Welcome this is our farmhouse.
We have cluster flies alas,
And this time of year is bad.

We are so very sorry,
There is little we can do, but swat them.

She didn't beg-
Oh not enough.

She didn't stay
When things got tough.

I told a lie
And she got mad

She wasn't there
When things got bad.

I never ever saw the northern lights. (This is our farmhouse)
I never really heard of cluster flies. (Cluster flies alas)
Never ever saw the stars so bright. (This is our farmhouse)
In the farmhouse things will be alright. (Cluster flies alas)

Woke this morning to the stinging lash
Every man rise from the ash
Each betrayal begins with trust
Every man returns to dust.



Chorus until fadeout

Lyrics submitted by phisherman, edited by jhreb

Farmhouse song meanings
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    General Comment

    Newfound Finch, you're an idiot. You're an uneducated loser. When Anastasio was only a few years older than you (I'm guessing you were about fifteen when you posted) he was composing masterpieces; epics; movements. Also, by the way, the term "jamband" is degrading. Phish's music is composed, with sections left open for improvisation. They do more than just stand there and "jam" in a particular key; it's part of a larger structure. Anyways, this is 8 years after this idiot posted and I had to respond, mostly because it was fun. Secondly, phans were rushing to their own defense, claiming not to be "hippies" and not every phan is a "hippie," as if there's a negative connotation. Remember, it's inbreds like this guy who created a bad image. Finchy, hippies basically stand for individual freedom as long as it harms nobody else. So, tell us again, what it is you hate so much? You know, I'm not into this peace-loving, everything's rainbows and butterflies-bullshit either, deep down, nobody is unless their blind and stupid. I mean, sometimes people are bad and deserve to be strapped to a chair and tortured, like you. Who cares. I hope this loser dies in a fire and his parents feel awful for giving him fetal alcohol syndrome, no talent, no girlfriend, and a small brain. Newfoundfinch, I sincerely hope you've grown a bit since you posted.

    Epinephrineon February 12, 2010   Link
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    General Comment

    Im pretty sure this song is referring to a safe place, perhaps in VT. Since it was written later in Phish's career, it could be about the band's fear of becoming another nostalgic act, but when they return to the farmhouse to write songs and just doing what they love to do was their escape from their doubts. By the way, you guys should check out moe. ive been to 3 of their shows and they will never get old. those guys jam for hours and hours.

    MoeronGonPhishinon March 15, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    I don't know if anyone has said this before. But I think that the songs lyrics are meant to soundd like two different things. Mainly the lyrics sound like "we have cluster flies alas" but if you really listen to the background and the chorus along with the rest of the lyrics it also sounds like "we have clusterfied the lies". Possibly referring to when people continue to lie to one another to the point where there is almost a false reality. Just a thought.

    dobombaspenon June 24, 2007   Link
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    My Interpretation

    I think this song is about escaping from life's harsh realities: guilt in a breakup, pain in losing the one you love, disappointment in how little you've accomplished ("I never ever saw the Northern Lights").

    Also, the clusterflies represent the banal problems we exaggerate in everyday life; only when something truly terrible happens (betraying the person you love) do we look at everything in perspective: the problems we thought were a big deal aren't even real problems.

    EaglesWingson March 05, 2012   Link
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    General Comment

    What a great song to sing along with!

    BigEyedPhish103on May 04, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    yeah..this is about opinons..and he is stating his..its just not correctly stated....phish takes a specified taste...which i dont have..so i do not want of the phish music..

    Simplisticdreamson May 10, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    in stating his opinion, he was attempting to stop others from stating their views: "I don't ever want to see you writing that this is a good song to sing along with." that is the problem i have with him. civility goes a long way. i don't like rap... but i don't hate everyone who does.

    scheisseon May 10, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    First of all what the hell does this guy mean that you have to be a hippie to listen to phish. Hippies were all about peace and love and all that shit. They wear bellbottoms and protest against society. Is it just me, or has it been 35 years since hippies have been around. Second, if you had any musical appreciation at all (newfoundfinch) then you would definately not be talking shit about Phish. They are one of the most tallented bands around today, and you are just pissed off because bull shit bands like Blink 182 and Aerosmith are all sellouts that have no tallent what so ever. It's morons like you that have driven music straight to the bottom. Its all about the money and popularity now. Phish were true musicians that started for the music and for the fans. And if you cant appreciate that, then you have serious problems.

    Phishhead420on May 13, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    newfoundfinch- #1) everyone has their own taste in music and i don;t see myself bashing yours so why do you feel the need to take it out on me huh? #2) did i ever say that i was a hippie? that everone who likes phish is a hippie? i didn't think so and thats a shallow generalization. #3) youre an ass.

    BigEyedPhish103on May 14, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    who cares what some dumbass thinks.not everyone has to like phish, just like you don't have to like n'sync. People who post things like that are just trying to bring you down. just ignore them and let them be. if posting something horrible like that is what gets them off then not amount of scolding is gonna change that.

    bidins711on May 15, 2002   Link

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