So I'm feeling much worse now
You're better. You're better
Your designer drug won't work
won't work for me

Connect to a three-volt
I hope your battery dies
How could you run on such
on such voltage?

All the same
I remain
The one to blame and I'm
As you let yourself show

So now you'll love these screams
Whats left of me? (Don't speak)
Love these screams like I do (Don't speak)

As the infinite stops cold
Just nine and the six are gone
Guess I was the one to
Ride that dirty ride
That is turning so fast now
I cannot hold on
But at this pace
Who would, Who would want to?

All the same
I remain
The one to blame and I'm
As you let yourself show

So now you'll love these screams
Whats left of me? (Don't speak)
Love these screams like I do (Don't speak)

Don't ever speak my name.

Don't ever speak my name again, don't ever speak it.
Don't ever speak my name again, don't speak, don't speak.
Don't speak my name.

So now you'll love these screams
Whats left of me? (Don't speak)
Love these screams like I do (Don't speak)

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    General CommentThe meaning of this song is SO simple-minded. How the fuck could anyone not get it? It's obvious it's about spite caused by betrayal and harsh disappointment. And this song does not "suck"; you just think so because you cannot relate to it nor understand it. And stop calling AFI "emo", you stupid cunts. AFI has NEVER been emo. They were Gothic Hardcore and became "Gothic Industrial". And the reality is "Sing The Sorrows", "Decemberunderground", and "Art Of Drowning" ARE their best albums, and nothing you say will be able to change that. All in all, they have always been gothic aesthetic. And your ignorance and stupidity will probably not allow you to understand that. I pity your imbecility.
    apathetichoeon July 18, 2010   Link
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    General CommentxMidnightEyesx I have to agree with you. In the same sense it sounds like betrayal, too me anyways. This song really first affected me when my "best friend" just turned on me. I think the song. I think it's the betrayal of someone dear to you and the pain and anger that follows.

    "So I feel much worse now, Your better, your better. Your designer drug, won't work, won't work for me."
    (So I'm in pain because of what you did, But you seem to be just the same. But you can't do anything because I see through the lies)

    Connect to a three-volt. I hope your battery dies. How could you run on such,on such voltage?
    (Pretty much, I wish you the same pain you caused me, But you seem fine, how could you be?)

    All the same. I remain. The one to blame and I'm
    Demonized, Purified, Justified. As you let yourself show
    (The first three lines are obvious. But the Demonized, Purified, Justified etc. could be just mixed emotions.)

    So now you'll love these screams
    Whats left of me? (Don't speak)
    Love these screams like I do (Don't speak)
    (Pretty much saying that the person who betrayed you is acting like it's a game, tormenting you, hoping you'll crash.)

    Anyways, thats what I get out of the song.
    xXx~kelley~xXxon January 10, 2007   Link
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    General CommentBefore I give my opinion about what this song means, I first want to say this:
    To all of you bitchin' about how AFI is "too mainstream" and "sold out", and how they were "better before MTV" : Be quiet.
    December Underground may not be your taste, but as someone mentioned earlier (or may not have) muscians grow and so do their OWN tastes of music. Maybe it takes a musician to understand this, but all I know is, as a person who has played guitar for 7 years, I'm still not interested in playing the Blink 182 riffs that I once was. My interests have changed. Lord knows if I was AFI, i would not want to be making another "Sing the Sorrow" or "Black Sails" 20 billion times over again just to please the idiots who don't understand a musicians evolution. So please shut up. They are experimenting with a new sound that pleases THEM (which is half the reason they make music). I was influenced by GNR and others to start playing guitar...I used to play Blink 182...but I've grown, and I developed a liking for more complex music. In my opinion this is the most complex CD they have. (listen to all the different sounds and instruments.) Now onto the meaning:

    I personally got out of this song that it was a big FU to the people mentioned above: the ones who criticize AFI for going mainstream and less Rock or Punk and more "emo" (whatever the hell that means anymore.) My reasoning?

    I think the verses are Davey saying those things to himself in a kind of satirical tone (as if thats what others were saying) and as for the prechorus, I think he's saying no matter what he does (grow as a muscian) he gets criticized for it for changing in the slightest. Then I think the chorus is kind of an FU to people because he's saying "love these screams?" as in the screaming from the other CD's since they have become a little softer (which isn't bad) in their new CD and Sing the Sorrow. Anyway...Hope you get my idea, that's my two cents...I should get back to work now.
    Bookcaseon July 21, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwell i liked the song very much it reminds me of death to seasons a lil bit but as for the dude who put down the new album... i dont know about u but hearing the same fast 200 beats per minute drum beat with similar guitar chord progressions kinda gets stale and annoying after awhile if u dont like change then listen to the art of drowning or very proud of ya over and over on repeat and i can bet ull get sick of it after awhile. if u were in afi and u said hey lets make the same album over and over and over and over again they would just laugh at u and kick u out in a heartbeat cuz nobody wants to hear the same crap over and over again...thank u
    bloodstrikeon May 24, 2006   Link
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    General Commentive liked AFI for years i agree that there old stuff is much better but i like them so much im loyal to them and their music, an one more thing if u think the clash sucked u need your fnck!n head checked, the clash were icons!
    Mr_Deadon June 14, 2006   Link
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    General Commentits not like it hasnt been said a million times, but here we go, once again.
    It's digusting, people's need to place labels on things, people, music. everything. Afi is not emo, Afi is not punk, Afi is just Afi. thats it.
    Emo is a trend, thats all, and with every trend come the ignorant people who label everything with it, the same thing happened with "punk." Even now, every band that uses power chords and sings quickly is labelled punk.
    And another thing; people grow, styles change. If you can't accept that, then don't ever listen to the radio or buy new cds. thats the only way things wont change.
    Anyway, onto the song itself. not my favourite song on the album, the least meaningful in my opinion. but its still worth listening to.
    ninjamonkeyson August 06, 2006   Link
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    General Comment*sighs* I hate the sell out vs. not sell out arguments. That's not the point of this site. get over it and keep the opinions concerning the band to yourself becuase we're supposed to be analyzing the potantial meaning of songs here. The lyrics, not the music. The end.

    Though a clear meaning for this song evades me, it does give a feeling of a betrayed lifestyle, (possibly sXe.)

    "designer drug"
    "How could you run on such voltage?" (substance abuse.)
    So, possibly someone who said they lived the sXe lifestyle but did not remain true.

    "I remain the one to blame" The writer feels responsible for putting so much trust into this person
    "purified" --drug free

    However, certain parts seem to pertain to a relationship.
    "love these screams like I do"
    So perhaps the writer is comparing a betrayal in a friendship or relationship to breaking edge?
    xMidnightEyesxon September 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentRE: 'Causitc'
    "'Capable of burning, corroding, dissolving, or eating away by chemical action.
    now... who would like to tell me how this relates to the song? =]
    i have an idea, but i'd like your guyses too "

    Your idea wouldn't be something along the lines of:
    Caustic = *ALKALINE* Trio (= Matt Skiba = His wife = Davey's ex)?

    See, that was what came to mind upon reading that. But, then again, that's reading a bit too far into it... :)
    kaleidoscopeson October 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI personally love this song, and I think that it delivers a great message. It's not as much relating to depression and morbidness as it is relating to independence and being one's own self, being "blamed" by something that probably didn't happen, but is okay anyway. I really love the line: "Your designer drug won't work for me". It's a song that pounds into your head, but in a good way in my opinion.
    celestialdreamon January 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis is how i make sense of this song:

    In Verse 1, Person A is talking about Person B, who is doing hard drugs. Person A (who i'm assuming is supposed to be Davey) leads a sXe (straightedge) lifestyle, and criticizes Person B for continuing to use these drugs.

    In the bridge to the chorus, Person A explains how Person B blames Person A for his drug use, although he no longer does so, and how Person B continues to use although he criticizes Person A.

    The chorus is sung from the perspective of Person B: Although he hates his drug habits, he can't quit, and is blaming Person A, and perhaps criticizing Person A for gloating about how Person B cannot quit.

    The second verse is slightly more revealing: Person A tells how he and a group of others started using drugs, but he and many quit. Possibly, Person B is one of those who did not, and branched out to other, harder drugs. Person A goes on about how there was/still is no reason to use those drugs, or any kind.

    The bridge basically has Person A telling Person B that he wants nothing to do with him, and doesn't want Person B to keep blaming him for his habits.

    Sorry if that sounded a bit anti-drug, but that's what i believe this song is trying to say (Davey is straightedge).
    jwarlickon January 21, 2007   Link

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