i've got this call from...
the vocalist of pizzicato five...
nomiya maki-chan!
hello maki?


maki is that you?

yeees tis me!

maki! long time no see!

hi! maki here!
long time no see!

would you tell us
where you're calling from?

mmm yes mmm i am mmm
i'm in osaka now!
i'll be on this live programme
on telly
they'll start shooting
in half an hour! i'm backstage!

is that a fact?

tis too!

i presume you're wearing
your costume and stuff

you bet! wearing my costume and
made up to the nines i am!

gosh i love the way
you wear your make up

thank you!

i mean no one ELSE
wears that make up!

you're right i suppose...

by the way...


your latest single... what was
it again...baby portable rock...

what about it?

it's incredible!
the number of requests we've had!

you don't say!

i do and i do! i mean INCREDIBLE!

thank you so much.

so what sort of response
are you getting?

you wouldn't believe it!
it's our first time on the hit charts
and we are one of the top ten!

that much even i know.

well it's our first time
so we're all very
excited about it...

mmm. correct me if i'm wrong.
last week you were
number two on ori concerto?

yes tis true.
thank you so much
thank you all!

isn't it

i suppose so.

hey maki!


this baby portable rock...


even in our programme...


twas number two last week.

really? thank you so much.

really! and...
if it keeps its pace...


it will climb to the top of the chart

i would be delighted
if it did.



would you
greet our listeners
send them
a big hello
from osaka?

how do you do!
i'm miss nomiya maki!
thank you so much
for your requests of
baby portable rock!
please keep
supporting us!


i can hear you!

this is just
a personal opinion but...


it feels like the good
ol' times of pink lady!


it feels like the candies
got back together!


this is the feeling i get
from the response of
our listeners!

is that so.

well at least in our programme.
tis fantastic!

i'm so happy.
soooooo happy.

your partner?

my partner? konishi you mean?
konishi is...
well he is...

i bet he's out for some food.

oh yes precisely.
he went out
to have something to eat.
this is what he's doing. (**)

all the nerve!
30 minutes before you're on air
and this bloke leaves you there alone!
that bloke
is such a character!

i suppose he is. (***)

let's talk about you.
you have -- how to put it?
such a special face (****)
but i would really like to know
who is the real nomiya maki?
what kind of person is she?

the real nomiya maki?
now the real nomiya maki...
she is... well...
she is not half
the vamp (in her private moments)
she seems to be
when she's all made up
and dressed up to the nines
the way she is
when she's the pizzicato vocalist.

when one talks to you
on the phone like this
tis easy to spot
the discrepancy.
what you just said is so true.
now to shift subjects
i've heard
through the grapevine
that pizzicato is trying
to conquer the world
that's what i heard.
now is this true?

well actually...
we've been doing
a lot of work abroad.
maybe since last year?
we've been doing a lot of stuff
we've been planning a lot of stuff
we've been doing all sorts of things.

what i mean is
if pizzicato
becomes worldwide famous
it will have
a very positive influence
on the japanese
musical scene as a whole.
we all have
great expectations
towards you.

we'll try
to do our best.

please do.

well you've only got
25 minutes left apparently!


i'm sorry to have
called you when you're so busy.

ah it's alright.



let's wait and see
if you climb up
to the top of the chart
this week!
so let's go!
thank you maki!

thank you
so much!

ok so now
baby portable rock
pizzicato five!

thank you
so much.
before we part
please listen
to our latest
tis called
baby portable rock!

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