November 24, 2009   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionSounds more like he says:
    when YOU turned to say
    moseytoeson January 04, 2011   Link

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