The Clash

The Sex Pistols may have been the first British punk rock band, but the Clash were the definitive British punk rockers. Where the Pistols were nihilistic, the Clash were fiery and idealistic, charged with righteousness and a ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
(In the) Pouring Rain8
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais59
1-2 Crush on You9
48 Hours2
All the Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts)23
Are You Red..Y2
Armagideon Time9
Atom Tan5
Blonde Rock & Roll0
Brand New Cadillac8
Capital Radio9
Capital Radio One0
Capital Radio Two0
Car Jamming10
Career Opportunities17
Charlie Don't Surf13
Clash City Rockers30
Complete Control26
Cool Confusion4
Cool Under Heat1
Corner Soul5
Death Is a Star12
Death or Glory41
Dirty Punk1
Do It Now0
Drug-Stabbing Time2
English Civil War (Johnny Comes Marching Home)25
Every Little Bit Hurts1
First Night Back in London2
Four Horsemen8
Gates of the West10
Ghetto Defendant11
Groovy Times7
Guns on the Roof14
Hate & War5
Heart and Mind0
Hitsville U.K.15
I Fought the Law (The Crickets cover)35
I'm Not Down14
I'm So Bored with the U.S.A.20
If Music Could Talk6
Inoculated City9
Ivan Meets G.I. Joe9
Jail Guitar Doors7
Janie Jones16
Jimmy Jazz28
Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad11
Junco Partner7
Junkie Slip1
Justice Tonight/Kick It Over3
Kill Time0
King of the Road (Roger Miller cover)0
Kingston Advice5
Know Your Rights20
Koka Kola25
Kosmo Vinyl Introduction0
Last Gang in Town5
Let's Go Crazy2
Life Is Wild3
Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)2
Living in Fame2
London Calling148
London's Burning14
Lonesome Me0
Long Time Jerk4
Look Here6
Lose This Skin10
Lost in the Supermarket75
Lover's Rock24
Mensforth Hill0
Midnight Log4
Midnight to Stevens2
Movers and Shakers2
Mustapha Dance6
North and South2
One Emotion4
One More Dub4
One More Time8
Overpowered by Funk3
Paul's Tune0
Play to Win1
Police & Thieves13
Police on My Back9
Pressure Drop9
Protex Blue7
Radio Clash5
Rebel Waltz7
Red Angel Dragnet11
Remote Control10
Revolution Rock17
Robber Dub4
Rock the Casbah102
Rudie Can't Fail59
Safe European Home11
Sean Flynn7
Sex Mad Roar0
Shepherds Delight0
Should I Stay or Should I Go53
Silicone on Sapphire4
Somebody Got Murdered15
Something About England13
Spanish Bombs71
Stay Free26
Stop the World2
Straight to Hell42
The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too0
The Call Up10
The Card Cheat27
The City of the Dead5
The Cool Out0
The Crooked Beat5
The Equaliser3
The Guns of Brixton47
The Leader4
The Magnificent Dance3
The Magnificent Seven29
The Magnificent Seven (Return)0
The Man in Me0
The Police Walked in 4 Jazz0
The Prisoner13
The Right Profile14
The Sound of Sinners9
The Street Parade10
This Is England15
This Is Radio Clash12
Three Card Trick4
Time Is Tight0
Tommy Gun21
Train in Vain50
Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)10
Version City3
Version Pardner1
Walking the Sidewalk0
Washington Bullets17
We Are the Clash5
What's My Name?4
Where You Gonna Go (Soweto)0
White Riot45
Working and Waiting0
Wrong 'em Boyo15
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