You beat up Fear's bass player
You were all surfers last year
3 years ago it wasn't cool
You spit on me, but I'm no one
Hey, Bobby Pyn had long hair
But you spit on Darby Crash
He had a fucking mohawk man
3 years ago forming in 1975

I'm a new waver my girlfriend's a surfer
She's more of a poser than you are
And she won't fuck you anyways
Eh, it dosen't matter, you all suck
Don't know shit about punk rock
You're just a bunch of drug addicts
Screwing up what we call fun

I hate everything, and that means you
I hate you more than I do
I got no time to sleep, time to get laid
I sleep in a *unintelligable*
Fake harcore
You're fake hardcore
You spit on the urinals

Lyrics submitted by clay6986, edited by SFVSkanker

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    General CommentNo, not "kind of weird"... Kind of awesome.

    A couple nitpicks...

    For one thing, in keeping with the standard Descendents song-naming conventions, the title should be "Tonyage" (one word). It should probably also read "Fear's bass player" not "fearl's" (as in the LA band Fear). "Bobby pin" should probably be "Bobby Pyn," which was Darby Crash's (nee Jan Paul Beahm) original pseudonym and, finally, the final line should read "you spit on the Urinals" (yet another early LA band).

    Clearly this is about trendy surfers and new wavers (the latter the bane of early '80s hardcore) who flocked to the punk scene when it became the cool place to be, when only a few years years earlier they'd been spitting on such luminaries as Darby Crash.

    If anyone's more punk than anyone here it's Milo and Friends (obviously still clinging to his Cool Guy cred for the time being, [cf, Coolidge]).

    Still: not "weird"... "Awesome."
    mutuson August 28, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti thiiiiiiiiink this song is about these kids that are more "punk" than anyone because of who they are, just peopel thinking they are better than others, and they just get into the scene and think they have the right to tell these guys, and darby crash, that they aren't punk... but this song is kind of weird
    ryan_horstmanon June 09, 2003   Link
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    General Commentfear's bass player, derf scratch, got beat up by a bunch of surfer jocks and, as a result, his face was shattered. apparently a picture of him with a drainage cup on the side of his head made it to rolling stone magazine.

    great song.
    all the bands referenced, or the bands of the people referenced, in the song are pretty awesome, too -fear, the germs, the urinals.
    dmgon December 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI finally figured out a somewhat muddled, often misquoted portion of the lyrics. It's really just a word or two.

    At the part that begins with "I'm a new waver...", he says, "She's more posed than you are", not "she's more a trendy than you are."
    Bowseron March 08, 2007   Link
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    General Commentis milo anti-sex?
    tajtonicon June 04, 2009   Link

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