Desert Rose
Why do you live alone
If you are sad
I'll make you leave this life
Are you white, blue or bloody red
All I can see is drowning in cold grey sand

The winds of time
You knock me to the ground
I'm dying of thirst
I wanna run away
I don't know how to set me free to live
My mind cries out feeling pain

I've been roaming to find myself
How long have I been feeling endless hurt
Falling down, rain flows into my heart
In the pain I'm waiting for you
Can't go back
No place to go back to
Life is lost, Flowers fall
If it's all dreams
Now wake me up
If it's all real
Just kill me

I'm making the wall inside my heart
I don't wanna let my emotions get out
It scares me to look at the world
Don't want to find myself lost in your eyes
I tried to drown my past in grey
I never wanna feel more pain
Ran away from you without saying any words
What I don't wanna lose is love

Through my eyes
Time goes by like tears
My emotion's losing the color of life
Kill my heart
Release all my pain
I'm shouting out loud
Insanity takes hold over me

Turning away from the wall
Nothing I can see
The scream deep inside
reflecting another person in my heart
He calls me from within
"All existence you see before you
must be wiped out :
Dream, Reality, Memories,
and Yourself"

I begin to lose control of myself
My lust is so blind, destroys my mind
Nobody can stop my turning to madness
No matter how you try to hold me in your heart
Why do you wanna raise these walls
I don't know the meaning of hatred
My brain gets blown away hearing words of lies
I only want to hold your love

Stab the dolls filled with hate
Wash yourself with their blood
Drive into the raging current of time
Swing your murderous weapon into the belly
"the earth"
Shout and start creating confusion
Shed your blood for pleasure
And what? For love?
What am I supposed to do?

I believe in the madness called "Now"
Past and future prison my heart
Time is blind
But I wanna trace my love
on the wall of time, over pain in my heart
Art of life
Insane blade stabbing dreams
Try to break all truth now
But I can't heal this broken heart in pain
Cannot start to live, Cannot end my life
Keep on crying

Close my eyes
Time breathes I can hear
All love and sadness
melt in my heart

Dry my tears
Wipe my bloody face
I wanna feel me living my life
outside my walls

You can't draw a picture of yesterday, so
You're painting your heart with your blood
You can't say "No"
Only turning the wheel of time
with a rope around your neck
You build a wall of morality and take a breath
from between the bricks
You make up imaginary enemies and are chased by them
You're trying to commit suicide
You're satisfied with your prologue
Now you're painting your first chapter black
You are putting the scraps of life together
and trying to make an asylum for yourself
You're hitting a bell at the edge of the stage
You are trying to kill me

I believe in the madness called "Now"
Time goes flowing, breaking my heart
Wanna live
Can't let my heart kill myself
Still I haven't found what I'm looking for
Art of life
I try to stop myself
But my heart goes to destroy the truth
Tell me why
I want the meaning of my life
Do I try to live, Do I try to love
in my dream

I'm breaking the wall inside my heart
I just wanna let my emotions get out
Nobody can stop
I'm running to freedom
No matter how you try to hold me in your world
Like a doll carried by the flow of time
I sacrificed the present moment for the future
I was in chains of memory half-blinded
Losing my heart, walking in the sea of dreams

Close my eyes
Rose breathes I can hear
All love and sadness melt in my heart
Dry my tears
Wipe my bloody face
I wanna feel me living my life
outside my mind

Dreams can make me mad
I can't leave my dream
I can't stop myself
Don't know what I am
What lies are truth?
What truths are lies?

I believe in the madness called "Now"
Time goes flowing, breaking my heart
Wanna live
Can't let my heart kill myself
Still I haven't found what I'm looking for
Art of life
I try to stop myself
But my heart goes to destroy the truth
Tell me why
I want the meaning of my life
Do I try to live? Do I try to love?

Art of life
An Eternal Bleeding heart
You never wanna breathe your last
Wanna live
Can't let my heart kill myself
Still I'm feeling for
A Rose is breathing love
in my life

Lyrics submitted by Lucif3r, edited by muntoo

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    General CommentArt of Life is a tremendous song. To think they played it live boggles my mind. It is not an easy song to play or easy listening. To truly appreciate the song you must disect it with your ears. It starts off with a slow ballad-like approach. Toshi's voice is sort of in-between the raspy voice we grew to love from Vanishing Vision to Jealosy, and the clear, beautiful voice found on the Dahlia album. It's the best of both worlds. Then, with a serious of rolls, the tempo changes and the first of many excellent guitar riffs begin. Listen to how in sync hide and Pata are. It's like a guitar orchestra. The solos in this song are breath taking to say the least. They're awesome. Then the piano solo(which many say is strange or ruins the song) is a work of art in it's own. It starts with the main rythm and after a while Yoshiki begins to place inconsistencies throughout the melody. You almost feel as though Yoshiki's messing up, but its a well-orchestrated solo that shows us the genius mind of Yoshiki. You could also relate the solo to the progression of life. You start off young, sweet, and innocent(the slow beautiful melody) then life begins to through you curve balls(the minor incosistencies) and then finally its like a torent of problems being thrown your way(all of the inconsistencies thrown together) and then finally the sweet release of death(the change back to the beautiful melody and re-emergence of the symphony to the foreground). Then the ripping guitars break back into the song going faster, and more technically difficult than ever before. Once again listen to how well hide and Pata play together. Never have I heard two guitarists play so well together. Fianlly, the song slows down a bit as the main them of the song is played and echoed through are minds as the song ends. Art of Life is truly a heavy metal anthem, it has everything Stairway to Heaven has to offer, and much, much more. In terms of the skill behind the song, the killer riffs, excellent timing, and awesome lyrics I dare to say that this might be the greatest metal song ever composed. It took the art-form Yoshiki created with Rose of Pain, and perfected it. This is a true classic.
    PinkUglyMachineon August 27, 2002   Link
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    General Commentmy favorite song in the world, there is so much meaning and so many metaphors in this song. amazing, beautiful, i'll never stop listening to this song, ever.
    clash42on August 10, 2002   Link
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    General CommentArt of Life is by far my favorite song of all time. The pure honesty that's written behind the lyrics and hidden in every chord is a miraculous. I do believe this is Yoshiki's most 'naked' song in which he willingly exposes himself inside and out. Truely listening to this song gives anyone a chance to see what makes Yoshiki tick -- who he is.
    It's a song that not even 1/4 of it's listeners will honestly understand.
    Forever X
    kobayashion August 28, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis song is not gay.
    X-Japanon September 10, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis is such a beautiful song. I'm embarrassed to say when the first time I listened to it and heard the first couple lines of singing, I turned it off, thinking it to be like Voiceless Screaming, only 29 minutes long. (X-Japan may be my favorite band, but I do not like that song... I only like the guitar solos and that's it.) What can I say about this song? I don't feel I can do it justice by anything I will say, so I will just say this: the music is beautiful, the lyrics are beautiful, and Yoshiki is a genius. A talented genius who put so much work into this song. I can't imagine all the work his put into this song, especially the piano solo where there are 2 sets of hands which means he must have recorded it twice... I cannot praise Yoshiki and all the band members and orchestra enough on this work of art.
    jurion September 14, 2002   Link
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    General CommentSlow, Fast, Beatiful, Full of Feelings, everything !
    I like Art of Life, is one of the best songs ever, (MUCH better than Stairway to Heaven) specially the piano "solo", I love that part, I think Yoshiki was in another state of conciense when he wrote that, that piano part is the progression itself. The rest of the song was beatiful too, good structures, good solos... The only thing I didn't was the singer, I think that song needs THE BEST singer, the voice can always be better, is the most complicated instrument... Art of Life, just look at the name...
    ZareliManon September 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYoshiki is a fucking genius. that's all there is to it. i'd give my limbs to meet him *le sigh*
    PiNk SpIdEron March 18, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI'm with you on that one, Pink Spider... I was actually very thrilled that I had a choir trip to Anaheim (baka people cancelled it though) ... I was like, "Yay! I stalk Yoshiki while I'm down there." =^_^=
    jurion March 24, 2003   Link
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    General Commentx japan blows hahaha
    brothermageon September 17, 2004   Link
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    General CommentNo, brothermage, you just suck. Art of Life is one of the greatest rock songs/ballads in history. you have no resspect and are obviously just here to piss people off. so go get raped. now.
    0000000000000on September 26, 2004   Link

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