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The Lumineers – Morning Song Lyrics 6 years ago
I picture the young man sitting in a bar, or perhaps drinking at home alone, trying to drown the memories of the woman he loves, the woman he believed was the one. But instead of forgetting her, he thinks about her even more.

At first, he's just hurting because she left him for someone else, possibly after having cheated with that person for a while, and now she's gone off to live her happy, carefree life, leaving him to suffer in her wake. Then he starts to think about how their relationship was actually that way all along. He was sincere, attentive, and considerate, but she was always just selfish. She played along, but it didn't really mean anything to her.

Soon he begins to get angry. He remembers finding out that she slept with another man, and he's furious as well as pained over the idea that he must not have been able to satisfy her sexually. If he could have, maybe she would have stayed. For him, though, he's been with other women since she left, and none of them matter, none of them mean anything in comparison to the one he lost.

Time passes, and maybe one day he sees her, either by accident or arrangement. He finally has the opportunity to tell her exactly what she put him through, and now it's going to be her turn to watch him walk away. So he cuts the brakes in his car and goes for a drive, knowing that the only way to stop his pain is by ending his life. But before he dies, he sends out a prayer that one day she will find her true love, even though it will never be him. He won't wish his agony on her, no matter that she was the one who caued it in the first place.

The song is very sad, but also very beautiful, and as I am in a situation that bears some slight resemblance to its story, it helps to have something to listen to when I get down. I suppose I don't feel quite so alone.

Neurosonic – For The Boy Lyrics 9 years ago
I think it's from the point of view of a man who has gone through a terrible divorce or breakup, and now he is feeling the pain of not being able to be with his son. The mistakes he has made have compromised his ability to have a relationship with the boy as he grows, and he can't believe he could have been so stupid. He only wants his child to be with him, but he knows that the mother is suffering from the separation too, and that she needs her baby with her.

Mystic Roots – Pass the Marijuana Lyrics 9 years ago
It's a song about the use of marijuana for spiritual purposes within the religion of Rastafari.
215 refers to California proposition 215 to legalize medical marijuana.
Jah is the Rasta term for God.
West Marin refers to Marin County, which is located in Northern California.
Chico is the town of Chico, also located in Northern Cali, where I am from. :)
Rock on, Mystic Roots and the 530.

Loreena McKennitt – Dante's Prayer Lyrics 9 years ago
This song, like every other song in existence, can and will be interpreted in a million different ways. What it means to Loreena McKennitt may not be the same as what it means to me, and the next person who posts a comment may think it means something else entirely. It doesn't matter. Music is meant to be a personal experience. No one has the right to tell anyone else that their view is wrong, because music belongs to everyone.

Now, as for me, I interpret the song as being inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy, as a few have already stated. Dante was in a terrible dark forest all alone, depressed and horrified that he could have allowed himself to wander so far from God, and engage in all sorts of depravity and sin. He looked up to see the sun shining on the crest of a mountain, which he took to represent the glory of the Lord, and he knew he had to set himself right by reaching that light. But before he can ascend to Heaven and return to grace, he must journey through Hell and Purgatory, guided first by Virgil, then by Beatrice.

The Divine Comedy tells a story that can be translated to fit all kinds of situations. Whether you're trying to reconnect with your God, trying to find your true self, or simply get through a dark time in your life, the story is easy to relate to, and so is this song. For Dante, Virgil and Beatrice guided him through his pain and despair, bringing him safely back to his faith. For someone else, this song could be about a friend who never left them to suffer a rough situation alone. It speaks, first and foremost, of love and hope.

Taking that message of love and hope into consideration, how dare anyone criticize Rinyave for their connection to "Dante's Prayer!" Please, before you go around ridiculing others for things you know nothing about, take some time to educate yourself. Otherwise, you just let everyone know how ignorant you truly are. Lugh [pronounced Loo] is the name of an ancient Pagan sun God, not something stupid someone made up, so check your facts before you make a fool of yourself. I think it's beautiful that Rinyave is reminded of their spirit guide by this song.

Loreena McKennitt – All Souls Night Lyrics 9 years ago
The imagery is clearly Pagan, most likely referring to Samhain, the ancient harvest festival of the Celts. Samhain began at sunset on October thirty-first, and lasted till sunset on November first. The third and final harvest of the year was completed at this time, and the light half of the year faded into the dark half. It was also a time to honor the dead, especially anyone who had died in the past year, and it was believed that the veil between the realms of the living and the dead was thinnest on this night, allowing for souls of the deceased to visit living relatives.

The Green Knight, also known as the Green Man, is a Pagan symbol of nature, and the holly bush probably resembles the death of the light, as the Holly King will be slain by his brother, the Oak King, at Yule. The Oak King will reign over the dark part of the year until the Holly King returns to defeat him and reclaim the bright part.

Loreena McKennitt – The Old Ways Lyrics 9 years ago
I thought it referred to the loss of the old Pagan ways, which perhaps she was still clinging to, and that is the love she is speaking of in the song. She must be separated from her spirituality and live in a Christianized world where a connection to nature is irrelevant. But whenever she hears the sound of the pounding ocean, she feels the old religion calling her back.

Loreena McKennitt – Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is beautiful. Makes me wish Beltane weren't so far away.

Owl City – Meteor Shower Lyrics 9 years ago
I've never heard of Adam Young being religious, but all right. If so, and if this song is about what he feels for God, more power to him.

But to me, it's just a cute little love song. Very pretty melody.

Owl City – Designer Skyline Lyrics 9 years ago
The music is beautiful and perfect. You can practically see a great city sprouting up from the page of a sketch pad.

I think the song is simply about building your own masterpiece out of life. It's something that is all yours to shape and create as you wish.

Taylor Swift – Better Than Revenge Lyrics 9 years ago
Taylor should do more songs like this. Now that I'm hearing her sing this way, I think she could make a fairly decent punk rock musician.

But, while I do like the vocals and the music, I'm not entirely sold on the lyrics. They sound good, especially if you don't really pay a lot of attention to them, but like IMxSARAHHHx said, the song is kind of catty and reminiscent of high school drama. It makes me think of how one of my friends is acting right now, actually, and I have to say, I just want to roll my eyes at her.

Taylor Swift – Enchanted Lyrics 9 years ago
I don't know where this Adam Young stuff is coming from, but okay.

I can definitely relate to this song. A little over a month ago, I was at a concert downtown, and this guy stopped me and asked my name. It turned out to be this guy I went to high school with, but hadn't seen since. We got to talking, and I couldn't stop myself from asking for his number. I've called him a few times over the last few weeks, and each time we talk, it just seems easier and more like the work of Fate. I'm so enchanted with him. I've never met a guy I could relate to like this before.

Taylor Swift – Dear John Lyrics 9 years ago
I hadn't heard anything about Taylor Swift being romantically involved with John Mayer until about a month ago. Whether that's true or not, I do get the feeling that this song is about someone older than herself. She sings about being too young to be messed with, and that's not really something a nineteen year old says to another nineteen year old.

I think the song is about a teenage girl who thinks she is in love, believes it so much that she ignores the warnings to be careful and stay away from the guy. Then once she's actually in the relationship, she realizes that he isn't Prince Charming. She goes around on tiptoe for a little while, trying to do everything she can to keep things perfect between them, but in the end she has to get out before she really gets hurt.

I don't honestly know if I like this song yet. I'm kind of thinking I don't. It makes me kind of want to say to her, "Well, Taylor, what did you think you'd be getting yourself into with an older man? Stick to boys your own age if you can't handle it."

But of course, if it were about John Mayer after all, someone of his age ought to know better than to get involved with a girl so young as Taylor.

Either way, they both seem kind of foolish to me.

Taylor Swift – Sparks Fly Lyrics 9 years ago
I remember this song from the Taylor Swift show I went to three years ago. I loved that original version, and I kept waiting for it to be on an upcoming album. I was very excited to hear it when I played "Speak Now" for the first time yesterday.

I interpret the song as being about a girl who goes out for an evening by herself, perhaps because she's feeling down about something in her life, and meets this guy by accident. She can't help being attracted to him, even though she can tell getting involved with him will probably wind up being a bad idea in the end, and she desperately wants him to feel for her what she is feeling for him. She wants to lose herself in the moment, wants him to make her forget everything that's going wrong, even if for just one night.

Taylor Swift – Never Grow Up Lyrics 9 years ago
This is truly a sweet and adorable song. The first and second verses really resonate with me, because there are so many kids in my life, and I wish time could just slow down for them. I want my three year old niece to always be putting together puzzles or watching Mickey Mouse in my living room. I want my fifteen year old cousin to think about dying her hair and going to the movies with her friends, not having sex with boys. I want my seventeen year old friend to appreciate what her mother does for her, and not worry about running away to the big city.

But also, as I face the prospect of moving to San Francisco, then to Chicago for work, I almost wish that I could be a child again, innocent and carefree. I suppose the next best thing to do is to always keep my inner child alive somehow.

Taylor Swift – Mine Lyrics 9 years ago
Thank you, Taylor, for finally writing at least one song that isn't all filled up with pink unicorns and daisies.

Clearly the song tells the story of a girl who is afraid to fall too deeply in love, because she's had her heart broken a number of times in the past already, and she's tired of letting it happen. But she allows this guy into her life, and she starts to relax, to believe that not every relationship will inevitably go down in flames.

Then when they have this particularly nasty fight, she fears that her world is going to fall apart again. She runs away from him, bracing for the end, but he comes after her. He promises her that he's stronger than that, that he won't let the rough spots in life bring them down, because he truly loves her.

I'm glad that Taylor mentions bills to pay in there, and that the whole song doesn't revolve around that drawer filled with her things at his house. It shows both aspects of adulthood and of a mature relationship, not just the sleepovers and good times.

Taylor Swift – Mean Lyrics 9 years ago
I found this song to be my least favorite on the new album. It sounds more like the childish whining of a fifteen year old, not the intelligent, mature comeback of an adult woman.

"Why you gotta be so mean?" Really, Taylor? Is that all you can think to say, when you're clearly so much more pissed off than that?

I'm sure that there are a lot of people out there who like this song, and who can relate to the words, and that's fine. I'm just not one of them. This isn't her greatest work, in my opinion.

Taylor Swift – Last Kiss Lyrics 9 years ago
I hate the Jonas brothers, so I don't want to think about this song being about Joe, regardless of whether it is or isn't. I'm also not a huge Taylor Swift fan. I was in the beginning, and especially after I met her, because we were both seventeen, and she was inspiring to me, but I've grown away from her music since then. I think a lot of her songs sound alike, her themes are repetitive, and some of her lyrics are rather immature and fanciful for my taste.

But this album is pretty good, and this song is very beautiful. There is certainly a lot of feeling and true emotion expressed here. I know a lot of people will be able to relate to the song, and I hope it brings me comfort. If I had anyone to be brokenhearted over, I would listen to it.

Silversun Pickups – Dream at Tempo 119 Lyrics 10 years ago
I think it's about being at a concert or a school dance. He went there to meet the girl he loved, and she was late, making him wait. But I see her showing up and the second she does, him forgetting that he was upset about her tardiness.

Maybe he tries to tell her how he feels, and she says it's too soon for her. She tells him to close his eyes and relax, to let things just play out however they will without trying to force anything. So he clings to her, hoping that one day she'll feel the same way he does.

I think this girl might be somewhat of a rebel, an oddball on the outside, possibly one of the punk rocker types, indicated by "the one with splintered clothes." Maybe he's told his friends how he feels about her, but they shut her out because she isn't like them, and ignore what he's said. Even so, he goes on with the little light of hope in his heart that she'll love him back if he just gives her time. It's all he wants.

Twenty years later, they've long since broken up, but accidentally run into each other. She's older now, a real woman, not just a girl, and something stirs in him. He has to try one more time to get her to love him because he can't leave things the way they ended.

"i couldn't end it there
as her wooden bones grew through her skin
crumbled naturally
as her limbs and leaves had broken free"
These lines describe how he now sees her grown up, and she's even more beautiful. She's blossomed into a magnificent, elegant tree, and he can't let an opportunity slip by a second time.

Silversun Pickups – All the Go Inbetweens Lyrics 10 years ago
A lot has been said already that I definitely see as plausible, and which I agree with. I do not think the character is a lunatic, but rather a boy in his late teens or early twenties who knows he is completely different from everyone else around him, and they all know it too. While he's striving for greater things, his family and friends are telling him to slow down and take it easy. He's trying to run for the future, but the others are trying to get him to walk and just appreciate what he has now. They want him to enjoy his youth, which is fleeting, while he feels suffocated and misunderstood. The young man believes he can never make a difference or be himself among them, hence the line, "I'll never find safety in numbers."

The lines
"I wanna heal the cracks in the sidewalk
And keep it alive"
could represent the world that he yearns to be out in, working to fix it's imperfections, while the lines following show that this dream began in his imagination, possibly when he was very small.

The reference to the sister may be the young man's father or another older male figure in his life telling him to relax, and focus on his family instead of his crazy dreams. It may also be the older male figure telling him not to let his younger sister grow up too quickly and start putting together outlandish plans as he has done. "Tell your sister stop playing with new machines."

Joy Division – Shadowplay Lyrics 10 years ago
I absolutely adore this song, and just decided to learn it on guitar today.

As with most songs, this one is open to interpretation, so it's meaning can easily be different for everyone. The meanings we take from the lyrics may not even be the same one that Ian had in mind when he wrote it, but that doesn't make any of us wrong. The lyrics can mean anything we need them to mean in our own individual situations.

Ever since the first time I sat and really listened to the song, I've felt that it was literally about death. Well, not so much about death, but about the death of someone. I believe the character portrayed by Ian, for whatever reason, wants someone, presumably a woman, dead, and he's prowling the streets for her.

The four lines
"To the centre of the city where all roads meet, waiting for you
To the depths of the ocean where all hopes sank, searching for you
Moving through the silence without motion, waiting for you
In a room with a window in the corner I found truth "
suggest to me that he's hunting her, and when he finds her, he brings her somewhere, perhaps a hotel at the center of town, or his home, where he has his way with her before killing her. Maybe she is his wife or girlfriend, and he's discovered that she's cheating, so she must be punished for it. Or maybe she's a stranger, a prostitute if you like, who he has watched for a long time, and now he has "found truth" by finally having sex with her. "Moving through the silence without motion" could mean that he's always been lurking nearby, but with great care and stealth so that she would not notice him and be frightened away.

"In the shadowplay acting out your own death, knowing no more
As the assassins all grouped in four lines, dancing on the floor
And with cold steel, odour on their bodies made a move to connect
I could only stare in disbelief as the crowds all left "
Perhaps these four lines mean that he didn't actually kill her, but brought her close to death in order to assert his dominance over her. Maybe he strangled her into unconsciousness, but maybe he did kill her. Either way, he leaves her body in the room upstairs, or buries her, and goes out to join the rest of the world. He attempts to lead a normal life as he always has, but finds himself distanced by his secret from the people, those who would condemn him for what he's done, and he stares around him as they all fade away, both amazed and horrified that no one has figured him out.

"I did everything, everything I wanted to
I let them use you for their own ends
To the centre of the city in the night, waiting for you
To the centre of the city in the night, waiting for you"
If he didn't kill her, only teased her with death, perhaps she is now afraid to stray from him, and goes to meet him every night, and he does whatever he likes with her.

Silversun Pickups – Kissing Families Lyrics 10 years ago
I have many ideas about what the meaning of this song could be.

1. A family situation in which the marriage is turning sour. Brian could quite easily represent the character of the young husband who can't seem to reconcile whatever the problems are between him and his wife, or he could be the son watching his parents' love and happiness deteriorate before his eyes. Either way, the rusted ring symbolizes the fading of security and bliss, which creates a painful wound for everyone. The character, be he father or son, desperately hopes that if he can put up a pleasant facade, pretending that everything is okay when it isn't, both the secret of his family's disfunction will remain hidden, and maybe he can prevent his family from falling apart. Looking around at the people he loves, it's easy to see that he wants to keep them inside that protective box, that forgotten prison where they've all been safe until this point. Today could be the day the decision to divorce is made, but then again, it might not be because, even though this is such a mess, they have been too close, too much in love for too long. So he keeps looking forward on paths sideways for the glimmer of a better future.

However, as time goes by, and things progressively get worse, he eventually has to come to grips with the fact that he spent too much time pretending, when he should have been trying to handle things realistically. Now he's come to the end of his rope, and he realizes he's actually glad to get it over with. He may be angry that it's ended this way, but a part of him can't help being relieved.

2. When I listen to the lyrics, I also see the possibility that the song could be about being on tour, while a partner waits at home for him. He has access to drugs and women, none of which his wife or girlfriend ever has to know about, but as he indulges in these things, he begins to feel guilty for betraying her. His plastic mike, his broken guitar string, and his ring start to mock him, reminders of the lie he's keeping, even as he's kissing her, but he doesn't want to be honest for fear that he might lose her.

From there, two outcomes play across my mind. One is that he confesses to her, vowing to never be untrue to her again, and she forgives him. "Soon you'll be there too" could thus stand as a warning to others who have the opportunity to do things they know they shouldn't, even if they know they can get away with it. "Thank God it's over" could mean his anger with himself for being so stupid, and his relief that it's done now.

The second outcome is that he confessed, and she ended their relationship. He may be angry with himself, but at least he doesn't have anyone to worry about anymore except himself.

3. As has been suggested, abuse is likely as well. Perhaps he's trying to cover it up, trying to lie to himself that it will be okay, but eventually he sees that he has to get out, or nothing will change. But even as he walks away, he knows that he will always be tied to the people who hurt him because they are family. Even if he never has contact with them again, he will know in his heart who and where they are, and he will probably secretly love them anyway.

Silversun Pickups – It's Nice to Know You Work Alone Lyrics 10 years ago
I think it's about a man and a woman who are sexually attracted to each other, but neither of them wants a committed relationship. They want the freedom to take what they came for, then walk away without having to be emotionally bound to one another.

"It's the beauty of confession" could be interpreted as meaning they are finally admitting their desires, and are going to do something about it, despite the fact that one-night stands are often considered to be somewhat immoral. Perhaps she literally works alone at night, and he comes to her there so that no one will ever know about their arrangement.

Both Nikki's and Brian's voices are extremely seductive in this song. It's a raw, passionate track, and I wouldn't mind gettin' it on to it myself, lol.

Silversun Pickups – Growing Old Is Getting Old Lyrics 10 years ago
I think it's about realizing that we are getting older, and that death, inevitably, is coming for us. It explores some of the uncertainties about what could be waiting beyond death, such as a cold, silent nothing, or guidance from a divine higher power that will bring us into some sort of afterlife.

I don't think it's meant to be depressing, but rather as encouragement to live your life and be who you are because one day, you are going to die. You're not supposed to fear death, just accept it because whatever it is, it is. Life is a fact, and death is a fact.

Silversun Pickups – Catch and Release Lyrics 10 years ago
Pure seduction, beautiful, intense, and raw. I can picture it playing out across my mind like a music video on a movie screen.

*From the first few lines, I see the speaker approaching a girl at a party, a girl who looks innocent but completely enticing. He engages her in conversation, and quickly makes his intentions clear. He wants her, to fulfill his sexual fantasies, and he can see that though she's a virgin, that she's pretending she doesn't want it, she secretly wants it very much. He's trying to coax her out of her comfort zone, possibly as they're already on their way out the door together, trying to encourage her to get excited about what they're going to do.*

"Pardon me
Want to live in a fantasy
Show you everything you'll ever need
I hope you'll take it
I know you're faking just a little bit
Come on and taste it
Just get excited 'cause you're giving it"

*These three lines are him telling her to relax, to embrace the way she'll feel when they make love, because she'll be someone new when they're through. "Catch and release the lure above" could mean he's telling her to just grab hold of what she knows she wants deep down and let go of her inhibitions.*

"Come and see
How the wind in your hair will feel differently
Catch and release the lure above"

*This verse seems to indicate that they are now in the midst of sex, and he's saying to her, "I knew you wanted this, so there's no point in continuing to pretend you didn't." The last two lines may also be a reference to oral sex.*

"Here we are
In a backwater overflow
Later on
don't say I didn't tell you so
Maybe I didn't but you're taking it
Knew you were faking just a little bit
Now that you taste it
No need to fight it 'cause you're giving it"

*He's marveling at how easy it was to convince her, and is asking her to note the way she feels now that she's lost her virginity. Perhaps he is trying to talk himself out of feeling something more than lust for her.*

"Follow me down the streams of sweat on your body
Can't believe the lure was enough
Do you see how the wind in your hair now feels differently
Catch and release the lure above"

*Now that the night is over, he's left with a strange sort of realization that he may actually like her, and is wondering to himself if he shouldn't have just left it alone, because now their chance at an actual relationship with each other has been blown by jumping into bed straight away. He's hoping that what they had that night was worth the unexpected pain he's going through as they part in the morning.*

"And who knows
"And how this feeling grows
Was it truly worth, truly worth the starting
And who knows
Why the engine's blown
Hope it's truly worth, truly worth the parting""

Kill Hannah – Kill Hannah Lyrics 11 years ago
This is a song you just have to turn up and play loud. I don't care where you are, it just has to be done. I love the unpolished punk rock sound of it and the lines:
"When you kiss ice
Sometimes it sticks to your lips"
"Maybe I'm to much in love
Maybe I'm too much insane"
That fits me so perfectly right now.

Kill Hannah – Hummingbirds The Size Of Bullets Lyrics 11 years ago
My God, this song is ... well ... amazing, for lack of a better word already in existence. Mat Devine is just so... Wow... How can someone write this well and still be human?
It's a perfect love song. It expresses so much tender feeling and innocent affection, not to mention how original the lines are. It's not just the same old cliches. Every time I hear it, I either turn it up or I play it very softly in a darkened room, and I just sit still and listen. My favorite parts are:

"and my skin she said it shakes
so hard the gears are falling off
and the walls, they seem to jump out of place
and fly like kites in outerspace"
"And we're running out of air
Prepared to throw ourselves off somewhere
I'm lightheaded, can't explain
I'm lightheaded, can't explain"

I am getting a tattoo soon, and I think that in honor of the band and this song, I may get a hummingbird.

Kill Hannah – Get Famous Lyrics 11 years ago
I think it's about being in a small town where all people ever do is gosip about the crap that everyone else has gotten in to, and being in a depression, so it's saying "Fuck it! Fuck them! Get famous! Work your ass off, and make something out of this nothingness. Give them something real and awesome to bitch about!"

My favorite lines are:
"you stand to the side
when the amtrak speeds by
close our eyes and pretend
that it's going to hit us
and try to decide
as the amtrak speeds by
to live or die, to live or die
well, oh well"

I don't know how to explain, but there's something about putting yourself at the brink of danger and closing your eyes, knowing that you hold the weight of a life-or-death choice in your hand.exhilarating

Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn Lyrics 11 years ago
I own this album on cassette. How old school am I?

Anyway, I love this song, even though it breaks my heart a little bit more each time I hear it. It always reminds me of my ex who I have been madly in love with for about six or seven years now, and who I was once engaged to. We broke up for a little over a year, then tried again for a few months, but he left me for a second time. I'm still not over it, and although I'm young, I'm pretty damn sure I never will be.
We talked today though, and I turned on this song during the conversation, which apparently wasn't such a great idea because I burst in to tears almost as soon as it began playing. I don't remember the last time I cried that hard. Not even when I found out I have a brain tumor. My whole body was shaking violently, and I was practically screaming, wrapping my arms around myself to keep from crumbling in to pieces. But despite the pain of it, it helped me get the tears out that I've been denying myself for a very long time. It was a beautiful release.

Also, I have this little glass rose that my friend brought back for me from Disneyland several years ago that is the spellbound rose from Beauty and The Beast. One of the leaves got broken off at some point by accident, but it has a tiny sharp edge on it still that reminds me of a thorn. I think this song, and this glass model are very good representations of my life, and how I feel.

Kill Hannah – Don't Breathe My Air Lyrics 11 years ago
Yeah wow, who knew he had it in him? Lol. But seriously, I haven't got a clue what the deal with these lyrics are--they're just so ... odd and void of much sense--but clearly, he's expressing his Atheism. This is one of the few songs I don't really care about the meaning; I just like the music and Mat's voice. He sounds really hot.

Kill Hannah – Don't Die Wondering Lyrics 11 years ago
It sounds like he's on drugs at the beginning, the way his voice is all distorted and wavering. I think drug use is a reasonable meaning here, but I also see it as being about sex. She already knows it's good with him, and she's eager for that first kiss--the kiss that will set the whole thing off. It may be drugs and sex together. Exstasy maybe. Exstasy makes sex feel a million times more amazing, but it can also make you completely forget the things that have recently happened. You take it in, you pass out, you wake up, and, because you can't remember, you do it again. Make sense?

Oh, and btw, the music makes me think of "Eye" by The Smashing Pumpkins.

Kill Hannah – Courageous Lyrics 11 years ago
This is a really cool song. I love how the music has an edge to it, and Mat sounds like he's slightly irritated. I think it's about getting tired of having to tiptoe through a world of zombies who just do what they're told, and who never take chances. He's throwing caution to the wind, and taking life by the horns. He's going to get crazy, and really live for a change. This person he's talking to is someone who is giving up the charade, and diving in to the adventure with him, and he's promising them that since they're courageous too, he's going to be there to fly with them, and fight for them if trouble comes their way.

Kill Hannah – Boys And Girls Lyrics 11 years ago
Whoa, I just realized that Mat's the one chanting "baby" at the beginning. It always sounded like it could be a female saying it, but I was never sure. THAT'S. HOT.

Anyway, this song isn't necessarily about love or even anyone who knows anything about each other. They're just a couple of fucked up kids who know they've got issues, but they're taking their pain and transforming it in to something great. They're putting everything they have in to the moment, and forgetting all about the future and the past, and having a blast.

This is a perfect description of a Kill Hannah concert. I've been dealing with a lot of stress, pain, and depression for about three or four years now, going in and out of bottomless lows, but when I saw them live, everything fell away for the night. I danced, I screamed, I laughed, I almost cried, and I was impossibly happy. Kill Hannah makes you feel so much through their music. Listening to their albums, I've lived, died, loved, and been broken a thousand different times, but going through these stages has helped me to be stronger and to get by each imposing day a little bit more easily.

Oh, and in one version of the song, the line is "Have we gone heavy metal," but in another--the album version I do believe--he does say "Erratic on heavy metal." The part I'm curious about is the line right before that. Is he saying "And wants you badly" or "I want you badly"? The way he sings, I'm not sure if he's saying an s at the end of "want" or not.

Kill Hannah – Linda Evangelista Lyrics 11 years ago
I know, right? I found the song on YouTube, and you can definitely tell he's saying something, but the only words that hold any kind of clarity is "Linda Evangelista". I can't even tell if he's singing in English. It sounds like Spanish to me, but I don't think Mat is very fluent in Spanish, and I don't know why he would write a Spanish song about someone who was Canadian. But alas, the lyrics are nowhere to be found. Someone needs to go on his blog on, find the email address there, and write to him, asking for the lyrics or, at least, why there are none floating around.

Kill Hannah – The Trains Are So Loud Lyrics 11 years ago
The tracks lie less than a mile from my house, so when I'm lying in bed at night, I can hear the trains passing through the darkness. I love that sound. I live for that sound. The trains are such a lonely symbol of romance to me because they are always coming and going, either bringing or taking away someone we love.

In this song, I think they represent the escape he craves. They are his way out of the place he is trapped in, and they are so loud, always calling him to make that escape. This song is the story of my life.

Kill Hannah – Raining All The Time Lyrics 11 years ago
This is one of my favorites off of "For Never and Ever". It makes me hurt so badly inside because Mat's voice is filled with so much emotion, and the lyrics are so real and sincere. It makes me think of my ex-boyfriend who I still believe is my soul mate, even after all this time apart.

I think the song is about a girl who seemed to fall in to his life with such brightness and intensity, and who turned his whole world upside down. She's so mind-blowing that he feels like an animal in her presence, unable to grasp the magnitude of her being. He was depressed when she came, hence "Your world, it brings me down," but she stayed with him anyway, and he came to rely on her. He needed her and he built dreams based around her and him together. He wants to heal, and make her proud of him.
She always struck me as being serious and practical, so maybe she realized that they didn't have forever to be together, and left him to seek the rest of her life's goals elsewhere: "One day, I'll see you around." This throws him back in to his depression, and for him, there is always rain without her and all he can think of is being near her again.

I really like the lines:
"I dreamed we could disappear
So I just gotta do it"
Because it makes me think that he always planned for them to run away, but now it's time to buckle down and do it. Stop wasting time, and give in to what he wants.

I also like:
"I'll need you by my side
When I leave it all behind."
It goes back to his desire to leave all his pain in the past, but he needs her there to give him the strength to keep going.

On a final note, I think this is also one of the songs where Mat sounds the most sexy. I love that you can hear him breathe and sigh throughout the track.

Kill Hannah – Los Angeles Lyrics 11 years ago
I really like the lyrics to this song, Mat Devine is a genius, but the way he sings it is less than what I would have expected. His style on this song doesn't match the words. He should have sounded angrier and edgier. I know he can do it, I've heard it. Don't get me wrong, it's a great song, he's just too breathy this time.

Kill Hannah – Hyperactive Lyrics 11 years ago
Clearly very sexual. It begins with a kiss, plain and simple, but that kiss explodes inside him, stirring up greater emotion and desire. Now that he knows the power of her kiss, it makes him want more. I don't think "so hold her down" is meant in the context of rape; I think it means that she plays hard to get, making him wait because she enjoys seeing how bloody impatient he is to hold her and fuck her brains out. It's about not resisting what you want because the instincts are there, and we are animals, and animals are going to yield to their instincts.

In my opinion, it has sort of a sombre sexuality to it. It's like, I'd take some pills or have a few glasses of something to get me relaxed, then turn out all the lights, and have sex to it in the middle of the night. It's not so much a love song as it is a song about raw passion and fulfillment of carnal needs I think. I love it. It makes me melancholy.

Aiden – Cry Little Sister (Gerard McMann Cover) Lyrics 11 years ago
I love the way WiL's voice sounds in this. In a way, it's almost not typical Aiden music, but in a way it isn't something so completely out of the norm for them that you're left wondering just what the hell is that band doing?
It's beautiful lyrically, vocally and musically, sort of melancholy. And... Kind of creepy as well. I think the meaning must either be very deep or I am very stupid because I couldn't even begin to interpret it. It looks to be about love and loss on the surface, but never trust the outer shell. Reading certain parts, I am forced to wonder if it isn't about incest. Examine these lines and tell me if it isn't at all plausible.

"Cry, little sister (Thou shall not fall)
Come to your brother (Thou shall not die)
Unchain me, sister (Thou shall not fear)
Love is with your brother (Thou shall not kill)"

"I can't forget
Why you were mine
I need you now"

Kill Hannah – Kill Hannah Lyrics 11 years ago
I just saw Kill Hannah for the first time and they were fucking amazing! They're my favorite band in all the world! But I didn't have "The Curse" yet so I bought it and was really excited to see "Kill Hannah" on the track listing. I just listened to it and something has become so very clear to me.
I keep reading about how Mat Devine had hair like Robert Smith of The Cure and I've seen them compared a thousand times, but I've never understood until just now. Mat sounds British in this song and very much like Robert Smith. Not his voice exactly, but the way he pronounces the words and how he does the vocals. Very cool. I love The Cure too.

P.S. Mat got pulled off the stage and he fell on me. I was, like, holding him up and trying to keep him from falling on the ground. 'Twas hot.

Kill Hannah – Berlin After The Bombing Lyrics 11 years ago
I've noticed that a lot of Kill Hannah songs seem to refer to war and the military in one way or another. Especially World War II. What I can't figure out is whether they are for war or against it? They're not all political which I like, but I get the feeling that they don't really support it, but they support the troops and feel for them when they suffer. They seem to understand and sympathize with the soldier's fears and heartbreak and homesickness. Maybe Mat is really interested in historical wars. Or maybe it's just a subject he can write on easily for whatever reason. I don't know. But I like these lyrics no matter what it means.

Kill Hannah – Beauty In Sinking SHips Lyrics 11 years ago
I pictured a World War II scene as I was reading these lyrics. I haven't actually heard this song yet, but I already know how gorgeous it must surely be. Kill Hannah songs, lyrically and musically, touch me extremely deeply the way that very few bands have ever been able to do. They make me feel something every single time I hear them or read the words. Even just thinking about them has the power to make me want to tell someone I love them, cry, scream or dance for joy.

I think this particular song is simply about looking in to all that's shallow and all that has become so fake and being able to find the good things that still remain, even though they may be hidden and invisible at first glance. I love the concept of beauty amid tragedy and Mat is brilliant at capturing that concept and making a masterpiece out of it. He always creates such amazing romance out of such pain. I respect him so much for this talent. I am a writer myself and I look to him and the other guys in the band for inspiration and encouragement while I'm working. They help me improve I believe.

Kill Hannah – Sickboy Lyrics 11 years ago
It's obvious that it's about a guy addicted to drugs. The big eyes and underfed references make that very clear to me. And this girl grabs hold of him at the height of his problems and says, "Hey, I know you're screwed up. You have a past that's not so pretty, but dammit, I love you anyway. Don't think no one cares or that it's hopeless because I do and it's not." I get the picture that she's being firm and domineering with him to get her point across.

Mat Devine says he hates this song and hates to perform it, but I don't understand why. It's a beautiful song like all the others. Sure, it's simple and has a repetition to it, but I don't think it's boring or annoying. I think it's powerful in it's simplicity.
I wish someone would say these things to me...

Aiden – Die, Die My Darling [Originally by The Misfits] Lyrics 11 years ago
Okay, I'm not going to try and argue with anyone and say that Aiden isn't Emo because they are. But that's why they're so amazing. I think this is a superb cover, although I have to admit some sadness over the fact that it is a cover because I detest the Misfits. I hate everything about how they sound. I just can't understand how such a sickeningly awful band can write such great lyrics. But at least we have Aiden to fix their mistakes for us.

Kill Hannah – Welcome To Chicago Motherfucker Lyrics 12 years ago
First of all, does Mat Devine not sound, like, sooo hot when he swears? I don't know, I just want a recording of him saying "fuck" over and over again. If he ever comes to my town, I will try to get backstage with him because that's what I do. You can call it being a groupy if you like, but I call it being an entertainer of your own.
Anyway, this song is awesome! It's like, let's go and be hard core and never stop partying. Good times forever!
I like the lines "I tongue kissed a coke fiend at the afterhours". That's really sexy for some reason. This needs to be my best friend and my theme song.

Kill Hannah – Wrap Myself Around You Lyrics 12 years ago
What do you mean, "sounds like a man"? He is a man! Of course he sounds like one!
But in all fairness, his voice is softer and, yes, very beautiful. The first time I heard the band ["Lips Like Morphine"], I asked my friend, "Is this a guy?" But now he does sound like a guy to me. It was just the initial reaction to my first KH exposure.
I think Mat is sexual and lovely as hell. I would do him in a heartbeat.
But about the song. It's sweet and romantic. I want to have a love and and an expeience like this.

Kill Hannah – The Songs That Saved My Life Lyrics 12 years ago
Story of my life.

Kill Hannah – The Songs That Saved My Life Lyrics 12 years ago
At some point in your life, someone is going to let you down. People will stare right through you, your family will disown you, your friends will never come to save you from yourself.
That's when the music steps in and touches your shoulder. When you close your eyes and hear the lyrics of your favorite artist or that special song, you don't feel like you're the only one any more.

Kill Hannah – Crazy Angel Lyrics 12 years ago
Oh and I hope that Kill Hannah never becomes main stream. I want them to be successful and be together for many years to come, but I never want to turn on my radio and hear thir music. I want them to stay in the shadows so that they don't get played out and I never get sick of them. I want only true KH fans to know about them.

Kill Hannah – Crazy Angel Lyrics 12 years ago
Crazy is in the eye of the beholder, as is beauty.
The rest of the world looks at her and sees insanity, instability and abnormality, but he sees only a gorgeous angel, perfect in every way.
Because, in case you didn't know, eccentricity makes such beautiful chaos and what guy doesn't want that? What human being in general doesn't want a lover who turns their whole world upside down in a wonderful way?
I know I do, but I'm crazy so maybe this song is about me. Maybe it's about the one I love.

Kill Hannah – Lips Like Morphine Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is really hot. It makes me feel energized and ready to go if you know what I mean.
I want to find someone with lips like morphine. I haven't yet.

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