Song Name   Comments
Cliché It Don't Spray It 0
99 Cent Paperback0
A Dick Named Ted0
A Very Mild Alternative0
Adventure Crime0
Amniotic Fluid0
Angels and Dinosaurs0
Another Gay Song0
Another Soap Opera0
Anti-Dream Job0
Back of My Butthole0
Be Better, Big Boy0
Big Kid Now0
Big Monkey0
Bob Squeelin0
Buddy Bear Does Not Care0
Burnt Chiburger0
Buy Me Daddy0
Camp Bullcrap0
Chin Up, Kamikaze0
Christmas Wrap0
Crock Pot Mac N' Cheese0
Date With Mommy0
Davy Jones' Locker0
Daytona 5000
Dear Baby Lips0
Dear Chick-Fil-A0
Do or Don't Give a Crap0
Dock of the Gay0
Dollar Store Brand0
Don't Forget Me0
Don't Know What to Tell You0
Double Chin and High Rent0
Dumb Spectrum0
Even Though I'm 420
Fad Ass0
Fatty Daddy0
Feed Me Doc0
Fine Feller0
Flintstones Vitamins0
Forever Yours0
Foxy Brown0
Fresh Mold0
Friends Without Benefits0
Fungus in the Coffee Cup0
General Hospital0
Go Back to Work0
Grand Slam0
Handle, It Well0
Happy Boy0
Hard Working Man0
Hardcore Softy0
I Could Be Single0
I Don't Like Feet0
I'm Just a Guy0
I'm Probably Wrong0
In God We Fuss0
Ip Man0
Jung Juicy0
K2 Bad 4u0
Kick It0
Kiss Kiss0
Lieutenant Stand0
Life Is Beautiful0
Magicool Bike0
Me Me Meow0
Military Midget0
Minced Meat0
Momma's Cornbread0
Motorboat Monday0
Mr. Pacifier0
Ms. Winfrey0
My Fingers Between Your Toes0
My First Pet0
Nightmare Overwhelm Street0
No More Mr. Bub Bub0
No More Pretentious Bars0
Not Even Tom Is Petty0
On the Run0
Out and About Like a Girl Scout0
Over the Cast0
Papa Prophet0
Peanutbutter Kitty0
Pigs from the Anthill0
Puppy Paradise0
Raw Potato0
Read Between the Lines0
Real Man on Campus0
Role Model0
Sanitize the Door Knobs0
Saturday School0
Science Fair Project0
Self-Entitled Garbage Disposals0
Shanghai Shanglow0
Shoot Your Mouth0
Short Story of a Growing Tiger0
Slip Slide In My Garden0
Sloppy Seconds0
Smells Like Sulfur0
Social Security0
Sodium Intake0
Stop It0
Stuck in the Attic0
Suck the Teat0
Sue Me0
Sulky Sunrise0
Sunglasses Are Cool0
Swinging From a Ceiling Fan0
Teach Me, or Reach Me0
Tender Loving Care0
Thank Heavens0
The Flu Fighters0
The Looking Mass1
The Olsen Twins0
Think About It0
Think About It, Pt. 20
Think About It, Pt. 30
Think About It, Pt. 40
Tiramisu Tuesday0
Tis the Reason0
Too Cool for Kool-Aid0
Too Many Miles0
Trash Can Man0
Tuf Chowski0
Uh, Sure0
Uncle Is Innocent0
We the Youngins0
We're All Going to Die0
Weiner Tuck0
Weird World0
Well Well0
Wet Nook0
Where's the WD-40?0
White Water Rafting0
You Make Me Giddy0
You're Too Cool0
Zero to Eight0
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