"Starling" as written by and Tori Ellen Amos....
Starling you were right I am the jealous kind
Whoever would have guessed
Starling now I am shut out and confined
Even within my nest

What, what does it take to make it through another day
If a feather lined with his words becomes a blade

Starling when he screams he screams in black and white
Just like the magpie
Shattered night then I woke
Not to a lonely lark but to a raven's cry

If a feather lined with his words becomes a blade
Then what, what will it take to make it through another day

So when they play, play the song
Sing along
It may be your turn to shine
If you know the lines
Hey what's that you say
"You can find, find him online
Most of the time these days"
"Is that right," I say.

You were right Starling

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"Starling" as written by Tori Ellen Amos

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    General CommentWhat, no comment junior?
    StardomKenon June 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI'm going to take a stab at this and say that this is a song about being jealous of your offspring when it comes to your mate. (example: a wife living seperate from her family being jealous of a daughter when it comes to spending more time with the husband or father)

    Your offspring may feel this jealousy immediatly, and may even call you out on it. You deny it, but then you realize perhaps they are right. When you ask them what they are doing all day long they respond, "Well, you he's online most of the time these days"...."Is that right?" I say.

    Tori seems to imply in few places (Digital Ghost) how Mark is always online on the computer. I'm thinking this song was written while Tash was living in England with Mark and Tori was "shut out and confined even within her nest" or, at her Florida home.

    Birds symbolism!

    "If a feather lined with his word becomes a blade" to me means, feathers can just fall out or off and they seem harmless. They seem like soft, insignifigant nothings, however, if they are lined with a meaning and you see that meaning, it can become as hurtful as a blade.

    The bridge to this song is great, I think. Most people hate it, however, it is necessary to show the sudden optomism or sarcasm of optomism...then it slows back down when that mood is over.

    "So, when they play, sing along sing the song" (pick yourself up with optomism, like a bird, or like Tori herself as a performer)

    It's like play acting ("if you know the lines"). Act like everything is ok - go through your life day by day and do what you have to in order to feel better.

    Then she is brought back to reality at the end.

    "You can find, find him online most of the time these days" "Is that right," I say.


    A Starling is a bird that has many song types that it sings. It is very gregarious. They have very complex vocalings, and are known to imbed their surrounding sounds into their own calls. For example, they will be singing a song, and suddenly start singing a song they heard - like a car alarm sound, or human speech patterns.

    A magpie has a loud plain call. This explains the line, "When he screams, he screams in black and white just like the magpie"

    A Lark has melodious songs - more elaborate than most birds. They have a willingness to expand into anthroponegenic habitats, so long as they are not too managed.

    A Raven has a very distinct, crow like caw.

    parasolon September 02, 2009   Link

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