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The Cruxshadows – Prometheus Lyrics 8 years ago
There are a tremendous lot of similarities between Prometheus and Christ. If you wanted to you could see them as two different incarnations of the same "type". Rougue is simply making that clear.
This song is also a slightly different take on Prometheus than what I'm used to, it emphasises his heroic and defiant qualities. I rather like it.

Eluveitie – Inis Mona Lyrics 9 years ago
Inis Mona = Isle of Man. At least that's what my Etymological delvings have come up with :)

Blind Guardian – I'm Alive Lyrics 9 years ago
In defense of the Nethack theory:

"welcome to my grave" -- In Nethack you can find your own graves from your previous games. ALSO, in Nethack if your character dies there's no respawn, that's the end of the game. The dungeon is your grave and that's the end of it

"They say the system keeps/the last chance to survive" -- If your character dies the game is over, BUT if you know what you're doing you can savescum and restart from a forcibly created save-file if you die. It's totally cheating but most of us have done it a few times.

"caught in this labyrinth/of walls and lots of lies" -- Nethack is nothing but a dungeon crawl, it's made up of walls and at least half the in-game advice you get is an outright lie (cursed fortune cookies, anyone?)

"to reach the top/I crept deep down" -- The point of nethack is to ascend and become a demi-god, to do so, you must go very deep into the dungeons

"besides the dark/there should be nothing left" -- ever play'd an extinctionist? Kill off every critter in the entire dungeon (except for Izchak, of course).

"they've locked the door/and hold the key" there's no way out of the dungeon. If you try to climb up from level one the game ends.

"oh, it's never ending" -- it is! I've been playing this game for the last twenty years and it hasn't ended yet ;p

"I'M ALIVE!!!" -- every time you touch the keyboard you risk death in Nethack, you could shout this practically every turn and it'd be very valid.

Eluveitie – Uis Elveti Lyrics 9 years ago
Latin isn't very easy, but it's not incredibly hard either.
Old English is easy.
Old Norse is hardly anything once you know OE.

Gaulish, on the other hand.... I haven't even touched it yet and I'm not certain I will anytime soon. At least not until after I've learn'd Modern Gaelic.
And that just makes Eluveitie that much more awesome for dealing in such a difficult language.

Bathory – Destroyer Of Worlds Lyrics 9 years ago
Perhaps, but we all know Oppenheimer was quoting The Bhagavad Gita........

Nightwish – Elvenpath Lyrics 9 years ago
Acually, Mielikki is Tapio's consort in Finnish Mythology (They're forest deities), what I find a amusing is that D&D has borrowed so heavily from the Kalevala and the like :)

Nightwish – Whoever Brings the Night Lyrics 9 years ago
it's rather obviously got something to do with sirens, that much at least should be obvious. My own opinion is that the song could be in a way a response to nightwish's earlier song "The Siren".

Nightwish – The Siren Lyrics 9 years ago
Oh, I LOVE Tarja's voice in this one. The meaning should be pretty obvious, it's Odysseyus and the Sirens done to a nicity.

Shade Empire – Ja Pimeys Laskeutui Lyrics 9 years ago
The English translation (as provided by runs as follows:

[English translation:]

The moments of light, always behind the shadows of darkness.
And yet the time will come when the night becomes eternal.
Death of the light, triumph of the shadow, and look the parts turn,
No more pretentious looks of the arrogant!

No more hypocrisy,
We can move as intended!

Hear the silence, gone are their needless words.
Now you stand as orphans, and you thought to be so mighty!

Where is your pride now? Gone is your power, fallen under the shadow
But our time has just begun, and we will bring back what belongs to us!

Continuously is our force's shadow growing, and there we will build our empire!
No more hypocrisy, and the darkness has fallen!

Edguy – Dragonfly Lyrics 9 years ago
draggon huffing, the new kitten huffing.

I think "SammetRules" has the idea right, but as with any Edguy song any actual meaning is couched in hilarity and nonsense.

Edguy – Catch Of The Century Lyrics 9 years ago
"a private church!"

Amon Amarth – Guardians Of Asgaard Lyrics 9 years ago
Stargate? lolhat
I'm assuming the common man these days has no idea what Asgaard is.

Anyway, all that aside, it's a great song and obviously about the Einherjer.

Elvenking – Pagan Purity Lyrics 9 years ago
Mother Earth, Father Sky. Their offspring is life.

That explain it well enough?

Cream – White Room Lyrics 10 years ago
I am the only one here who thinks this song just might have something to do with Edgar Allen Poe's "Masque of the Red Death", aren't I?

Oh well, I guess I read to much ;p

Battlelore – The Green Maid Lyrics 10 years ago
Luthian and Beren

Cruachan – Rocky Road Lyrics 10 years ago
I've loved this song for years and years. And this metal version of it certainly does it justice (although I still think the best version is the one The Chieftains did with The Rolling Stones).

Cruachan – Death Of A Gael Lyrics 10 years ago
Hidden meanings? not really. But I can't help but wonder if the band had those old Roman statues in mind when they wrote these lyrics.

Týr Faroese – Brother's Bane Lyrics 10 years ago
Eh what, noyes? Are you trying to say that they lyrics as posted here are incorrect? because if you are then you need to get your hands on the liner notes.

Týr – White Island // Black Ocean Lyrics 10 years ago
hmmm, there are at least three bands call'd Tyr and then a fourth band call'd Týr (note the accent). Does do anything to distinguish between different bands with the same name?

Einherjer – Doomfaring Lyrics 10 years ago
Interestingly, this song borrows a few lines from one of Tolkien's poems:
"Over the frosty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old"


"In hollow halls beneath the world"
A few words have been changed here and there, but it's unmistakenly Tolkien.

Therion – Ljusalfheim Lyrics 10 years ago
Actually, Ljus in this case is Old Norse (which is the language Swedish and the other Norse languages are derived from).
"Ljusalfheim" translates as "Bright Elves' Home/Realm" or, a more loose and poetic translation "Land of the Light-Elves".
Absolutely beautiful song, the music does a very nice job of sounding like Frej and the Elves :)

Blind Guardian – And Then There Was Silence Lyrics 10 years ago
Firstly, Tolkien's world is not a weird thing to sing about, it lends itself very easily to musical interpretation.
Secondly, While a good many of BG's songs are indeed about Middle Earth, many of them are not. It you read the lyrics to this one you'll notice that there are several references to Try and Rome, thereby giving away that this song is about the Trojan War :)

Summoning – Elfstone Lyrics 10 years ago
Obviously about Aragorn, son of Arathorn, King of Gondor :)

Summoning – Nightshade Forests Lyrics 10 years ago
The lyrics to this one are cobbled together from several of Tolkien's poems from the "Fellowship of the Ring"
We've got elements from the Barrow-Wight's rhyme, The song of Beren and Luthien and The Fall of Gil-Galad all jumbled together. Frankly, I think the effect is quite nice (if a little chaotic).

Trivium – Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr Lyrics 10 years ago
Absolutely pathetic Children of Bodom ripoff, imagine if CoB couldn't write or play music and you end up with Trivium, (or Bodom's most recent two albums, but that's besides the point).


Go ahead and flame me all you like, I'll be listening to Vivaldi and I'll get a good laugh at your misspellings.

HammerFall – Ravenlord (Stormwitch cover) Lyrics 10 years ago
Except that this song isn't really by Hammerfall. It's by Stormwitch, Hammerfall covered it (good cover, though, in my most exalted opinion).

Blind Guardian – The Curse Of Fëanor Lyrics 10 years ago
By the Valar, I hope you're joking.
Hansi has a three octave vocal range. Andre is one of the best guitarists out there (I said "one of", you can't argue because there are better), very few story cycles are as deep and involved as Tolkien's Middle Earth.
If you don't really like Blind Guardian's style that's fine, think what you will. But saying the Hammerfall is better than Blind Guardian? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
(honestly, I adore both bands, but BG just has much better music, both better written and better played).
You make me laugh.

Summoning – Runes of Power Lyrics 10 years ago
The lyrics for this one are an excerpt from the Dwarves' song in The Hobbit.
If you want to read the whole thing:

Blind Guardian – The Eldar Lyrics 10 years ago
And the obvious narrator of the "Nom the Wise" would be Beren.....

Vintersorg – Rainbow Demon Lyrics 10 years ago
Oh look! An idiot! Can I catch it and bring it home in a jar?
hmm, on second thoughts, maybe that's not a good idea. Some of the idiocy might leak out of the jar and contaminate my house.
Go spam somewhere else. Wikipedia and Yahoo! Answers live off spammers like you.

Dark Tranquillity – Lethe Lyrics 10 years ago
Alcoholism? Heroin? What do they teach in the schools these days? whatever it is, it's obviously not Greek Mythology. Read the first comment on here, TheRedJester seems to have things straight.

Wintersun – Battle Against Time Lyrics 10 years ago
Yup, that's what music's supposed to do, flood you with an emotion :) It does with sound what good poetry does with words.
Also, here's the interview I was talking about:

Ensiferum – Tale Of Revenge Lyrics 10 years ago
Dracula? LOL
It's the stock "Wandering Hero", he shows up in every fantasy story and every mythological cycle ever. The song doesn't really mean anything, you already know the story too well. Hero is in love with someone and he wants revenge for something and he wanders around seeking revenge and hoping to one day settle down with the one he loves. But as cliche as the story is, it's cliche for a reason; it's a story we all like.
Lyrics-wise, there's nothing here. Just a standard basic story to give Jari something to sing about while they play the song :)
But musically, this song is absolutely amazing. It almost feels more like a Wintersun song.

Wintersun – Starchild Lyrics 10 years ago
huh? How does that have anything to do with this song or what I said at all?
You are making no sense ;p

Wintersun – Death And The Healing Lyrics 10 years ago
Or rather: "You've got to love usage, grammar and spelling from The States"

(no offence ;p)

Ensiferum – Wanderer Lyrics 10 years ago
Actually, I see a lot in this song which could apply to Lemminkäinen (one of the major character in the Kalevala). In fact, there are very few mythological figures I know of who the lines "With bare hands he has taken many lives, he has had a hundred women by his side." could really apply to, and that is exactally literal for Lemminkäinen.

Lemminkäinen was quite a womanizer and something of a villain. He was exiled from his home for killing to many people and he ended up living in a village on an isolated island where every woman fell madly in love with him. For more on the subject, read the lyrics to Amorphis' "Into Hiding" (you're probably familiar with the song, Ensiferum covered it).

Ensiferum – Treacherous Gods Lyrics 10 years ago
Even better. This song is a lot like The old poem "The Wanderer" and Ensiferum's song "The Wanderer" has nothing to do with the old poem. Confusing, no?

Ensiferum – Slayer Of Light Lyrics 10 years ago
Seems you guys have sort of picked it up. Both of the Tolkien stories you mentioned are heavily influenced by the Kalevala, which, in turn, is Ensiferum's prime influence :)

There's a section in the Kalevala where Louhi (the villainess) steals the Sun and Moon and hides then away in a cave. She also sends a ravenous bear to go wreak havoc in Kaleava (the good guy's land). I've always taken this song to be about Louhi.

(more precise detail on the Tolkien angle: Many of the details of Turin's story are directly lifted from Kullervo's story in the Kalevala [the rest of the details are from Siegfried from Norse Mythology] and the Darkening of Valinor shares far to many details with Louhi's stealing the Sun and Moon to be a coincidence)

Skyclad – Penny Dreadful Lyrics 10 years ago
Funny no one's commented on this one yet. So I'll just throw in my 2 cents (times 50)
Obviously, this song is about not not wanting to sell out and become popular and rich at the expense of making good music, but there's a little more to it than just that.

In the 1900's the term "penny dreadful" was used to refer to a cheaply printed, poorly written horror story. Penny dreadfuls were bit like dime novels, but with horror plots instead of action or romance stories and they were generally or poorer quality than even the dime novels. Almost no penny dreadfuls have survived intact into this century, they were so cheap they all self-destructed (I've read reprints of a few of them, it doesn't seem like we lost much, they are pretty bad). I think Skyclad is really making a point comparing today's pathetic magazines to the Victorian penny dreadfuls, you just have to be a little behind the times yourself to see that point :)

Elvenking – Penny Dreadful Lyrics 10 years ago
Oh, and the song is originally by Skyclad. Just so you know ;p

Elvenking – Penny Dreadful Lyrics 10 years ago
Obviously, it's about not not wanting to sell out, but there's a little bit more to it, also.

In the 1900's the term "penny dreadful" was used to refer to a cheaply printed, poorly written horror story. Penny dreadfuls were bit like dime novels, but with horror plots instead of action or romance stories and they were generally or poorer quality than even the dime novels. Almost no penny dreadfuls have survived intact into this century, they were so cheap they all self-destructed (I've read reprints of a few of them, it doesn't seem like we lost much, they are pretty bad). I think Elvinking is really making a point comparing today's pathetic magazines to the Victorian penny dreadfuls, just have to be a little behind the times yourself to see that point :)

Kraftwerk – Ohm Sweet Ohm Lyrics 10 years ago
please give no heed to the nitwit above.

Ohm Sweet Ohm is quite something. A great ending for a great album.

Kraftwerk – Hall of Mirrors Lyrics 10 years ago
I love what the music does at the point where he says "and suddenly the picture was distorted".

Kraftwerk – Europe Endless Lyrics 10 years ago
eh, nothing to it. I suppose if you're going to have vocals in an "endless" song, they may as well be "Europe endless" repeated endlessly.
The point is the music, the words are there to give the singer something to articulate.

Kraftwerk – Trans Europa Express Lyrics 10 years ago
Funny thing is, I adore Kraftwerk and I can't stand rap and hip hop. I find it hard to believe that something as beautiful, precise and technology-loving as Kraftwerk could inspire something as insipid and musicless as rap.

Kraftwerk – Numbers Lyrics 10 years ago
"Adjin, dva, tri" and "Li, Tva, Tri" are both Slavic languages but I'm not sure which. I know "tri" is three in Russian but I don't know any other Russian numbers so I can't say for certain if one is Russian. I can safely guess that one is Russian and the other is something closely related to Russian.

Kraftwerk – Radioactivity Lyrics 10 years ago
The perfect song to listen to if you ever visit Los Alamos, New Mexico (home of the Manhattan Project)

Kraftwerk – Pocket Calculator Lyrics 10 years ago
If only my TI 89 had MP3 capabilities

Kraftwerk – Computer Love Lyrics 10 years ago
I really wish people would stop talking about finding love on the internet and see what this song is really about. Some people love their computers the way other people love their cars.
This isn't about love by means of a computer, it's about love for the computer.
And yes, I love all my computers, my Windows box, my Linux box, my Cell Phone, my [pocket] graphing calculator, my MP3 player. I love them the way my friend loves his Corvette.
This song is about the computer itself, not the dating websites that wouldn't be invented for another few decades.

Iron Maiden – The Prisoner Lyrics 10 years ago
As had been said before, the dialog at the beginning of this song is taken from the opening credits of the 1960's show "The Prisoner" (I know because it's one of my favourite shows). So obviously, this song is about that show :)

And what does Cory Taylor know any more than any random n00b on the internet? He knows no more about Iron Maiden than any one else who doesn't listen to them.

Also, I think it's quite intentional that the song is 6.00 minutes long (anyone who's seen the who knows what I'm talking about)

"I am not a number; I am a free man!"

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