"Suggestion Diabolique" as written by Timothy John Gane and Laetitia Sadier....
An angel
Always the brightest,
Oh surely will
Fall out of the nest

Conscious of the falsifications
And the harnessing
Of our reality

The angel
Would never submit
For his eyes were
Wide open and lit

We brought oil
Where there was a fire
In this way for good
Were bound to the devil

Constantly evolving, curious
Sombre, obscure, dark and luminous
Vitriolic, stringent, prophetic

He penetrated
The wheel of modern
Society that
He hated so so much
Hated with all his strength

The tumbler stayed standing up
All of his life he flinched not

Surpassing of the art
Surpassing cinema
Surpassing life itself
Dang dong dang dong

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"Suggestion Diabolique" as written by Timothy John Gane Laetitia Sadier

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Suggestion Diabolique song meanings
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    My InterpretationI have always felt this song was a horrified post-9/11 tribute to the evil world-changing force of Osama Bin Laden. Except, of course, that Sound Dust was released one week before, on 9/3, so...prophecy? In fact, the entire album struck me then and still strikes me now as a dark oracle of that day's destruction. The pyroclastic cover image and the album name. Hallucinex's looking-forward-to-explosions. Gus's being about the 9/11/73 Pinochet coup. The theme throughout of death being a necessary part of nature, progress. Other moments in other songs. And especially this song, Suggestion Diabolique. Imagine for a moment that this song was, in fact, somberly written after the fact, after 9/11, and was, in fact, about the terrible power of Bin Laden, seen here as a Lucifer-ish fallen angel. Could it have been written any more suitably? I don't see how.
    ReachAndPullon October 14, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationOr, unknown to Laetitia, perhaps it is about one of the world's biggest Stereolab fans who grows up to become an equal-opportunity destroyer of bogus ideological premises and bad political propaganda, a sort of Achilles whose lover and best friend The Truth has been slain, on a mission of intellectual vengeance, but with a particular focus on toppling the far left's exalted high horse which they still pretend is an underdog, and all with eyes lit like none other thanks in part to the lyrical lessons of Laetitia, like lamp oil for my fire. Talk about falling out of a nest. ;)
    ReachAndPullon October 14, 2014   Link
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    General CommentCreated an account just because I read your interpretation and thought wow this is what a guy in the comments section jerking himself off looks like props to you. I mean the Achilles metaphor and all you must groaned in pleasure soo hard after posting this someone probably thought an ISIS bomb went off. 3 years ago though so I doubt you'll see this unless you like coming back to this post to stroke your ego and or reproductive organs (nips aren't reproductive organs but I can see that happening to) as for your interpretation...meh.
    TheLameNameon February 24, 2018   Link

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