Do we have the time to lay the line between true life, and you in mine.
I want to reel it back before the day when simplicity was washed away.

Like modern morbid prophecies fulfilled.
Like biting on these bitter tasting pills.
And we're just heroes, And we're just heroes.
For the day.

There's a silent urge to leave this cloud when all I want is to hear the sound,
Of your voice devoid of the constant noise, the only sound to fill this void.

And do you want this. And do you still need this.

Like modern morbid prophecies fulfilled.
Like biting on these bitter tasting pills.
And we're just heroes, And we're just heroes.

They all won't love me, she won't let me forget.

Like modern morbid prophecies fulfilled.
Like biting on these bitter tasting pills.
And we're just heroes, And we're just heroes.

Don't make me choose, I'll choose you and this will all be over.

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Modern Morbid Prophecies song meanings
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    General CommentI LOVE THIS SONG! the way it is sung is PERFECT with the lyrics...if you havent heard it DOWNLOAD NOW!

    I think this song is about a young generation feeding off of pills and drugs and depression and such...
    giveuponmeon July 03, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI disagree, not to discredit your opinion, but to me this song means something different. "Biting on these bitter tasting pills" does not need to mean drugs. We have a saying "taking the bitter pill", is when you have to face something that is hard to face up to. You perhaps have to see that something you are doing is wrong, perhaps this wrong thing has caused the complications described in the first verse. Not having time to fix his eyes on the relationship, and wanting things to be simple again. Perhaps. The second verse is perhaps his desire to reaffirm his relationship, with God perhaps. Dead Poetic are a christian band. He wants to cast aside worldly things and focus on God, "your voice devoid of the constant noise". The last bit, "dont make me choose" shows there is a clear choice, life and death, and you just have to choose God- life.
    bobtheflobon March 09, 2005   Link
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    General Commentgreat song. i agree with much of what bobtheflob said. but 'they all won't love me, she won't let me forget' sounds like he just broke up with his girlfriend and she keeps on reminding him the she loved him unlike most people that he'll meet. so i'm not quite sure how that fits into the relationship with god. maybe someone could clear that up?
    crimsonimpacton April 24, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI couldn't tell exactly what this fully means, But I can say this is one of my fav if not the number 1 song from Dead Poetic, the pure singing is awesome...Dead Poetic nailed the meaning of christian rock
    Gods_kidon February 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think that "they all won't love me" could refer to a person's tendency to want to please everyone and be liked and loved by others.. when the reality is that no matter what you do, not everyone will love you.
    as soon as i heard the words "she won't let me forget" could refer to a person who tries to get right with God and change their ways but people just remind them of all the bad things that they did in the past.. as if that defines who they are.. but that isn't the way that God is because when He forgives people He forgets all the wrong that they have done.. people find it harder to forget the wrongs that each other has done...
    It could also just simply mean that not everyone will love him (the guy from dead poetic) and the girl won't ever let him forget it and it may be hard for him to come to terms with.
    blizzardon June 12, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti think this is about a "star" in the worlds eyes and how its really complicated to keep up w/ everyone else, and his gf/wife is trying to keep him grounded by letting him know he cant please every one and God will alwyas be the true hero, we can only be heros for a day. He seems to want to do what shes saying but its hard w/ the fantacies of the world at his finger tips so he has to choose. i hope this makes sense
    christianrocker137on May 16, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSome thoughts:

    "And we're just heroes. For the day."
    - He's someone's hero for the night, but just for that day. Not permanently.
    "They all won't love me, she won't let me forget."
    - This guy is used to being praised and put on a pedestal because of his music and his stance in the music world, but she has to remind him that not everyone will always love him and he cannot please everyone.
    "Don't make me choose, I'll choose you and this will all be over."
    - He's asking her to not make him choose between her and the music. If he has to make a choice he will choose her and his music career and his dreams will be over.

    I think overall this song is just about this guy and how he has to separate his personal life with his career. He wants the best of both worlds and wants to please her at the same time but doesnt want his dreams to fade away.
    xskunkxon February 07, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationGreat song!

    To me it seems to be about the relationship between him and God.

    first verse:
    the relationship could be 'true'. but it is not so simple anymore.
    so something is standing between him and God.

    I think this thing is a addiction like drugs: tasting pills.
    he does not want to do it and when he succeeds he is a hero,
    but just for the day because he will do it again.

    second verse:
    He wants to leave the 'cloud' of the addiction, and wants to hear the voice of God to 'fill this void'.

    The next two lines seem to be the voice of God asking if he really needs the thing he is addicted to since He is there now.

    He thinks that people will not love him if he will come out,
    And she is the addiction that will always remind him.

    He does not want to choose, but if he has to he will choose God above the addiction.
    And he seems to know it will solve everything: 'this will all be over'.
    rockforhollandon June 17, 2009   Link

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