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Twice bitten, twice baked.

Twice led down the same mistake.

Try me on a Saturday, try me.

Try me.

Fine fool for a holiday.

Slow sun in a Spanish way

One heart for one week of May, why me?

Why me?

Twice given to yesterday

Right for a foray with fate.

Fly me home to heaven's gate, fly me.

Fly me. Fly...

Twice bitten, twice baked.

Twice led down the same mistake.

Try me on a Saturday, try me.

Try me.

Try me, try me.

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    General CommentI can't believe no one has commented on this song! Anyways... I'm not quite sure but I think this song is about a break up and feeling sad.
    HappySoulon May 27, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI bet no one commented cause no one knows. I'm honestly not sure what its about. All I can tell is that Louise is depressed on this one. Beautiful song.
    Numberoneblindon October 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI don't really know this song, but it looks awesome. I was just reading it now and I wanted to comment on what it means to me. I may be totally off, but, that's ok. Only one person so far tried to interpet, I'm going to try just for the hell of it. Here's my stab at the meaning:

    "Twice bitten..."
    - [Sorry for bringing a Biblical reference in here...but, I just have to do this]. The apple from Adam and Eve was "twice bitten". The apple represents sin and disobedience; lack of commitment. Maybe this person was in a relationship and he or she was cheated on or left alone.

    "Twice baked."
    - The word baked could be looked at as a punishment or something. Not really sure about this part.

    "Twice led down the same mistake"
    - Adam and Ever were both led down the same mistake of sin. They basically went down together [or twice].

    "Try me on a Saturday, Try me/Try me."
    - This almost sounds like a dare. Like, the person who wrote this song is daring the other person to "try" to harm them whether with words or physical harm.

    "One heart for one week of May, why me?/Why me?"
    - Maybe for one week they were together and loved eachother, but then it just split apart. And, he or she is just saying, "Why did I have to go through something like this? Did I do something wrong?"

    "Right for a foray with fate."
    - One of the definitions of the word foray is a brief journey that's usually for a particular purpose. So, maybe, with this relationship, she was taking a chance and making a wish that something like that could have worked and, apparently, it didn't.

    "Fly me home to heaven's gate, fly me./Fly me. Fly..."
    - He/she doesn't want to go through this pain anymore and, for this person, dying is the only way out of it that looks the most ideal [or so to speak].

    So, basically, it's most likely about a failed relationship. Feel free to correct me :]
    WishingForYouon October 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt most likely is about a failed relationship. Good job. I cant believe you haven't heard this song. Go get American Thighs by veruca salt.
    Numberoneblindon October 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIts about a person falling in love with someone who has a week into their relationship out of knowhere commits suicide. (One heart for one week of May, why me)They are feeling foolish for getting involved with someone and disenchanted cause they chose to love somone who apparently didn't love themselves. They feel foolish also for not seeing the suicide coming. (Fine fool for a holiday.) To make it even worse this all happened around a holiday. They can't believe this foray of fate that their love life has taken and they wanna jion their fallen love and fly to heaven cause they can't deal with the sudden suicide and the grief stricken heart they have now which weighs them down. (Fly me home to heaven's gate, fly me.
    Fly me. Fly... ) That would lift them up over their grief and its the only solution they see.
    Moonlapse_Vertigoon March 22, 2007   Link

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