Look at this person throwing a fit
Acting like a little fucking bitch
They think the restaurant owes them a good deal
When really they just need to chill

You'll get your meal
But let's say it's bad
Why blame the server
They have their own bills
And you're the one that's bad
You chose to go there, you somewhat asked for that

No matter where you go it's a gamble
Sometimes the food might not be good
But how is that the server's fault
How is this not easily understood

You realize they run all over the place
And listen to the shit you say to their face
Don't shake your glass for a refill
How about politely ask

Now if they are the asshole
Refused to ever bring you a drink
Go somewhere else, even management
But don't act like your shit don't stink

Don't walk in like you own the place
When you are a guest
Just because you are tipping them
Don't be a pest
If you don't get your seat right away
You might live another day
If you can't afford 20 percent
I hear Hungry Man's are the shit

Complain enough to get you a free dessert
At least your pocket won't hurt
That "pass kindness" shirt you're wearing
Does not make you a better person
When you don't treat others with respect

Hey Sunday church crowd
Does the Bible principles apply when you're hangry
A "Jesus loves you" does not count as a tip
Here's a tip
Don't be a dick

You shit like the rest of us
You will soon let out that poo poo
You shit like the rest of us
Quit acting brand new

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Self-Entitled Garbage Disposals song meanings
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