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Pebbles And Marbles Lyrics

She started a blaze from one tiny spark
I didn't even detect
She loved the light, was dismayed by the dark
The stars though she seemed to respect

The faint light that flutters at night to the earth
Would land in her eyes and collect
Luminous creatures she'd find in the surf
I never thought to inspect

Pebbles and marbles like things on my mind
Seem to get lost and harder to find
When I am alone I am inclined
If I find a pebble in sand
To think that it fell from my hand

She gave me ideas
Planted the seed
But she never stopped to reflect
The course that she's on, wherever it leads
I never would redirect

Pebbles and marbles like words from a friend
Make us hold tight but are lost in the end
When we're alone we all seem to tend
If we find a marble in dust
To wish someone left it for us
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Apr 17, 2004
4 Meanings
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The best version of this song is by far Vegas 4/17/04. I encourage everyone to check that one out. Be Careful it may alter your sense of reality.

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it's about a cheating girlfriend i believe

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I don't see any implication of a cheating girlfriend. It's about a girl who looked at things differently than he did. I'd really like to pick Tom Marshall's brain and find out if there is any symbolism behind pebbles and marbles.

Let me give it a futile try: Both pebbles and marbles are collectibles. Years ago kids used to collect them for their colors and designs (marbles) and their colors and shapes (pebbles). Due to their size and often glossy feel, they were easily lost or misplaced. They'd often fall out of pockets even though we tried to keep them safe. The more we had, the more popular we were on the street. Also, women (long long ago) were compared to shiny pebbles. They, too, were special and unique and "collectible."

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I think this song is about a love that the singer has lost. Though it starts off sad and wistful.. dreaming romantically about the light that used to collect in her eyes, he goes on to realize that it simply wasn't meant to be.

Though she was unique and wonderful, there are some things in life that aren't yours. The song picks up and gets more joyful, when the singer finally completes his comparison of her to a "pebble and/or marble" -- something small and beautiful in the vast ocean of sand and dust. We all wishfully believe that these things were put on this earth for us to have, but the truth of the matter is we are all part of a grander design - beauty we find (whether in nature or another person) was put on this earth for a different reason that may not involve you at all.

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