"The Shift Change Splits the Streets" as written by Kevin Patrick Devine, Amy Bracco, Chris Bracco, Margaret White and Amy Skinner....
I'm pushing pins through the pavement.
I'm adding days to the week.
I feel the city sidewalk shake beneath me
While everyone sleeps.

I'm spiking Punch & Judy sendoffs
With silver dollars I stole
From Michael's dresser somewhere back in Brooklyn
While he was out digging holes.

I wrote the horse you rode in on a letter
To keep the focus off me, and make it stay there,
To keep you guessing whil the shift change splits the streets,
But I still can't sleep.

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"The Shift Change Splits the Streets" as written by Amy Skinner Amy Bracco

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The Shift Change Splits the Streets song meanings
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    General Commentcorrection- Judy Sandolfs*,

    this is actually one of my favorite songs on the new album, kevin really threw himself into it and made the world's problems personal.
    drinkliquidclockson July 19, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think the meaning of this song is really broad but its such a good song.
    JonnyTheMohawkon February 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI'm not too sure about the meaning behind this song, but I suspect that the first verse is about heroin (as many of KD's songs tend to be about drugs). "pins through the pavement"... needle through black tar heroin maybe?

    Then the second verse could be about just stealing money and spending it on booze. Again, not 100% sure. He may have been doing this while his brother Michael (now deceased) was "digging his own grave"...

    And the last verse I've yet to contemplate, but this is one of my fave songs from him so I'll keep trying :)
    deadfinchon December 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song, like so many of Kevin's other songs, is about drugs and the effects they have over his life. Like deadfinch said, "pushing pins through the pavement sounds like a reference to heroin. When he says "adding days to the week" he's talking about how slow the drugs have made his life become; nothings exciting anymore. And in the next lines he's describing how things in his life are falling apart and everyone around him is oblivious to that.
    In the next verse, he's talking about stealing money from his brother Michael to buy these drugs, but Michael didn't notice because he was out doing drugs too.
    I'm really not sure about the last verse, but it seems like he is trying to depict how backwards things in his life have become, and that everything going on is still affecting him.

    All I know is this is an amazing song and Kevin Devine is an incredible lyricist.
    samacc1621on May 27, 2008   Link

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