(I am the god of fuck, I am the god of fuck)
Virgins sold in quantity, herded by heredity
"Who said date rape isn't kind?"
Porno-nation, evaluation
What's this, "time for segregation"
Libido, libido fascination, too much oral defecation
White trash get down on your knees, time for cake and sodomy
Time for cake and sodomy
(I am the god of fuck, I am the god of fuck)
VCR's and Vaseline, TV-fucked by plastic queens
Cash in hand and dick on screen, who said God was ever clean?
Bible-belt 'round Anglo-waste, putting sinners in their place
Yeah, right, great if you're so good
Explain the shit stains on your face
White trash get down on your knees, time for cake and sodomy
Time for cake and sodomy

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    General Comment...and in "Long Hard Road Out of Hell", he says he wrote the lyrics in a hotel room while watching public-acess channels, and how he switched from Pat Robertson preaching about moral evils in society, then asking the viewer to call with thier credit card number, to a guy greasing up his cock and asking for the same thing. This is where he got the line "cash in hand and dick on screen, who said god was ever clean?" Pretty amusing... so yes, this song was definatly ment to critisize religion.
    freakishfaeon July 02, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti know what it means but what did he mean by saying? "Atheists of the world, Hello! How's it goin'?"
    Overlordon January 10, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI prefer the Everlasting Cocksuker version.
    zeffezon December 30, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI've never actually heard this song, but just now, reading the lyrics, I'd say it isn't about glorifying sex, or about trashing religion...it's clearly about trashing *hypocrisy*. Specifically: the hypocrisy of those who talk about God and goodness and purity in public, but turn around and commit the most violent, vile offenses against the helpless in private.
    ShinyAeonon January 18, 2015   Link
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    General CommentAs freakishfae said, MM wrote this song while in a hotel room watching T.V. Not only is this song criticizing Christianity and "hypocritical America slobbering on the tit of Christianity", but I also think MM used this song to reinforce his theory that everybody has a good and evil side. For example, the lyric "yeah, right, great if you're so good explain the shit stains on your face" suggests how the televangelist preaches morals and the evils in this world, but after the show he practices the things he preached against. So not only is he hypocritical, he also has an evil side in addition to his good side. Ka-Boom!
    touchdownjesuson July 03, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis song is about what many of you have already said. however you need to take bits and pieces from each of your explanations and add them altogether to get the full picture. manson is quoted as saying he does not believe there is no God but that religion has twisted God into a tool to justify humanities monstrous behaviour and also as a scapegoat. so when he printed shirts saying Kill God he means killing the falsified idea of God and bringing back the true one.
    fretwizard332on October 25, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song makes me so horny... I'm gonna go have anal sex to it.

    On a deeper level..it's a work of art. It's a wake-up call to those left in the world who are opposing freedom of expression and sexuality. It's a nice "fuck you" to the religious right movements and fundamentalists in the government. It's saying that we can and will take control of our own sexual freedom, and there isn't a damn thing they can do. Props to Manson!
    undestinedfateon August 20, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis is actually a good song too, apart from having well written lyrics the music is kick ass.
    Muzzyon April 03, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThis song makes me so horny... I'm gonna go have anal sex to it.

    Hee hee. ^^


    virgins sold in quantity, herded by heredity

    This line reminds me of how, traditionally, women are supposed to be virgins until marriage, and how "marrying off" a woman is kind of like selling them... And the word "herded" used in this context brings up the image of cattle, and cows are feminine symbolism... After all, the hero of American mythology (and that is a generous word to use) is the Cowboy, who heards the cows. Whew. All that from one line. Marilyn Manson does indeed put a lot of meaning behind his songs... Great song ^^
    freakishfaeon June 14, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of my favorite songs by Marilyn Manson.
    It's kind of hard to imagine what a head fuck Manson must have been for middle American when he first came out, when you look at him now, but this was back when he still really had something to say.
    quiffpornon July 06, 2004   Link

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