It's easy to see there is sin
Without using a book or religion
But where do you draw the line
What's good or bad then
Might be different in our time
I say it's Common Sense
Now I sound a bit like Thomas
Much better than our president
Even though he is the true Paine
I'm not trying to be New Age
Just saying some old shit is worn out
You have to write on a new page
Or hit small parts with White Out
Sin is everywhere you go
People only love the self
You have to love yourself
Just not your ego

We all fuck up, we make a mess
Each of us think we have an answer
At least to one question on the test
Maybe we do, perhaps we don't
We could evolve, is it will or won't
We have violence in the streets
At home and school too
Both is where we also cheat
It's fuck all modesty, do the convenient
The entire past is archaic, therefore leave it
Why not keep the good, toss out the bad
Hard to do when we argue this and that
We kill and we destruct
Our response is oh well, or holy fuck
But sometimes there is remorse
That's the main way we learn of course
It's the goddamn human condition
To try avoiding what appears as sin
You don't need to fear a literal Hell nor religion

I think I'd prefer an occult
Rather than a cult
Maybe they're both weird and outdated
So is any label

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