Wilco rose from the ashes of the seminal roots rock band Uncle Tupelo, which disbanded in 1994. While Jay Farrar, one of the group's two singer/songwriters, went on to form Son Volt, his ex-partner Jeff Tweedy established ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
(Was I) In Your Dreams6
A Magazine Called Sunset8
A Shot in the Arm36
Airline To Heaven3
An Empty Corner0
Any Major Dude Will Tell You0
Art of Almost5
Ashes of American Flags45
At Least That's What You Said33
Barnyard Pimp0
Be Not So Fearful5
Before Us0
Black Moon8
Blasting Fonda3
Blue Eyed Soul3
Bob Dylan's 49th Beard10
Born Alone11
Box Full of Letters4
Bright Leaves0
Bull Black Nova19
Can't Stand It8
Candy Floss13
Capitol City2
Cars Can't Escape4
Casino Queen5
Childlike & Evergreen0
Cold Slope0
Comment (If All Men Are Truly Brothers)5
Common Sense0
Company In My Back44
Country Disappeared8
Cry All Day0
Daggers Drawn0
Dark Neon0
Dash 78
Dawned On Me2
Deeper Down6
Diamond Claw0
Don't Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult cover)0
Dreamer In My Dreams6
Either Way26
Everlasting Everything6
Everyone Hides0
Far, Far Away7
Forget The Flowers8
Glad It's Over0
Handshake Drugs24
Hate It Here13
Heavy Metal Drummer17
Hell Is Chrome39
Here Comes Everybody0
Hold Me Anyway0
Hotel Arizona2
How To Fight Loneliness37
I Am Not Willing2
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart90
I Can't Stand It3
I Got You (At The End Of The Century)3
I Love My Label1
I Might3
I Must Be High12
I Thought I Held You2
I Wanna Be Your Dog3
I'll Fight22
I'm A Wheel11
I'm Always in Love15
I'm Not Bitter0
I'm the Man Who Loves You23
If I Ever Was A Child1
Impossible Germany35
In a Future Age4
It's Just That Simple1
Jesus, Etc.102
Just a Kid3
Just Say Goodbye0
Kicking Television9
King of You0
Late Greats0
Leave Me (Like You Found Me)8
Less Than You Think22
Let's Not Get Carried Away2
Life Left Him There0
Love Is Everywhere (Beware)0
Message from Mid-Bar0
More Like The Moon6
Muzzle Of Bees17
My Darling13
No More Poetry3
Normal American Kids1
Not for the Season1
Nothing Up My Sleeve1
On and On and On15
One and a Half Stars0
One By One5
One Hundred Years from Now (Gram Parsons cover)1
One Sunday Morning (For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend)12
One True Vine1
One Wing6
Open Mind1
Outta Mind (Outta Sight)0
Outtasite (Outta Mind)8
Passenger Side9
Pick Up The Change7
Pickled Ginger0
Pieholden Suite13
Please Be Patient With Me9
Please Tell My Brother0
Poor Places19
Pot Kettle Black16
Pure Bug Beauty0
Quiet Amplifier0
Radio Cure33
Radio King2
Random Name Generator1
Red-Eyed and Blue12
Remember the Mountain Bed10
Retrieval of You0
Rising Red Lung1
Say You Miss Me9
Shake It Off7
She's A Jar34
Should've Been In Love9
Shouldn't Be Ashamed2
Shrug And Destroy0
Side With The Seeds11
Sky Blue Sky15
Someday Some Morning Sometime0
Someday Soon3
Someone Else's Song8
Someone To Lose0
Sonny Feeling3
Speak Into the Rose0
Spiders (Kidsmoke)34
Standing O0
Summer Teeth25
Sunken Treasure19
Taste the Ceiling0
That's Not The Issue5
The Days of Wine and Booze0
The Family Gardener0
The Good Part0
The High Heat1
The Joke Explained0
The Jolly Banker (Woody Guthrie cover)1
The Late Greats25
The Lonely 118
The Old Plantation0
The Thanks I Get3
The Unwelcome Guest1
This Is New1
Too Far Apart6
Tried And True0
Unlikely Japan0
Venus Stopped the Train12
Via Chicago34
View from Below0
War On War31
We Aren't The World (Safety Girl)2
We Were Lucky0
We're Just Friends20
What Good Am I?0
What I Don't Believe0
What Light14
What's The World Got In Store2
When You Wake Up Feeling Old4
Where Do I Begin2
White Wooden Cross0
Whole Love3
Why Would You Wanna Live5
Wilco (The Song)12
Wishful Thinking27
Won't Let You Down0
You and I22
You Are My Face21
You Never Know15
You Satellite3