Feeling cold, feeling empty. Set the stage, where you want me.
And this crowd right before me doesn't care that I'm dying.
And the audience stands with their eyes fixed on the preconceived version of me.
I'm so betrayed by your hopes, but I will not hide myself for your peace of mind.

Oh, but Child. I've got Vices like any other man.

Raise a boy to a cynic. Take his love, and then let it turn into something passionate.
Something sick, something rabid.
And I vent to keep myself from caving. I don't hate you, I just hate where I'm heading.
I'm left here asking, when did I trade in my bleeding heart for a selfish win?

Oh, but Mother. I've got Vices like any other man.
Vices that you're not used to. Vices that'll make you think less of me.

Leave me numb. Leave me jaded. She's a dream, I just play dead.
I've been blessed, I've been hated. She's the constant, and I'm her addict.
She's the only peace in this world, uneasy.
While I bite my tongue to keep from breaking the heart that I've spent my whole life seeking.
The only heart I've ever needed.

Oh, but Lover. I've got Vices like any other man.
Vices that you're not used to. Vices that'll make you think...
Oh, but Lover. I've got Vices like any other man.
Vices that you're not used to. Vices that'll make you think less of me. Less of me.

Feeling cold, feeling empty. I am low, unworthy.
Bleed the God. Bleed the blessing. Like a vulture feasting.
I'll exist as if I don't feel conviction of my ignorance to my perfect prison.
But I feel the stabs on my wrists and ankles every time I try...

To forget you. To forget you.

Oh, but Jesus. I've got Vices like any other man.
Vices that you're so used to. Vices that won't make you think less of me.

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    General Commentwow. i have to agree that this song is beautifully amazing. Jesus knows our problems and faults and it doesnt bother him. Beautiful, honest song.
    aboybrushedred15on November 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentClosure11, I have to say this isn't an "everything to everyone" type of song. I think there are songwriters out there who sing about actual subjects that can't be twisted to mean anything else. This is something close to the band, Dead Poetic, and they're inviting you, the listener, to share in it.

    The structure of this song is quite amazing. The first relationship is the singer or "role model" to his fans. Next comes the singer as a child to his mother, and lastly is the singer as a boyfriend to his lover.

    Contrary to the posts above, when the song comes to "While I bite my tongue to keep from breaking the heart that I’ve spent my whole life seeking." I think its still talking about the lover he's been searching for his entire life.

    In the three relationships described he always confesses there are hidden parts of himself that would appall even someone as close as his fans, his own mother, and even his only lover.

    As the song says these vices make him feel unworthy of being admired by any of these people. However, there is one thing out there he can't deny no matter how hard he tries to. That thing is Jesus Christ and the amazing forgiveness he has been shown of these vices. Jesus is the only one that knows your vices along with how much inner filth you have... and he still yearns for a relationship, proven by his death on the cross. He is calling...
    pnewon July 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAmazing. This song is amazing.
    I know exactly how he feels.
    The ending is the best part.
    The allusion to the nail wounds in Jesus's wrists and ankles when he was nailed to the cross.
    Absolutely profound.
    knocloo27on November 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOh but Jesus, I've got vices like any other man
    Vices you're so used to, vices that won't make you think less of me

    Its a beautiful song. Awesome.
    theonethatison November 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree, this song really is beautiful. These vices, immoral practices, are just our sins. People view these vices and think lowly of us, but Jesus forgives us, and gives us hope. So the ending meaning is that He is forgiving.
    Staph42on November 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI don't really understand the third verse though about "She".
    Any ideas?
    theonethatison March 08, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song is too perfect
    tdski5319on March 30, 2007   Link
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    General Commentshe is some girlfriend or maybe even his wife. but i'm pretty sure that when he's talking about God

    "While I bite my tongue to keep from breaking the heart that I’ve spent my whole life seeking.
    [he spent his whole life seeking God]
    The only heart I’ve ever needed."
    [the only ones love he needs is God's]

    that's how i see it
    onelastgoodbyeon April 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think by 'she' it means something to the effect of lust.

    "She’s the constant, and I’m her addict...she's the only peace in this world uneasy"

    and i agree with onelastgoodbye about the heart he spent his whole life seeking being God. At least that's how I interpret it. But it could also be his gf or wife.
    aboybrushedred15on May 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFor those questioning the meaning of the "she" lyrics, take a look at the structure of the rest of the song and who the chorus is addressing following each section.
    First has references to being a child (a play or something similar?) - hence, "Oh, Child..."
    Second speaks of raising a son ("Raise a boy to a cynic...") - hence, "Oh, Mother..."
    Third speaks of a girlfriend/wife/etc... - hence "Oh, Lover".

    Aside from that, this song is quite possibly my favorite song of theirs. Beautiful and powerful, even at it's quietest moments.
    wroth91on June 03, 2007   Link

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