And ride with us young bonny lass
With the angels of the night.
Crack wind clatter flesh rein bite
On an out-size unicorn.
Rough-shod winging sky blue flight
On a cold wind to Valhalla.
And join with us please
Valkyrie maidens cry
Above the cold wind to Valhalla.
Breakfast with the gods. Night angels serve
With ice-bound majesty.

Frozen flaking fish raw nerve
In a cup of silver liquid fire.
Moon jet brave beam split ceiling swerve
And light the old Valhalla.
Come join with us please
Valkyrie maidens cry
Above the cold wind to Valhalla.
The heroes rest upon the sighs
Of Thor's trusty hand maidens.
Midnight lonely whisper cries,
"We're getting a bit short on heroes lately.
Sword snap fright white pale goodbyes
In the desolation of Valhalla.
And join with us please
Valkyrie maidens ride
Empty-handed on the cold wind to Valhalla.

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"Cold Wind to Valhalla" as written by Ian Anderson

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Cold Wind To Valhalla song meanings
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    WYWHon May 31, 2006   Link
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    General CommentPicture a motorcycle gang (hells angels) riding down the lane, drunken warriors(loosely) with no battle or cause to fight (but, try telling them that). Ragamuffins banded together loosely, acting tough and bragging about their conquest, or victory over their foes. The line "out-sized unicorn" represent the Harley Davidson. "rough-shod winging" is reference to the method of force by such men. "ice bound majesty" and "cup of silver liquid fire" represents their drunken lifestyle. "fish raw nerve" and "split ceiling swerve" represent the sheer insanity (chaos) of this lifestyle. And what about the women who accompany these men? What if their hero's are slain in battle, what was it for? What is in store for these women? Are they to be done with as these men please? Discarded at will? Most women understand the lack of stability of such a lifestyle, and the resulting futility in its future. Hence you can imagine the class of women these men attract. So these "maidens" "ride" "cry" and ultimately end up "empty handed" on this journey. But I don't think this song is necessarily a message to women, but rather an observation of something one finds disturbing. Comparing them to the Vikings is in reference to the drunken, reckless, lawless, plundering, they both have in common. The Vikings lived along time ago, and one might think we'd have grown a bit by now. On the contrary, and here's the irony, its the undeserving admiration some people have for this mostly criminal, unproductive, non heroic, element of society. "were getting a bit short on hero's lately"

    This is a generalization only. It is not intended to inflame or put down any person, or persons, and is only a guess at what the author might have meant metaphorically or otherwise.

    jethro tullon December 18, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthe song is one of the best ever by a Scottish band , however we shouldn't emphasize much of the meaning of each sentence,
    Ian Anderson is a joker, so the song doesn't mourn the lack of heroes, it was just a passing by sentence,
    what It is; is a hallucination of a beauty
    akram_Knectshiton February 11, 2017   Link
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    General CommentNo true heroes left in the world anymore? just a guess.
    Hildeon April 28, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThor was the god of thunder you tit.
    Banbeanoon March 05, 2008   Link
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    General Commentits about the norse pagen religion as we see he speeks about vallhala which the place where all brave (dead) worriors go, its kinda like heaven where the worrios fight for all eternity among themselves. in the song a worrior has obviously died as the valkryries (kind of like angles whose job it is to escourt these worriors to vallhala) are with him and thor the norse g-d of war is there too.
    readeron May 24, 2007   Link

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