"Take the Hill" as written by and Andrew Albert Schwab Andrew Welch....
My shortwave intercepted a transmission
From another dimension
Decoded in waves of radiation
White noise and whispering
And this was the message
You are not just an aberration
You were meant for distinction
And for importance you were destined

I ran to share what I’d learned
Consumed with elation
But to my amazement
The elders wouldn’t listen
They said, “Shut your imagination,
There is nothing beyond the visible.
Devote yourself to the legions,
And pledge assimilation.”

You left me here for dead
But I’ll see you again
You thought that I’d relent
But I’ve been through you and back again

The cover up attempts
Your cold misdirection
Your wave of propaganda
Has now been uncovered
Unmasking your deception
Has fueled dissemination
The endless motivation
Snowballing like infection

Still driven to dispel myths
Still escaping the sinking ship
Still dropping flaming arrows to the middle of the village
Still dodging their attempts
Still fighting indifference
Still amassing countless numbers as we march to take the hill

As we march to take the hill

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"Take the Hill" as written by Andrew Albert Schwab Andrew Welch

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    General CommentI'd like to say first that this is probably my favorite song on the album, because of its content and its musical composition... er, its sound.

    Now, to the lyrics
    It seems pretty obvious that this pilot received a message, that came in from either a believer of God, or God himself, which would be pretty radical (not because of craziness, but awesomeness).
    The message is basically saying, "I'm giving you a purpose, you're not a mistake, I made you with what you are going to do in mind" (You are not an aberration/You are meant for distinction

    The dude is excited to bring the news to everyone, and then is brought down by "the elders", who say that he's wrong, crazy to think that God exists, and tell him to be like everybody else... Two points are made from this. First, the elders are telling him to do the exact opposite of what God instructed him to do (You were meant for distinction/ pledge assimilation). This makes me come to the conclusion that the elders, or leaders of the world or whatever... are either used to represent Satan, or are just doing Satan's work without realizing it. I'll come back to that later.
    The Chorus comes from one of the following two perspectives, one being a little far-fetched. I think either it's coming from the pilot, which would be the obvious choice, as the elders/ Satan left him for dead when they told him to ignore God's path. My less obvious choice would be that it's coming from Jesus, and that's 'cause "But I've been through You and back again." (Some theologians believe that when Jesus died he descended into Hell for the three days.) I think it's a cool idea, so I'm putting it out there.

    The song then acts like a dystopian tale, where the world order is doing everything it can to keep God's message unheard or hoping to make people want it. However, the protagonist is uncovering their schemes, and is gaining followers, and a lot of them (kind of sounds like Jesus, or maybe just a prophet)

    The bridge is up to interpretation, but I think
    Still dispelling myths- would be making sure the real truth of God's message is being told, and/or driving out heratics that twist the meaning
    Escaping the sinking ship- Probably going against the world's order, since when Jesus returns, will be like a sinking ship, with death
    I don't know if the arrows is a biblical reference, but maybe the protagonist is warning the villagers, or maybe defeating the opposition (I really don't have a clue)
    Dodging their attempts- (I thought it was arrow-tips, which sound way cooler) but it could be a reference to how Jesus responded to the Pharisees; the protagonist is going up against the world order
    Fighting indifference- One of the most important things Jesus said was to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, and to help the least of these; as Christians we need love and compassion, and indifference to other people's situations destroys that.
    Still amassing numbers as we march to take the hill- This also sounds like it could be Jesus, because it was his mission to that started it all- we're called Christians for a reason... if so, the hill can symbolize only one thing; heaven. It's why Jesus died, so we could meet the Father. And when we die, it's where we hope to get.
    You can respond if you disagree/agree with anything.
    drbrobertson January 07, 2014   Link

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