"Killpop" as written by and Chris Fehn Anders Colsefni....
She's sticking needles in her skin
I turn with an ugly grin
Her canvas doesn't leave a lot, to fantasy
But her peace of mind, can't stay inside the lines
It's so, confusing, the methods that she's using
She knows she shouldn't leave a mark, that I can see
Will she ever find, one million of a kind
It's cold and lonely, but that's because she told me
Lost inside her dirty world
No one hurts this pretty girl but her
Oh, she's beautiful
A little better than a mind deserves
You are not inside
Please tell me she won't shy

Maybe I should let her go
But only when she loves me (she loves me)
How can I just let her go?
Not until she loves me (she loves me)

She's drowning in herself again
My god what a lovely sin
I guess there's nothing left to do, but have my way
She can feel it's right, so she doesn't close her eyes
She smiles and answers, it doesn't seem to matter
Lost inside my dirty head
Something tells me I'm the one who's kept
Oh, so volatile
A little better than a mind defiled
Oh I need the pain
Please tell me she won't change

Maybe I should let her go
But only when she loves me (she loves me)
How can I just let her go?
Not until she loves me (she loves me)

We were meant to be together
Now die and fucking love me
We were meant to hurt each other
Now die and fucking love me
Die and fucking love me
Die and fucking love me
Die and fucking love me

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    My InterpretationIt's about a man, possibly a drug dealer, and his relationship with a junkie. He gives her drugs, and she pays with sex. The more dependent on the drugs she is, the more "beautiful" she becomes, knowing he has her in his clutches. He doesn't want her to get better and leave him for a healthy relationship. So the only way he wants her to leave is if she overdoses and dies.
    FreeThinker727on July 27, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationEven with the previous comment of what Corey said, I have a different view.

    It's so, confusing, the methods that she's using

    I feel like it is someone who is watching another. Paying attention to how they act and what they do. Only you and them know how they are when they aren't around everyone else. No matter how beautiful you think they are, you still hate the difference they have (maybe the way of life they have). Even though you can not get over how much you hate the decisions they make, they still are the one thing you find so attractive.

    How can I just let her go, not until she loves me.

    Sounds like they still attempt at the thing you find so disgusting. Something draws draws you in to the point that you find yourself being seduced into the "thing" you hate. That one thing that might be the breaking point of the seduction.

    Lost inside my dirty head, something tells me I'm the one whose kept.

    The realization that you are no longer in control, the method of seduction has become to much. You are no longer making rational decisions.

    Die and fucking love me

    The reality is that no matter what you want from them, you will always need the side that hurts them. The side you always found attractive

    Instead of trying to "fix" someone, you try and keep them in the spot they were at.
    LONGFORGOTTENon June 09, 2015   Link
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    Song MeaningCorey said it's about his relationship with the music industry:

    "You know, what's funny [is] over the last few weeks, I've really gotten everyone's interpretation of what that song means to them, and it's nowhere near what I wrote about," he said. "So it's kind of interesting to hear people's interpretations of what I'm singing about. And I'll be honest with you: the song is my reflection on my relationship with music. That's who the 'she' is. And not just music, but the music industry in general. So there's a love-hate relationship there that really kind of comes into view."
    Read more at blabbermouth.net/news/…
    davidgmon October 17, 2017   Link
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    General CommentThis song can be interpreted in 2 ways: literally and metaphorically.
    If interpreted literally it's about the narrator/singer being infatuated by something a thing of beauty, in this case a woman, yet he is unable to coexist with this person as he can't bare seeing this person destroy herself.

    Corey said in an interview that metaphorically the song is about the music industry as a whole. The environment has become toxic and although he loves creating music he can't stand to see the industry destroy itself as it's all about the money and not about the artist or creativity anymore.
    MilkManMikeon February 06, 2015   Link
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    General CommentI understand the whole concept of the song, but what does the title "killpop" even mean? I went onto Genius and found an effortful translation of the line "something tells me I'm the one whose kept", implying that the narrator has control of "killpop". So does anyone know what that even means?
    MITLM8896on March 19, 2016   Link
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    General Commentlily!
    violetcooleron November 18, 2014   Link

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