(French Radio)

Goodbye Benediction
Goodbye Gasoline
Goodbye Paranoia
Goodbye Sleeves

(French Radio)

Goodbye Hare Krishna
It's been the best
Goodbye Earth
Goodbye Trisha Nixon's Breasts

(French Radio)

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Let's Talk About Cars song meanings
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    General CommentIn the 'Dracula from Houston' discussion, someone asked for a translation of the French dialogue in 'Let's talk about cars'.

    As there is nothing here yet, I thought I'd share my experience of trying to understand what I was listening to.

    In the late ' 90's, about 20 years ago at the time of writing, I worked with a crazy, larger than life Frenchman, and in this virtually pre-internet time, it was an obvious step to simply play him the song and ask him what they were saying.

    Remember, I'm going off a twenty year old memory here and I'm paraphrasing, but the takeaway was:

    A man and a woman, speaking French, were discussing films (movies), comparing American versus French cinema, and the consensus was that French films were better, or at least preferred by the pair, because the French films had more substance.

    As to the meaning of the rest of the song, I have absolutely no idea what it is about!

    Though I've often speculated that there was a deliberate irony in that the (highbrow/pretentious) French speakers were discussing cinema, dismissing American efforts as trivial, followed by the last lyrics, where the American 'singer', despite having had an attempt at a deep and meaningful song, eventually just ended up talking about cars - i.e. superficial, disposable, no substance.

    My first post ever!

    And yes, I came to Butthole Surfers via Pepper - the closest thing to 'mainstream' they made up to that point - which had a couple of radio-play tracks here in New Zealand, raising their profile and introducing them to people who otherwise would never have heard of them.
    Cavemaniacon April 29, 2017   Link
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    General CommentAll I know is that listening to this song very high, I decided to cut the sleeves off of most of my t-shirts.

    Now, I have...... new t-shirts.
    GTonyon January 15, 2019   Link

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