"Dumptruck" as written by Thomas Rogers Stevens, Christopher John Thorn, Shannon Hoon, Brad Smith and Glen Graham....
New York City soothing my itchy itchy month of May
Time has passed for Ms. Onassis, decay on display

I don't want to go down
I don't want to go down
I don't want to go down like she did

And I can't understand why something
Good's got to die before we miss it

Mumbled talk through pigeon park
And Hastings is wasting away
Religiously they seem to sin
Buy, sell or trade for amens

I just don't want to feel
I just don't want to feel
I just don't want to feel like they feel

Hollow body for sound, trade a coat for a gown

Way up in my arms you know
I love you just a little bit more

Raisin' nose down to chin
Smoke after smoke they all trickle in
Anything, for anything, and ending up with nothing

Simple pimpled young man
Sores all over his hands
He's sleeping, not so silently

I'll mop the floors for you all
I'm a fly on the wall
Really big and listening

Burned a hand of a friend of mine
And Bub I know that you could fly a mile high
You told me nothing's ever gonna come between
Nothing's ever gonna come between
Nothing's ever gonna come between

My dumptruck and me

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"Dumptruck" as written by Christopher Thorn Brad Smith

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    General CommentHoon is really good at using symbology and nonsense words to paint a mood.
    This song is about the complexity of society and the short span of human life leading to the realization that one has to hold on to the simple things for happiness.

    And I dont understand why- something good's got to die, before we miss it...

    Shannon Hoon is missed.
    Bellyfull of Swanson January 14, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI love you swan, I couldn't have said it better myself. I think I'm at that part of my life, it just confuses the fuck out of me. I guess I won't know until I start caring about the small things.
    aptitudeon September 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about heroine. Read the book, "A Devil On One Shoulder and an Angel On the Other: The Story of Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon"
    melonfanon October 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentSo many references to drug use, namely heroin. rather than attempting to analyze the lyrics of this song for meaning, i thought i'd simply interpret some of the language that Hoon used in the song that most people will not understand, since it involves a drug culture that they are not themselves part of or familiar with. Thus, i have provided the following for others to help them decipher whatever meaning they might find:

    "...soothing my itchy itchy month of May"
    because opiates make you itch...alot
    "...pigeon park"
    probably where he scored dope
    "way up in my arms you know i love you just a little bit more"
    obviously talking about shooting dope, and either that he loves dope more or that he loves better when he's had dope
    "raisin' nose down to chin smoke after smoke they all trickle in"
    this may be the snobs who look down on junkies, only to eventually "trickle in" themselves; also, nose down to chin may refer to nodding out, in which a person's head will always be down
    "anything for anything and ending up with nothing"
    because the junkie will do anything for anything and always lose everything
    "simple pimpled young man sores all over his hands, he's sleeping not so silently"
    junkies who shoot up often get abcesses or pimples on their faces, hands, arms, all over really, and sleeping may be referring to nodding out
    "i know that you could fly a mile high"
    could refer to someone with a really high tolerance, who can get really high but needs alot more dope
    and finally
    "nothing is ever gonna come between my dumptruck and me"
    i thought about this one and i'm not so sure about the language here, but i picture the "dumptruck" also a reference to heroin, because another name for heroin is "junk." junk goes in a dumptruck and nothing is gonna come between a junkie and his junk.
    cgStarlingon April 22, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI Certainly Wont argue whether or not there are Drug References within the lyrics of this Song, I can say for Certain what the Folling Lyrics Mean :

    "Burned a hand of a friend of mine
    And Bub I know that you could fly a mile high
    You told me nothing's ever gonna come between
    Nothing's ever gonna come between
    Nothing's ever gonna come between

    My dumptruck and me"

    This Refers to a Friend of Shannon's From High School who was Nicknamed "Bub". After High School Bub Took a Job Driving a DumpTruck for The County. Bub Found out He Had Cancer Shortly after, and passed away Quickly...and Yes, There is a Picture of He and Shannon Togethor, and Bub Has a Bandage on His Hand. Not sure what they were doing, But when Shannon says "Burned a Hand of a friend of Mine", He meant it quite literally. Dumptruck is a Tribute to a Fallen friend of His.
    RIP Shannon and Bub!
    LongLiveHoonon October 11, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningYou should all ask me...Since without, me, a dead girlfriend, a text (lyrics),past on to Mr Hoon, "Dumptruck" would not exist...90% came from a text she had written. I was in detox in Vancouver, Shannon was doing his community service at that same detox...Washing floors, toilets and keeping me, us, as sane as possible... he was only 30 some days clean.
    Last time I spoke to him was 2 weeks prior to his death, He was high as a kite and told me among other things, that he new his time was coming, being famous was killing him and did.... Pigeon park on Hasting st. in Vancouver B.C, is a well knows place for drug deals, homeless folks Martin B.
    martin7229on April 01, 2014   Link

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