Song Name   Comments
400 Metres0
500 UP1
A Long Time Coming0
A Side Wins0
All by Ourselves0
All I Am Is All You're Not0
All Used Up1
Ana Lucia0
Another Way I Could Do It0
Anyone Who's Anyone0
Are You Giving Me Back My Love?3
At the Edge of the Scene0
Before I Do1
Before The End of the Race0
Believe In Me0
Bells On1
Beverley Terrace0
Beverly Terrace0
Burn For It0
C'mon C'mon (We're Gonna Get It Started)0
C'Mon, C'Mon (We're Gonna Get It Started)0
Can't Face Up0
Can't You Figure it Out?0
Cheap Champagne0
Chester the Molester0
Coax Me5
Deeper Than Beauty1
Delivering Maybes0
Dignified and Old0
Don't You Believe a Word0
Down In The Basement0
Dreaming Of You6
Emergency 9110
Everything You've Done Wrong4
fade away0
Fading into obscurity1
false alarm0
Flying High Again0
Follow the Leader0
G Turns To D1
gimme that0
Glitter and Gold0
Green Gardens, Cold Montreal0
hollow head1
I Am The Cancer11
I Can Feel It5
I Can't Let Go0
I Can't Let Go [Live]0
I Can't Sleep0
I Hate My Generation0
I Know You0
I Love A Long Goodbye0
I Thought That I Was Ready For You0
I Understand0
I Wanna Thank You0
i was wrong0
I Wouldn't Want to Lose Your Love0
I'm Not A Kid Anymore0
I'm Not Through With You Yet1
I've Gotta Know0
I've Gotta Try0
If I Could Change Your Mind0
If It Feels Good Do It0
If It Feels Good, Do It3
Iggy & Angus0
Ill Placed Trust1
In The Movies1
It Is Never0
It's In Your Eyes0
It's Plain to See0
Junior Panthers0
Keep On Thinkin'1
Laying So Low0
Left Of Center0
Left of Centre0
Lemon Zinger0
live on1
Live the Life You're Dreaming Of0
Living The Dream0
Living With The Masses0
Losing California0
Love Is All Around0
Marcus Said0
Median Strip0
Midnight Mass0
Money City Maniacs7
Never Seeing The Ground For The Sky0
nothing lasts forever anymore1
Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay0
Oh Dear Diary0
On The Horizon0
On the Road Again/Transona Five0
Over You0
Pen Pals0
People Of The Sky4
People Think They Know Me0
Pick It Up And Dial It0
reach out0
ready for you1
Right or Wrong0
Seems So Heavy0
Sensory Deprivation0
Set In Motion0
Shadow of Love0
Shame Shame0
She Says What She Means0
She's Slowin' Down Again0
She's Slowing Down Again0
Sinking Ships0
Snowsuit Sound2
So Beyond Me0
Stand by Me, Yeah0
Still D.R.E.0
Stood Up0
Sugar Tune0
Summer's My Season0
Suppose They Close The Door1
Take Good Care of the Poor Boy0
Take It In0
Take It Upon Yourself0
Take The Bench2
The Answer Was You0
The Good In Everyone1
The Great Wall0
The Life Of A Working Girl2
The Lines You Amend6
The Lines You Amend0
The Marquee and the Moon1
The N.S.0
The Other Man12
The Rest of My Life2
Too Many0
Two Seater0
Waiting For Slow Songs0
What's There To Decide?0
Where Are You Now?0
who loves life more?2
Who Taught You To Live Like That?3
Who You Talkin' To?0
Will I Belong?0
Witch's Wand0
Worried Now0
Your Daddy Will Do0
Your Dreams Have Come True0
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