Emocore outfit Piebald formed in 1994 when vocalist/guitarist Travis Shettel, guitarist Aaron Stuart, bassist Andrew Bonner and drummer Jon Sullivan were still high school students in suburban Andover, MA. Sullivan left a ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
100% Good7
8 A.M. Departure0
A Friend of Mine3
All Senses Lost2
All You Need Is Drums to Start a Dance Party12
American Hearts46
Anthem for New Boston1
Chris Rodgers (And the Baseball Bat)2
David Lee Rock2
Dirty Harry And The Thunderbolts1
Don't Tell Me Nothing0
Fat And Skinny Asses6
Fear and Loathing on Cape Cod13
Get Old or Die Trying2
Getting Mugged And Loving It1
Giddy Like A School Girl4
Giving Cup1
Grace Kelly With Wings27
Haven't Tried It4
Hillary Dresser1
Holden Caufield12
Human Taste Test1
I Guess It's OK3
I Haven't Tried It0
If Marcus Garvey Dies, Then Marcus Garvey Lives3
In Like a Lamb and Out Like a Lion1
It's Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better8
Jula Bell0
Just A Simple Plan15
Karate Chops for Everyone But Us6
King of the Road12
Life on the Farm0
Location Is Everything5
Long Nights9
Look, I Just Don't Like You5
Mess With The Bulls1
Mount Pleasant1
Nature Wins0
New Coke6
No One Else (Weezer cover)10
Oh, Johnny1
Oh, the Congestion0
On and On0
Our Very Own Employment Office0
Part II: The Noreaster3
Part of Your Body Is Made Out of Rock2
Present Tense1
Pretty Face3
Put Your Slippers On Instead2
Rich People Can't Breed3
Rock Revolution7
Roll On3
Rules For Mules2
Sandpaper Steering Wheel0
Sex Sells and (Unfortunately) I'm Buying7
Shark Attack0
Small Town Outside Of Boston4
Song for a Piano in A Minor0
Still We Let It Choke Us2
Summer of Love0
The Benefits Of Ice Cream1
The Christmas Song0
The Jealous Guy Blues5
The King4
The Monkey Versus The Robot12
The Sea And A Lifesaver5
The Six Eighter0
The Song That Launched a Thousand Ships0
The Stalker17
There's Always Something Better0
They Don't Understand Us At The Academy5
Time Lost7
Two Rocking Chairs On A Porch3
Watch Her Flow5
We Believe in Karma3
We Cannot Read Poetry0
Where Have All The Classics Gone?3
Wouldn't Be A Piece Without Your Moustache1
You Won't Be Seeing Me Again7