"If Music Could Talk" as written by Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Topper Headon and Paul Simonon....
Make sure!
Taking cover in the bunker tonight
Waiting for Bo Diddley's headlights
I feel alright
Gotta Fender Stratosphere
I can do anything tonight
It's in neon lights an' global rights
Frank? He's on the phone
There ain't no German girl outside
But who cares when its warm inside?
With music
Special mystery of music tragically
Exchanging slaves for majesties
Modern waves of tragedy
Packing a two piece colt pair of shoots
A shiny grey Mexican suit
The blue eyed traffic can sashay by
'Cause tonight the sailor boys have hit Shanghai
The kick-out traffic goes creaking by
I smash my glass and shout shanghai
My drummer friend comes shooting by
He said Errol Flynn will never die
Oh no! Who am I to question why?
And are you lonesome tonight
And do ya need a country cowboy
Who's just thin and tight in those
Br' bus depot jeans
With a squirt resistant stud stud
Hey stoner

Get over there in the spliff bunker one
Because London Bridge was sold somehow
But it was too old anyhow
When Uncle Sam has broken down
We'll make him down in old Japan
Say ye'

Well there ain't no better blend
Than Joe Ely and his Texas Men
Where the wind blows
I ain't seen none like that scenery
You can see from a bus if you pay the price

Wave my arms around
Flag one of those taxi's maybe
I saw a girl somewhere somehow
Forever sticks in my mind somehow
I've just got three lines
And a pair of two's
Like a lucky roll of dice that you
You cast

If music could talk!
Which means
Whatever your mind can bring
Like the apple fell off the tree
Pah! Fell right on his head
Yeah many years ago

There was a man who said
I am a shaman
A voodoo shaman
Got in trouble so he's going out
Mixing up and Haiti! Oh!
And the crickets
Buddy Holly said it was
Br' br' yee'

If music could talk you know

I feel kinda lonely
Standing out on the floor
Of Electric Ladyland

'cause this is a good question Samson
Are you partly Arabic?

Chi man! Whatcho all about

I don't want to I can't hope to
Say it all in one go
Occasionally once or twice
A day I feel alive enough to say
Let's hear what the drummer man's
Got to say about
He said is it Errol Flynn's birthday or not?
Sept twelfth until October
If they pack two piece
Colt pair of shoots
We got the shiny grey Mexican suits
I'm just wasting a great big
Corporation and the entire fund
The girders of Wall Street
And the temples of money
And the high priests
Of the expense account
And I'm wasting the whole thing
I come down in Yamaha-ha
They make the best pianos-time to step-up

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"If Music Could Talk" as written by Mick Jones Joe Strummer

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    General Commentthis is one of the many interesting ditties on SANDANISTA!
    it features a wonderful saxaphone solo, over a very cool reggae flavored groove.

    also, it's 2 voices talking at the same time- one in each channel. if you listen to one channel with the other one on mute, you can hear each individual thing better.

    it's hard to make much sense of the lyrics. it could be relatively meaningless. though there are references to other influential muscians, such as bo diddly, jimi hendrix, and buddy holly (among others).
    sgt.peppperon December 20, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis one is my absolute favourite song, i love it so badly
    Rebeckoon December 21, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"there ain't no German girl outside" - Joe had a German girlfriend named Gabi at the time; he may be referring to on-tour /in-studio loneliness, when there's no girl, but at least there's music.

    "my drummer friend comes shooting by / he said Errol Flynn will never die" - maybe a reference to drummer Topper's heroin problems (to shoot heroin), and once again a reference to a beloved movie star (like Montgomery Clift), Errol's son Sean is the subject of that song from Combat Rock...
    (looks like Topper was slightly obsessed? "Let's hear what the drummerman's got to say about / He said is it Errol Flynn's birthday or not?")
    Heinrichon June 07, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAre you lonesome baby you tonight. do you need a country cowboy?
    STUDLYCUDDLYBUDDYon March 23, 2011   Link
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    General Commentand also this is Joe Strummer's self-proclaimed "favourite clash song".
    Bigson May 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIf you'd read Johnny Green's Clash book you would understand a lot more of this song. During 1979 The Clash toured America and met amongst other Bo Diddley and Joe Ely and his Texas Men.
    GeneralAppoon April 12, 2009   Link

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